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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!
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My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) is a really attractive simulation game from Brain Studio. This is the game of the filmic novel genre – the forte genre of the producer from Japan. The sign is that their entire game goes to this genre and is treasured by a large sum of players.

Overview My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk

Name:My Nurse Girlfriend Mod Apk
Publisher:Genius Studio
MOD Features:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0

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Appraisal My Nurse Girlfriend

You don’t obligate a girlfriend? Want to find a game that helps you advance your ability to link with women and learn more about women’s mindsets? Or are you a dreamy guy and love-loving cute love sections? Let play this game.


If you must query about the visual novel genre, then this is a fairly conversant genre, often seen in Japanese games. Some games comprise Summertime Saga, Fap CEO. This game has a very minimalistic way of playing. Most of the time, you just need to touch the awning to develop the story, plus images, text, and sound. Most of these games have many, unlike storylines. The player picks “decision points”, thereby picking the direction of the plot as wanted.


Charm design is often a robust point of visual novel games. Besides, Genius Studio always does very well with anime-style female types. My Nurse Girlfriend is no omission. The three main types all have extremely lovely looks, which is every boy’s dream. The character tells with very cute and soulful terms. Besides, their singings are also very cute.

The layer

Doubt you have a tedious high school period and don’t have too many recalls (like me), this game gives you the knowledge you can hardly find in any other game. When playing My Nurse Girlfriend, you play as a good-looking and extremely famous guy. You are the celebrity in the school team, the vision of every girl in your town. But one day, you had an wound and had to go to the infirmary with a shattered leg.

He supposed he was going to have a sequence of days of dimness and futility in the hospital, but life always carried surprises at the darkest times. You realize that the two nurses who income care of you are the most lovely girls in town. Not only that, but the patient girl in the next bed is also very attractive. Your leg desires more days to be settled. Is this holiday rather too bad?

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Info about three lovely girls

  • Louisa: Nurse is gorgeous and sexy. Yet, she is older than you. The girl is a sweet person and has a kind mood. She has worked for various years in the hospital, so she has more skill than other nurses. She is also a complex, innocent and easily cheated girl.
  • Miki: The nurse in Tsundere style. Can understand that Miki is a girl who looks cold and hard to approach. Occasionally, she even seems itchy. But inside, Miki is very sincere and quite shy. Maybe she retains her distance, but maybe she also repairs about everybody but doesn’t know how to do it, top to clumsy, somewhat adorable activities. Let’s find out!
  • Rena: Extra patient stays in the same room as you. This is a character girl and always likes to holder things in her own way. She has a exact interesting make-up. Talk, learn more roughly her stories. Risks are, this is the love you are viewing for.


Also the main plot, you can play some mini-games to get lots of stimulating gifts. In the lucky spin, when you become the same three symbols, you get ruby and some other loots. If you wonder what to do with the ruby in My Nurse Girlfriend, let me explain it to you. Selected choices want you to have ruby, called Premium Choices. It gives you quite brave choices, such as giving Louisa a loving hug or asking Miki to have eaten.

MOD APK form of My Nurse Girlfriend

  • Free Top Choices

Structures of My Nurse Girlfriend

What would you do when 3 girls are swiftly into you? Will you run away? Or will you oppose them with all you’ve got. Who would you take? In My Nurse Girlfriend, you’ll be faced with states like these.

Attractive Subject

The infirmary can be a scary place especially if you’re the one being known to it. The people are gloomy and illness is just around the corner. But occasionally, it can be a place of hope and a place where you can see your dream girl! Or in the case of My Nurse Girlfriend, your dream girls.

In this dating replication game, you are a soccer player that had a luckless leg injury while on practice. As a result, you are sent to the hospital. But all is not lost as there are a ton of stirring events waiting to disclose!

3 Attractive women

In this game, you’ll have casual encounters with 3 beautiful ladies. 2 of them are harbors, and one is a patient. The characters of benefits are Louisa, Miki, and Rena. Louisa is a caring nurse that always takes care of you. As the firstborn one amid the group, she seems to have a lot of skills.

Then, there’s Miki who’s careful a Tsundere. She may seem cold and cold but she’s just shy. She’s also popular amongst the patients in the hospice. Then, there’s the crazy persistent Rena who seems to be as unique as the other two females. Will you be the one to become their cavalier?

Amazing visuals and joysticks

In My Nurse Inamorata, you just need to rise the well-designed fonts and locations. The theme is the infirmary so you can expect a lot of the places will be set there. But you’ll also skill different events that will get your core pasting.

Take your ending

In imitation games, the players are usually permissible to select the next sequence of act. In My Nurse Girlfriend, this is true! You can choose which ending you like. Choice from the 3 girls and become the girl of your thoughts! Can you unlock their cores?

The game is stopped?

Don’t anxiety. Delight close it and open it over.

Download My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK for Android

My Nurse Girlfriend is a game for very boys, whether you have a girlfriend or not. The game aids you gain more sureness when facing beautiful girls, understanding more stories around them. Through the story of the main charm, you can see that speaking with lovely girls is not as difficult as you supposed.

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