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Wild Tamer MOD APK

Wild Tamer MOD APK is a sole strategy game offered by 111%. It permits you to take care of different wild animals and train them giving to your will. However, some of the animals will not collaborate, and you will need to put in a lot of effort.The best thing about this game is that it offers a lot of satisfied for you to explore. There are different worlds to learn, and your task will be to find the rare & sole animals in each world.

For unknown details and unknown reasons, you have been lost in the animal world of Wild Tamer. Thousands of creatures of diverse species live in the vast forest. Since there are many different species, unnecessary battles cannot be evaded. With this game, too, you will transform into any creature, make friends with persons and even fight with them. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.

Wild Tamer MOD APK

Overview of Wild Tamer MOD APK

Name:Wild Tamer MOD APK
Genre:Role Playing
MOD Info:God Mode

About Wild Tamer MOD APK

Be a part of the sport; you’ll casual right into a trainer and start the trip to win animals. Wild Tamer’s play procedure happen successively in response to the plot, so firstly, you solely seek for and seize small animals like rats and rabbits… After some time, while you end the pursuits the case that the system places in, you would have extra know-how factors to realize the upper ranges.

The accidental to achieve large creatures will open, after which the sport will alteration into extra enticing. But, the larger the animals, the further highly real they’re, making it tough so that you can master them — Tiger, leopard, huge, and even big whales. These are the snags that you should overcome. And to have the skill to do that, it is prudent to have robust battling energy and animal military. All animal that you simply seize will alteration into a fight animal, and undergo you, positively supporting you within the technique of capturing different ones.


Become a grounded master

Tame wild animals, capture many critters, level up your animal super squadron, and tons of unique tamable ogres. Collect creatures and resources as you explore this vast world. Collect a team of influential creatures to aid you in the battle against the evil Dr. Leopold! There are numerous unique ogres, each with its assets, weaknesses, and special abilities. Train them with authoritative armor and weapons to enhance their strengths in battle!

Battle wild animals

The goal is to arrest wild animals, but you cannot do it alone! You will need the help of your visceral super squad. The more members you have in your team, the better your accidental against powerful animals. You will necessity to capture different types of animals and put them into your team. Once you have a good assembly of animals, you can start belligerent other players’ teams.

Capture various critters

As a wild tamer, your job is to capture monsters and use them in fight. Wild tamers can catch critters of all kinds, counting those that seem unbearable to see. Once you’ve captured a person, it can be trained and wired through special substances. When an opponent bouts one of your monsters with their monster, they’ll have to fight it until only one remains standing. The sturdier the two creatures are before they fight each other, the more hurt they’ll inflict on each other. If your opponent’s monster wins this battle, you lose some incomes  but if you win, your adversary loses capitals instead!

Level up your animal super squad

Wild Tamer is a game about gathering monsters, training them to fight, and then fighting with them beside other players. The game’sgame’s goal is to level up your animal super group and become the best Tamer Tamer in the world! You can create your team of tamable fiends using the Gacha system, where you get one free roll every 10 minutes. So you will be able to clash together against other players, work calm to defeat the most challenging bosses in each area, or reduce and explore this magic world full of cute animals on your own. You can also visit our suggested Apps Gas Station Junkyard Simulator MOD APK, Dungeon Hunter 4 MOD APK and Grand Summoners MOD APK.

Tons of unique tamable monsters

There are tons of tamable monsters in the game. Each huge has its single look, skill set, and character. You can tame them by nursing them with food or stabbing to capture them. Once you tame the monster, it will develop your pet and follow you everywhere. There are numerous ways to tame monsters. You can food them with food, throw an item, or use a trap to capture them. Once you have tamed the being, you can use it for fight or keep it as your pet.

Collect creatures and materials

Wild Tamer is a game that lets you battle and gathers the wilderness’s top-tier creatures. You can use these beings to create your dream team or join other gamers worldwide to form an elite group of tamers. The game twitches in your home, and you’re given a starter creature. Your first task is to go out and travel the wilderness. As you travel, you will encounter wild animals. You can battle them to clasp them for yourself and add them to your team.

God Mode, Money, Resources

The Menu/God Mode, Money, and Resources are 3 capitals that can improve your game. You can get them by buying them in-store or Wild Tamer is a game that lets you clash and collects the top-tier creatures of the wilderness. So you can use these beings to create your dream team or join other gamers worldwide to form an elite squad of tamers. You are receiving lucky with a prize wheel spin.


This game is entertaining, and it has a lot of different animals to play with. It’s unbelievable how they made this game since it feels like you are inside an episode of The Walking Dead. I endorse downloading Wild Tamer APK because it’s so much fun! You can buy them in-store, or Wild Tamer is a game that leases you battle and collect the wilderness’s top-tier creatures. You can use these creatures to make your dream team or join other gamers worldwide to form an best team of tamers.

Download Wild Tamer MOD APK

You are now ready to download Wild Tamer for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions wisely for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is presently blocked for abuse details.

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