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If you are an ancient gamer who used to stick with your Nintendo system in the 80s
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If you are an ancient gamer who used to stick with your Nintendo system in the 80s, we will see about the Punch-Out- the famous boxing game among old peers. Punch Hero game is a game from Gamevil.
And it is another type of the Punch-Out except for bright 3D graphics and the engaging gameplay. This game did not change much linked to its predecessor 30 years ago.

Punch Hero Mod Apk

People call Punch Hero a junk game because, in Punch Hero, you will have to face a soccer player, samurai, and sometimes the soul of a dead pirate. However, it is also a strong point that makes this game wittier and more attractive. Let learn more about this funny pugilism game with our detailed review of the Punch Hero under.

Overview of Punch Hero Mod Apk

Version: 1.3.7
Requires: 4.1 and up
Size: 26M
MOD Features:Unlimited Money


Let’s Pullman your strength, hook blows and uppercuts at the Training Center, while accruing special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. With Fun 3D graphics, Punch Hero is highly addictive. And this game can current a tough challenge for those who have fortuitously touched it.

Similar Punch-Out, Punch Hero has no plot and doesn’t need a plot. You will name your appeal and enter Arcade Mode. Players will have to fight with 18 opponents, and new tasks will appear every time you rout the enemy.

The entrants don’t come with excellent deep skill. But at least they won’t disappoint you. IN colonnade mode, you will have to face the soccer player, samurai, and maybe a late pirate’s soul. Each enemy has a unique style of play, and players will need to know and find ways to fight back by exploiting their faintness.

None of your adversaries are following by the rules. And if you want to win, you must master the essential skills such as “Jabs,” “Hooks,” Blows, Block, and weave. Quick reactions are one of the wanted elements in this willing.


Humble Gameplay

In Blow Hero, you must beat 22 fighters. Each of them comes as a different appeal with different strong and weak facts. And your job is to find out their weak points to beat them. Of sequence, you have to be fluent in boxing skills.

The effect of the match depends on your wary and offensive skills. If you win, you can obtain the gold reward. And you can use this gold to buy new skills, customs, and training for the future match. Of course, if you are good enough, your level will be raised with more skills, taxes, and more vigorous foes.

If you poverty to shorten the time, you can buy the in-app grasps to buy stuff sooner. However, we don’t think it is essential because you can only buy the next level’s levies.

User-friendly Emergent

What we like greatest about Punch Hero is user-friendly project. It is effortless to switch that even kids can play with no trouble. Of course, we don’t recommend this game for kids since it is a little bit fierce.

Spinal to the Punch Hero, you only need to swipe left if you want to implement hocks, taps for jabs, make skyward swipes if you want to make an blow. And if you want to put up the protector, you need to press for a few seconds on the screens.

Also, there are many actions that you can make by the only touch and move your needles on the screen. For sample, you must tap the shade quickly every time you are knocked down to attitude back. This game is flawless for quick reflex and eyes-hands mixture.

Relish the Real Hitting

If you salary attention, you will see this game has quite a good reproduction of boxing methods. We love the way creators slow down when you dodge a punch. And occasionally it isn’t effortless if you want to level up fast because you have to master the times first.

Also, this is also a game where you will learn the particular terms of boxing. Except for some weird rivals, the description, sounds, and actions in this game are genuine. So, it is best for boxing lovers with no hesitation.

Willing Mode

Thump Hero has two modes: single-player and two players. In particular, the single-player does not require Wifi or internet. You can play it offline, and the system will sum your battle result. And in the single-player method, you will fight with a different fighter to win the uppermost vigorous.

Both player has different stats, but later on, the fighters are quite more substantial than the player’s index to surge the difficulty. And it forces the player to have some strategies.

However, if you famine to play with your partner, you must play online. With the two-player mode, you can chat with your wife. But we don’t think this feature is helpful since your hands will always be busy with the traffics.

Finally, you have no option except for the “cloister” mode. It is not a big problem for appetizer or sloppy players because the arcade option is plenty for them. However, if you are a qualified gamer, it is not as fun as you expect. So, we suggest that you ought not expect ample to this Punch Boxing 3D game.

Graphic and Complete Excellence

Visuals Project

Punch Hero pictures are only at an average level; Of course, it is terrible to reach the level of a shrine such as Infinity Blade or Dungeon Defenders. If you are interested in the visuals in games of Gamevil, Punch Hero will not make you too upset.

The only acme of the graphics design in the game is hundreds of different types. Punch Hero is a boxing game, but your enemies are not necessary a boxer. And the creator team was creative when scheming hundreds of different characters with funny classifying faces.

Besides, the facial words are also the attraction of Punch Hero, especially when they get hit. It was hysterical, and it made gamers very interested.

If you want a qualified graphic design, this game is not the first choice for you. But if you want something funny for enjoyable, there is nothing better than Punch Hero.

Complete Things

The acoustic system is also cared for by the builders. For example, the game’s soundtrack is good, and the enemy screams when a hit is perfect.

If you ask the most critical feature of Punch Hero, the answer must be a sound effect. And complete effect is also the thing we like most in this game. All of them are ended in a very caring and funny way.

Also, you can regulate the game volume easily and mute when necessary. However, Punch Hero without sound is not a Punch Hero anymore. So please reminisce to bring your phones!


With numerous game modes and choices, Punch Hero will give you hours of endless fighting action. If you are a fan of boxing games with few councils in the game business, why don’t you play Punch Hero? Perhaps the only thing the game wants is zombies as enemies.

Punch Hero brings laughter by the effects and nuances of the character’s face in the ready. And it is a notable difference in the genre of the violent and powerful boxing game. The game does not want a stable configuration to skill. You can enjoy this game with a mid-range formation phone. The game is currently available on both iOS and Android stages.


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