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Facetune2 is an easy to use photo editor that helps you retouch your selfies and acts as your own personal makeover studio. Get that natural beauty look in seconds and share it with your followers.
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January 22, 2022
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With the better-quality smartphone photographic camera hardware. It’s in receipt of more and more expedient for people to start taking attractive pictures with their mobile strategies. However, the thorough and realistic images also representation your certain stains on the face. Which isn’t what you would like to see. Facetune2 Mod Apk presented by IQC Pro Mod Apk.

Facetune2 Mod Apk

So for the sake of your Instagram or Facebook uploads. It’s constantly nice to have a useful photo editing tool, which can well perform impressive restores on your faces. Thus, philanthropical you a normal and more sophisticated selfie.

And speaking of which, Android users will definitely find themselves entirely satisfied with this thought-provoking claim from Lightricks. As it permits you to effectively tailor your appearances and even facial words. Therefore, rotary your selfies into real bits of art with striking visual impersonations and details.
Find out more about the grand mobile app with our whole reviews.

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Overview of Hago Mod Apk

Developer:Lightricks Ltd.
Requires:7.0 and up
Size:153 MB
MOD Features:VIP Unlocked

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For those of you who’re attentive in the art of restoring and photo editing. You’ll definitely find Facetune2 being a powerful and remarkable mobile app when it comes to enhancing your selfies or portrait photos. Feel free to kind uses of the encompassed tools and properties as you achieve your implausible photo edits and restores on any of the selected portrayals.

Moreover, the grand app will offer you with an complete makeup and plastic surgery kit for you to fully tailor your selected typescripts. Feel free to pick your selfies or portrait pictures and start to rub on the motivating things to blow away imperfections, reshape the facial buildings, or enjoy tons of motivating makeup options. Feel able to experimentation and play with the grand in-app features.

And most prominently, you don’t have to be a pro to start enjoying the awesome mobile application. Instead of progressive your time being paid to know all the complex features and editing decisions, Android employers in Facetune2 can now explore the attractive retouches with many of the preset surroundings in Facetune2. Hence, you’ll find it fairly easy to beautify your types.


And if you’re attentive in the app, it’s totally conceivable for Android workers to start enjoying Facetune2 on their mobile devices for unconditionally free. As a result, you can straightforwardly find the app accessible on the Google Play Store, no imbursement essential. Just simply download and jerk to enjoy it on every occasion you hunger.

However, since it’s a freemium application, there will positively be ads and in-app procurements for you to unlocked. Hence, if you demand to enjoy the fully-featured application of Facetune2, you’ll need to pay convinced payments.

Also, make sure that you’re successively the app on your phones with the modern firmware being fixed. And preferably, Android version 7.0 or above are not compulsory to make sure that all features work appropriately on your devices.

And lastly, you’ll need to provide a set of certain Android go-aheads to allow the app to well function on your system. These take in the camera, storage, cyberspace, and a few other go-aheads, which will make it informal for you to love the in-app features.

Awesome features

Here are all the stirring features that the app has to suggestion:

A unassuming and commanding tool for removal your selfies and photos

To start with, Android users in Facetune2 can enjoy themselves with this modest and powerful means of photo erasure and selfie renovating, thanks to many of its accessible and beneficial features. Feel free to freight up images from your stowage and gallery, or yield your own pictures with the on condition that camera from Facetune2 and keep to edit them as quickly as you’re ready.

With the tool, you can appreciate good-looking selfie renovates which will successfully turn your descriptions into awesome bits of work. Moreover, it’s also conceivable for you to enjoy the striking photo editing skills with all of your certain images, not just for portrayals and selfies. Feel permitted to make customs of the useful tools and properties that are only if in Facetune2 as you relish the app to the filled.

Perform striking retouches of your selfies with multiple riddles and changeable backgrounds, which will offer an awesome complete visual impress. Upgrade your photos and bounce the selected fonts a fashionable countenance. And once you’re done obliteration, feel free to associate the before & after the lot, which will show you exactly how much you’ve transformed, using the app.

Explore the overwhelming makeups and operations

Also, for those of you who’re attentive in the art of cosmetics and plastic operations, you can without restrictions try out any visual customizations that you famine in Facetune2, which will agree Android users to fully plunge themselves into the photo editing practices.

Start by sightseeing the available renovate possibilities which will easily embellish the selected types with unique filters and possessions. You can then work the greasepaint brushes on any of the nominated features of the expression, thus, making them look in sure ways as deliberate. Try out whichever elegances of makeup that you’ve continually wanted, and see how much you’ve different.

Put on a convinced base layer that you famine to have on the appearance using the provided Base tool. Get the shades in place so your face will look extra defined in any angle. Make customs of the Liner to become your eyes extra pop. Add a little blush possessions to make the appearance livelier. And quality gears up with certain Glitter of your adoptions. The breathtaking mobile app offers its striking makeup involvements that most teen-agers would love.

And at the equal time, feel able to discover the authoritative Restructuring option so you can easily accurate and pinch confident rehab features on the interpretations and selfies. Only crop, blur, and refine the pictures before you get to the concluding beautiful works. Also, the existing Details will allow you to boost and enhance your certain features. Thus, philanthropical the descriptions a more authoritative and engaging impress.

Get rid of all blemishes on the faces

If you’re terrified to take selfies for of the annoying reactions and stains that are running your faces, it’s totally imaginable for Android users to get clear of these unsolicited features of the face with the unconventional renovate tools in Facetune2. Feel free to eradicate any of these in just a few jiffies, and at the same while, have your skins make softer so you would expression more normal and sparkling in your selfies or portrait photos.

Final verdicts

If you find the typical photo excision apps like Adobe Lightroom and Photo Editor Pro aren’t plenty for your selfie manages, then the controlling and portrait-oriented photo editing submission of Facetune2 would definitely come in handy.

With its powerful and striking selfie editing topographies. You can have good-looking runs of your photos, in which, all your facial features are right enhanced. And record importantly, with the altered app currently accessible on our website for unquestionably free. You can simply complete your last photo editing trio deprived of having to pay everything.

What's new

Here's what's new in this update

-Hair is here! Have you always wanted to try a different hair color? Now you can with the new Hair tool. No dye required.

Daniel & The Facetune Team

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