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The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors who travel in search of safety and security during the zombie apocalypse.
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Built on the award winning series of Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Season One on mobile has been out to the market by Telltale Games with the filmmaker’s permission for fan service resolution. That does not nasty the game will follow the same motifs of the innovative series, instead, the game has totally changed the initial story and traded it with a new scene as well as new appeal lines. With that wise result, the game has become globally positive.

Walking Dead Mod Apk

The Mobile Dead series is probably a suitable brand and an brilliant theme to stimulate a player’s inner fear of the ambulatory undead. That leads to the win of this game. But, that is not the only reason why the game is amazingly successful, truthful graphics, fascinated and varied gameplay as well as meaningful message are also unresolved features that make the game very attractive, especially for the fans. Moreover, the game is only 1.6 gigabyte, it does not want high specifications to be talented to play and it is even free to download so it is easier for everyone to access and experience it.

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Overview of Walking Dead Mod Apk

Developer:Howyaknow LLC
Requires: 2.3.3
Size: 11.5 MB
MOD Features:purchased and downloaded

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Fast and electrifying game beat, affected action separations

Unlike the filmic version, The Walking Dead: Season One for receivers has very fast and exciting gameplay. As you log into the game, just 10 minute after the intro, our main appeal – Lee Everett has previously faced the walking corpse. After that, when seeing for help, Lee meets his rescuer – Clementine, a 9 years old girl who lives near. Then, the journey of the two officially start with countless hitches and dangers waiting fast.

Fitting to the category of shared adventure, players will network with NPC – non playable fonts and environment by a circle show up on screen. After that, players are obligatory to make decisions in a short period of time. Each decision the player kinds will lead to different fallouts that they will discover during play.

Sometimes you will must to face off the zombies and the player has to quickly find a way out of that condition, that is when eye-catching action scenes happen. You will experience jolting the zombie in its face and it is not gonna kill it, unless you shoot into the head or level smash its head to break with an axe. All these will ensue on your phone, in front of your face, scary but also extremely theatrical!

New story, new types, but keep the same core morals

The plot modification is the game’s biggest feature. It would have nobody to argue around if the game follows the unique story of The Walking Dead. It was because Telltale definite. Unlike the cinematic version, The Walking Dead: Season One for receivers has very fast and thrilling gameplay.

As you log into the game, just 10 minute after the intro, our main appeal – Lee Everett has already faced the walking corpse. After that, when observing for help, Lee meets his savior – Clementine, a 9 years old girl who lives near. Then, the journey of the two officially start with myriad difficulties and dangers waiting gaining.

The game’s core morals are dyed because it requires the player to make a decision, it might be a conversation with another NPC or actions with the zombie. Tolerance, help, egotism or lies all depend on the player’s choice. The NPCs will recollect the player’s travels or words as Lee Everret and then bring the story to many unlike finales.

Lee and Clementine’s journey climaxes the individual faces and experience of each character in the player’s attention. You will realise, in order to survive in such a cruel post-apocalyptic world, they all have to own qualities such as solidarity, bravery and sometimes resolve and cruelty.

Interact of the Walking Dead Mod Apk

In the ready, player plays the role of Lee Everret, a innate of Macon, who are being busy to prison for his killing. Players will touch on circles shown up on screen – like  clues to interact with the setting as well as other characters. Most of the time, the game showed a 3rd viewing angle so the player can view the post-apocalyptic biosphere more truthful. However, in some dramatic action scenes, the screen gives the actor a first-person perspective to feel it most validly.

Too, game publisher Telltale endorses players to use headphones or earpieces to knowledge the game much better because they will listen to other NPC and answer so. Time limit for choice making also makes the game speed faster and aids players get along with Lee. Occasionally players only have a mere jiffies to make a decision earlier zombies rush in. Very realistic and exciting, isn’t it?

An remarkable and significant game that teach a life moral

The Walking Dead: Season One is truly a good example of not all games based on movies are of deprived quality. With unique characters and traits such as Lee – a steadfast and skilled person, Clementine is a little girl with strange courage and other very complex character lines. We see emerging on this path of survival, the zombie disaster is just secondary matter.

The “human” disaster is actually the most unsafe thing, instead of unite and alive, the doubts and pessimism that people have for each other, is what slowly murder teammates and themselves.

Telltale Games this woman successfully broke out of the original plot of the movie and created a game full of teachings and philosophy that made many fans swayed and love it even more than the novel The Walking Dead series. The game has light graphics but attractive and realistic enough with an motivating and quiet game style. Not any games can maybe teach a player a life lesson from a near sphere.

Pay-to-play game but is it worth it?

The Walking Dead: Season One MOD APK flat though it is free to download and skill, it is a pay-to-play game. But the inquiry is “Is it worth it?” The answer is undeniably yes. It takes a small charge of roughly 5 dollar to unlock an episode, so in total 25 breads to play all episodes of the game, plus the special one.

Freely, it is an suitable price for a game of this quality likened to the story and the values it brings. For zombie fans and particularly The Walking Dead fans, this game is a “must-try”, but for folks who does not know or like zombies, it is entirely worth of time to skill it even just the leading, free-to-play episode of the ready.

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