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VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.
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Varies with device
February 14, 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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If you haven’t found a video player to watch movies easily, please download VLC APK on IQC Pro Mod Apk, the best video player for Android.

VLC Mod Apk

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Overview of VLC Mod Apk

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited downloads

Introduce about VLC

If it derives to video viewer and player, many people won’t falter to tell you about the suitability of VLC. This application is released on many stages, provides a handy interface for video regulator, supports playback of many file formats, and some other influential features. In this post, we’ll talk about VLC, about what it can carry.


Support for many different file formats

One of the greatest notable features of this application is that it ropes all video formats that users can find on the souk. Users need to find a video on the internet and use this claim to play it, and the video will play flawlessly. There is no need to mention some popular setups such as DVD or ISO; these are exact applications that can support. Too, the audio file formats that the app is not now supported, such as FLV, OGG, OPUS, or even WMA-VLC, the app also supports. This application can deliver maximum support for users to get the best experience.VLC

Diverse genres

Though it is a video player, this app is not partial to that level, but also have a lot of other things. Irrespective of the file type, regardless of the audio file, the application is maintained by the user. So users can use this application to watch videos; users can also use the claim to play audio files and many other things. So users do not need to download too many different applications to make many different tasks. All that users need is a single application, which is this claim. This will save users a lot of planetary to do other things, and the feature will make the job much more convenient.VLC

Open files via streaming media

In adding to allowing users to open video or audio files stored in the device’s memory, this application also offers streaming videos in online mode. For example, if a user wants to watch a video on Youtube, the user does not unavoidably need to watch it there. Users can use this to play the videos they famine to watch, which is very expedient for users to operate videos.

Watch videos or photos in 360 degrees

There are a lot of them nowadays, but videos or pictures are shot in 360 degrees, so this app will give users this mouth to use. This feature will help workers to view the videos or images as commonly as possible. But this nose can only be used when users have videos or pictures in 360 degrees.VLC

Customize audio or subtitles

This application will give workers the ability to adjust the sound of the video or captions so that users can enjoy the video in the greatest way. Users can customize the size of the subtitles, contingent on how users want. Besides, this application also provides users with a expert tool to customize the sound of the video.

The best video player for Android

If you are not persuaded that VLC is measured to be the best video player for Android, then you perhaps have never used this app. VLC has a detailed control interface and is very handy. You can adjust light, volume, and rewind the video forward or back with just a swipe on the shade.

If you don’t tell how, application will show instruction text on screen. The light change area is on the left side of the screen, the volume alteration area is on the right. And if you want to correct the video’s playing time, just swipe left or right.

In addition, VLC can also play video at unlike speeds, from 0.25 to 4.0. This is quite useful if you want to watch a movie or a video lecture quickly.

Subtitles and audio

Most of the device’s default video players do not sustenance subtitle playback with the video, since they are split into two distinct files. VLC once again shows its advantage as it can mechanically find and detect the video subtitle files. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite movies fully when you download them from sources on the Internet. In case the subtitle file cannot be found, you can physically search and add it to the video.

VLC also allows you to regulate some parameters of the slogans, such as size, font or font color. In addition, VLC also helps you to switch audio files for video. If you are working on a small movie scheme and you want to include voiceover, the app will help you do this fast. Audio usage and performance is like to subtitles. You can also remove this file to mute the video.

Video Screen Orientation

Occasionally, you download a video from the network to your ruse and it is not the right size for the screen. That will cause the video to be slanted, or even scaled because it doesn’t match the feature ratio of the screen. Don’t worry, VLC will help you re-scale your video with Video Screen Orientation feature.

Video Screen Angle helps to scale a video to certain facet ratios, for example 3: 4, 16: 9, 1: 1. In addition, it also adjusts to relative proportions such as Center, Best Fit, Fit Screen and Fill. The said ratios are most common for Android device screens, so you’ll find the best feature ratio for play video.

Video playback modes

VLC offers some playback modes so you can play the video the way you famine. The first is the Pop-up mode. The video will be reduced and floating on the screen. Thanks to that, you can both timepiece videos and surf the internet or do other work.

About recurrence mode, VLC has two types of looping counting playing the entire video loop, or loop a video in the movie. Of progression, you can choose the part of the video you want to loop.

Finally there is the Audio playback mode. Video image will be aloof, Audio will be played in related. This mode is really useful when you just want to hear the sound, and it also helps to save freestyle power for the device.

Some other features

Sleep Timer is one of the famous features of the video playback application. Let’s imagine, if you have a movie lengthier than 3 hours, you want to play it to watch it before bed. You don’t see when you will sleep, and your phone can’t play the video all night, that’s why you necessity the Sleep Timer feature. Note that the unit for this feature is minutes.

Moreover, VLC also has an Equalizer regulator. You can adjust the limits of the frequency and volume so.

Download VLC APK for Android

We deliver VLC APK file so you can download and install it on your Android device wholly free of charge. This app is rated as one of the most current and best video players on both Android, desktop, iOS and macOS. It offers great act, helping you to watch videos smoothly and handily.

In calculation, this application is also provided wholly free, does not include annoying ads. As a result, you will have the most whole movie viewing knowledge.

What's new

* Use the new file permission * Fix the subtitles not working on some Android 12 devices * Fix the grid/list button state * Fix loading of media when opening the app * Crash fixes