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The original FINAL FANTASY II comes to life with completely new graphics and audio as a 2D pixel remaster!
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FINAL FANTASY II MOD APK, a standard pixel game is restored on the mobile stage both in totally new graphics and sounds. But the plot and gameplay are still as bright and attractive as ever. Do you find a part of your childhood here?

“If you ought to ever played Final Fantasy. There is no object to not play FINAL FANTASY II”, said gamers. I didn’t have sureness in it until I played this game on an old calm. I had a elongated time playing this game. Then I produced up and no longer frolicked it.

But one day, I became to know that FINAL FANTASY II had been re-formed on mobile. I quickly downloaded and frolicked and couldn’t help inscription this review to tell you guys nearly.


Overview of FINAL FANTASY II Mod Apk

Developer:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. 
Mod Features:Unlimited Money 


The story tells the escapades of four young children in the realm of Fynn: Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon. What they all require in mutual is that their parentages and folks were killed in the attack of the Palamecia empire. Because of his ambition to surmount the world, the tyrannical king of the territory used magic to revive 4 hellish beasts. Firion, Maria, and Guy were lucky to be hoarded. They grew up composed with the same goal of defeating 4 monsters, removing the empire, and fetching down the evil king and finding Maria’s lost comrade Leon.

The long exploit unfolded with lots of screws and shots. The plot of FINAL FANTASY II can be said to be the earnest, extensive, and most striking of all the game series.

The story over with a contented ending. Evil has been removed, the upcoming is open to the country, the creature who must die has died. But one creature still tortured with all that was fashionable is Leon. The story of Part II over provisionally when Firion let Leon go as he coveted but always hunted him to remember that here, Fynn, there stayed continually a place for him to return, when.


All the magic of the creative is almost well-kept in this comeback. And of way, it comes with some enhancements and joysticks to make it calmer to play and more apposite for the mobile stage.

Since its beings on older GameBoys consoles, FINAL FANTASY II has been identified for its unique skill steamrolling arrangement. No exp system to near up. Now when it arises back on mobile, this money-making ear is of course preserves. So, the characters finished the battles will be greater with different qualities liable on each person’s fighting style, not merely leveling up in all-purpose like many other RPG games.

Exactly, instead of getting points after each battle, the appeal will develop helps based on the transfers he uses repeatedly. For example, if the atmosphere often uses enchanted to fight, his enchanted stat will have higher knowledge opinions than other fonts concentrating in punching bouts. At the same time, this being’s magic stats will increase, HP and MP will increase liable on the needs of the clash. In the end, whoever often uses HP will get the maximum HP increase, whoever uses a lot of MP to fight will intensification the MP stat.

During the escapade, you will encounter a lot of subordinate fonts. Recall to chat actively with them, do not skip too rapidly. Why? Because there is permanently a portion of secret information anywhere, there is a suggestion to leader you to the new guidelines or decode a little secret connected to the development of the story.


It appears that players are life immerse in notorious epic stories, and all growths take place alongside its rubrics. Players will be distort into one of our main fonts, one of the four souls exist in in this land. The most thrilling thing is that their pugnacious drive is to restore their own ideas and find a way to free this poor slave. You can also like are Legendary Game of Heroes Mod Apk and Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod Apk.

The entertainer and his three best friends wander from place to room in all tips to find the only way out. Providentially, they met brilliant people and generals who abetted them and promised to takeover the strong and bully the weak. The battle slowly formed over time, and it won’t be problematic when we see the scenes of strategy get-togethers in FINAL FANTASY II. Unity is the remarkable spirit of our assemblage and can sweep the foe.


Players drive have the right to central their own army, and you are the most persuasive person in FINAL FANTASY II. Unanticipated events will endlessly look in the game, and they will yield place without a categorization at all. More explicitly, free play is also practical in this game to make a change to other games. Actors ought try to show their own hidden control ability.

There will be an detached that we have conferred and have, distributing the army and taking action. Locked action is always highly focus on competence and gives players the same enthusiasm as other super crops. Let’s shake hands composed and build a private territory to wait for the renaissance on this significant land. Players also involvement and go from one fun to additional.

Graphics and sound

Still, the outmode belongings, but now it has been revised to make it profounder, richer, more lovely, and bright than in the past. All the iconic appeal designs bent by artist Kazuko Shibuya on pixel illustrations will bring you back to the uncontaminated infant memories, the days when you still frolicked with the old game console.

The music is likewise kept, still the original songs of sketcher Nobuo Uematsu, but move to be more seamless and emotive.

Not only ending at refreshing and bolding the graphics and resonances of the classic game in the past. A bunch of further features exact to mobile players are also further, naturally and smoothly. Like touch wheels and the interface have been reform to be more modern. There is an option of auto-battle mode for newbies to the game. All these show a countless effort of the designer to bring back a past as it has not ever stayed old, to all current young people today.


Unlimited Money

Download FINAL FANTASY II APK & MOD for Android

The pixel game is a re-creation of a very popular Final Unreal game, in terms of gameplay, a unique demotion system, and an attractive charisma line and storyline. For those who need to find their childhood with the Closing Made-up game series, let’s download and play right absent. For those who do not know what Ultimate Made-up is and what it is unusual about, please download it here, the crux of which is in this FINAL FANTASY II part. I believe that it will never disillusion you.

What's new

■ Alterations relating to battles
*It has been made easier for the number of times a character evades (evade rate) to increase .
*The chances of some enemies escaping has been reduced.

■ Bug fixes
*Sometimes it was possible to perform specific inputs when disembarking from a boat, that resulted in the characters disembarking into the sea and preventing further progress.