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Observing for some real activities as you’re free to control your bulky appeal in Wrestling Revolution 3D. Produce your own characters as you pick up this grand wrestling challenge and challenge your foes in epic brawls.

Wrestling Revolution MOD APK

Gross between a variety of different events as you help your hero to fulfill his ideas of fetching the best wrestler of all time. Duty all kinds of foes in epic matches with or without precise guidelines.

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Overview of Wrestling Revolution MOD APK

Developer: MDickie’
Requires:4.0 and up
Size: 35.68 MB
MOD Features:Unlock the professional version

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If you’re a hostile fan and would love to board on the last journey of a victor in the creation boxer, then you’ll definitely find Wrestling Revolution 3D enjoyable.

That life supposed, the game announces gamers to every aspect of a wrestler’s life and the tracks that you’ll have to follow. Create your own characters with unique qualities, start your career by joining in simple fights, then gain enough experiences and standings to move to higher events.

Treasure yourself a director and sponsors that could help to develop your careers. Toil hard and you’ll have the likelihoods to fight with the big boys in the world battle. And of sequence, the exciting and comical wrestling mechanics would positively make you please.

Feature of Wrestling Revolution MOD APK

Here you’ll bargain all the exciting features that the game has to bid:

Adore the largest wrestling simulator on your mobile strategies

For the major time, Android gamers will have the chances to skill this awesome and addictive wrestling game on your mobile plans. Find yourself having access to all the unique features of the wrestling commercial, not just inside the right also the businesses that occur external of it.

Produce your own types, practice and train your skills so you may enter the events, sign deals with a famous director and have yourself appear in the most common wrestling trials.

The game is kept for the most dedicated wrestling fans as you’ll have the chances to pick up multiple events as a pro wrestler, from selling contracts to pick up your tough hostile lists. The road to becoming a legendary wrestler require a great amount of energy.

Fashion your own types with unique customizations

To twitch with, the game presents gamers to the shared character customizations where they might easily create unique fonts from the given options. Feel free to let your originality do the work and have your own boxer in this game

On upper of that, as you dive profounder into the game, there will be more motivating features for you to pick up. Dress up your boxer in all kind of costumes and modify your entrance tune to how you desired.

Novelty yourself profitable against hundreds of warriors across the biosphere

Gamers in Wrestling Revolution 3D will find themselves being announced to the real tasks as you climb the trees to become a famous expert wrestler. That being said, you’ll have to gross on more than 300 different characters that are spread in many promotions in the disposed.

Gross on each elevation with the following being much more difficult than the previous. Take on harsher challengers each time you period on the ring.

Humble and innate panels

The ready features relatively simple touch wheels which allow gamers to quickly get acquainted with the gameplay and fights. In addition, you’ll also have access to the intuitive classes that’ll teach you how to well fight in Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Style uses of the active trainings to help your types

To kind your types more capable to deal with the rising fights, you’ll have to prepare yourself correctly, both physically and spiritually for the challenges. Start by getting aware with the combats through multiple trainings. Learn to fight well in a ring, discover manifold skills as you kick your rival’s butt.

Sightsee the unique matches with mixed rings

With Wrestling Revolution 3D, gamers will require their chances to experience the most pleasing wrestling challenges. Start by hostile in different arenas with unique ring outlines. You can even enjoy your yourself in the first-ever War Games.

On top of that, the fights in Wrestling Revolution 3D isn’t just about getting the best fallouts by beating down your opponents in a few seconds. Instead, you’ll have to learn to amuse your viewers through realistic acting. Try your best to give them the most filling experiences as you help to keep the voucher price tall.

Must fun with the sole matching system

In adding, you’re also allowed to partake in exciting custom matches where you can feel free to set your own rubrics. Sightsee the Mix & Match feature and create custom bouts with unique sets of rules. Join your enemies in epic brawls that could ear up to 20 different wrestlers. Enjoy hostile in the intuitive ring where you can make habits of every object to strike your rivals. And if you want to, you can even kick the arbiter’s butt.

Able to play

And despite all the stirring features, the game is still free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile plans. That being said, the game is currently available on Google Play Store for free. So, you can download and install it without having to pay for whatever.

Need the game entirely unlocked with our mods

Yet, your game would still feature in-app consumptions and advertisements that you force find annoying. And to deal with this, it’s indorsed that you have our modified type of the game installed on your plans instead.

With it, you can kind all kinds of consumptions with the unlimited money while loving the game without being bothered by ads. Just download our Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK on your portable devices. Follow our instruction to have it properly installed on your Android plans. Now, you can totally enjoy the game.

Graphic and sound class


The game presents gamers to the simple 3D graphics which make it accessible on record of the current Android plans. However, that doesn’t mean that the game aspects bad in any funds. In facts, the unique animation system even allows it to mouth smooth skill blend. Thus, allowing for more satisfying fights, expressly with your chain fighting moves.

In count, you’re also allowable to enjoy the game from multiple camera angles, which can be varied liable on your personal favorites. And most importantly, the modifiable graphics will allow you to enjoy the level and satisfying gameplay on numerous Android devices.


Sideways with the interesting visuals, Wrestling Revolution 3D also introduces gamers to the immersive audio practices. That being said, you can find yourself hostile in an epic ring, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. What could be more stirring than that?

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod latest 1.71 Android APK

The staunch wrestling fans will definitely find this game motivating as it allows you to fully dip in the world of wrestlers and the wrestling trades. On top of that, the epic scuffles which feature up to 20 battalions each will be extremely fun to watch and take share in. So, don’t you error it!

What's new

- Enhanced compatibility with the latest devices in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Slightly faster frame rate recommended as standard (130%).