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Dear prisoners, this is Warden speaking. Welcome to the Prison, where you are SENTENCED to play! Can you survive the harsh prison life? Can you escape before your execution?
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Prison Life RPG MOD APK is a role-playing game that blocs survival replication and roguelike foundations. The photographs are quite funny, the diverse and good-looking states require players to always move and find the strangest way to attain the goal. Playing the role of a prisoner, you will require to survive by all wiles and finally find a way to leak. The game is as unassuming as that, but the series of trying conditions brought to the player are uncountable, making many hours of skill extremely good.

In the prison scenery, life appears very tough. You must do a lot of gears to stay alive. Like the films of alike themes that you may obligate seen, the prisoner with the best will and a minute bit of luck will have the optimism of living well, and even evasion from this hell.

Prison Life RPG Mod Apk

Overview of Prison Life RPG Mod Apk

Name:Prison Life RPG Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Money 

About Prison Life RPG Mod Apk

Precisely, our atmosphere will need to attention on physical workout, build relations, find allies, defeat opponents well, gamble to collect money to inducement guards and prison wardens. Such endless effort can lead your attractiveness to two conclusions in the game. One is to get mercy for good restoration and outstanding accomplishments linked to fellow prisoners. The second is to plan your seepage from prison.


Prison Life RPG has extra than 100 prisoners for players to freely relate with. Of course, there are friends, rivals, and bystanders. But with whoever, you can have fun, notable chats and find dissimilar clues to your decisions. Especially, in those 100 letterings, you can piece any of them to conduct your survival.

A series of talks take place and fonts keep looking. The player not only gains the skills of his prisoner but also must learn all the details in this series of discussions. You see, Prison Life RPG is not humble and fast-paced from the first minute.

Bold role-playing elements

In the game’s 100 fonts, each has a different name, arrival, character, and life determination. Liable on who you choose to play, you determination have a different way of directing your survival. And no staple who you play, you will have 18 skills to learn, and you can bring together and craft more than 80 objects to serve your goals. Some other apps you will like are The Soul Stone War Mod Apk and Legendary Game of Heroes Mod Apk .

More than 126 changed handles can be made while being a prisoner here. If you wish, you can also be vigorous enough to involvement more than 20 different sorts of work through the prison restoration process. These imposing numbers are plenty to show that the asset in the role-playing element of Prison Life RPG is really large, which is abundant to provide lasting enthusiasm for any player.

Liberty and Survival go hand in hand in Prison Life RPG

You can do whatsoever you poverty, as long as it doesn’t carry danger or lurk your survival. Watch TV, read books, heed to music, call grandmother, learn all essential skills, brand your devices, bet, flirt with the attractive doctor, bribe the sentinels. Or any conceited brashness is suitable, as long as the survival stats are well-preserved. When you get oppressed, you can remonstration; you take sides; you feel bitter about it when it’s your turn to rinse the latrines; you can even hit others when given the chance, or you just walk about and do not pay care to anyone.

In the game, dependent on how the player answers, you can indicate to join 4 large gangs in the residential. Once designated, you need to strive always to climb to the highest sites in the ranks of the gang. The higher the site, the higher the skill to win partners and “tell others to listen”. Along with 18 rich services and a series of composed tools, your standing will soar and at selected point, there will be many individuals backup and silently helping you. Then the secure escape is more likely to succeed.

Prison Life RPG is the land-living for you to freely do whatever craziest. Recall, you must be alive and live well. Wherever in the prison can look as if fears, other prisoners are viable and ready to kill you at several time. Allies rapidly turn around, offense you, beat you, and straight beat you up with the relief of the other sides. Any status quo can materialize. You must be same alert. You will die over and over o’er. But don’t worry, after both time like that, the quantity of practice collected is enough for you to go on longer to have new random involvements.

Select the track you want to go

You can pick the brashness and path for your appeal in the following two instructions. One is to re-educate well, to tolerate by all the rulebooks and procedures here with the optimism that one day they will receive a lenient order from the jail for your good conduct. The second is to aggressively plan to seepage from prison.

If you select the first path, you do not need to work firm. Just do your job well and reservation the survival stats. But how long to play to be merciful, no one knows. Way amount two is more active. You can decide your own life lacking waiting for luck. But to discharge from penal, you will need a lot of grounding, substantial, mental, health, and a run of compulsory tools.

There are numerous ways to leakage from prison. The modest way is to gather all the obligatory tools and use your sharp mind to effortlessly execute the plan. To oblige the prison leakage process, you will requirement to have lots of necessary items, tools, internal and outside support from guards and convicts, nurses, and doctors (of sequence you must deal with them first). You can also beginner up to 7 allied prisoners to backing your refined escape. All these thorough measures will consume you sundry hours of constant exhilaration. Knowledge in Prison Life RPG is simple but will not ever let you down.

MOD APK version of Prison Life RPG

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How to use the MOD version?

The first time you open the game, you elect Load Game to stay playing the available Profile with a lot of money.

Download Prison Life RPG APK & MOD for Android

The game syndicates many genres, simple 2D cartoon-style graphics, and fluent funny dialogue. Both role-playing and survival imitation or roguelike are bold in Prison Life RPG. It is well cost the skill, my friends!

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