Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK Unlocked

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK of Heroes is a amusing action game where players can battle brave and influential heroes. They will must the chance to confront many formidable foes and show their management and powerful belligerent skills. Try the involvement and discover new and fun challenges here! If you have a hunger for the dream of becoming a great hero and are esteemed by many people, then do not miss this captivating game.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes owns lovely graphics that any player will be awestruck with it. It can be said that the escapades, spaceships, or the fonts of Star Wars will seem before your eyes. So, surely you will not be able to disregard what this game gives you. Concurrently, all the rudiments are designed methodically, and unique arms also reappear in this game. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK

Overview of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK

Name:Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK
Genres:Role Playing
Developer:Electronic Arts
MOD Features:Unlocked

About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK

The game familiarizes gamers to the world of Holotable where gamers will fight each other using their calm heroes and villains from across the universe. All hero and villain will seem in the form of a card. When you involve in battle, just insert the card into the Holotable and your charm will automatically seem on the battlefield.

Gamers are permissible to have up to 5 different fonts in their table. Each character has their own powers and aptitudes. This allows you to pick up multiple tactics and tactics with different character sets. The combats are fought in turn-based combats where each gamer will be given a positive time to pledge their moves.

Choose your side and combat it out with other gamers. It’s both the Light Side or the Dark Side will take switch of the whole universe.


Build and create a power of hero

Coming to Star Wars™, troupes will be contented and free to show their management and control their armies. The first entity that you should do is to build a solid force territory. Recruit and select heroes with talent and good health to join your team. To help them upsurge their battle skills, you need to train and train them most jobwise as a leader. Thanks to that, you will turn them into ideal and first-rate heroes in everyone’s eyes.

Defeat Rivals and OWN THIS LAND

In this game, you will have to face several snags and enemies. They will constantly find a way and take your faintness to choose the right second and attack. That is why you cannot be personal and indifferent. Try to be on sentinel and alert at all times, trying to find ways to dose and end hostile forces and master the territory. Also, you also need to practice and promote your quick reactions, know how to fight enemies, and mature bright moves to fight them. Show your agility and suppleness through your unique plans and playstyles.

Making intelligent, smart decisions

To have a coincidental to win this game, you need to have an brainy and creative concentration, always know how to upgrade and reintroduce your heroes to become more brawny and more athletic. Do not forget to train them with contemporary equipment and have the best body defense, reducing damage to lighter. In addition, cracking new abilities is extremely needed that you cannot overlook them. This will help your heroes promote more moves and have an plentiful source of energy. Become a mental leader, know how to bring what is most beneficial to your co-players.

Collect and control huge shilts

It can be said that contributing in ship wars is a lovely and fun challenge. It is very general with many people, and pleased with the excellence that the game brings. Here, you collect new ships and have many dissimilar functions to join your battle team. On each yacht, there will be heads and sailors with talent and courage. Add more power to your ships to become better.

Take on intimidating bosses and epic territory wars

In addition, you can revenue your Holotable squad on manifold fights against the threatening bosses through the game. Brand sure you come up with suitable approaches and fight them cleverly so you may win and amass your bountiful loots.

Moreover, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes also cover epic territory wars where gamers can involvement epic RTS gameplay right on their mobile devices.

Command your fleet in epic ship battles

And most outstandingly, gamers will have access to the marathon ship battles where they’ll have the chances to participate in epic ship fights. Here, you’ll take controls of the iconic spaceships, including the Millennium Falcon, and other massive Capital Ships as you all engage in massive space ship battles.

And the fun part is that every one battleship will have its own crews and pilots to control and run it. They also come with exclusive powers, special skills, and so on.

Explore the online gameplay with the Guild system

Laterally with the PvP battles and tournaments, gamers in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes can also find themselves loving the Guild system. That being said, you can join other online gamers as you making your own customizable Guild. Together, you’ll do everything to make it stronger and bigger to live the stimulating world.

Take on other Guild’s lands as you expand yours and become the utmost overcomes as you expand your Guild to the thrilling. Climb the leaderboard as you trial your rival Guilds in the epic Territorial Wars.

Free to play

The game is now free to play for all gamers to enjoy. That life said, you can effortlessly have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay whatever. However, if you find the in-app procurements and gameplay a little bit challenging, then you would perhaps want to go for something else.You can also visit our suggested Apps Mystic Guardian MOD APK, Age of Magic Mod Apk and Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk.

Useful hacks with our mods

That being said, with our modified version of the game, gamers in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes can have the game totally on their hands. Hence, you can make multiple in-app procurements without having to pay, enjoy the ad-free gameplay, and most prominently, get rid of the cooldown timer that has been producing you a lot of trouble. Just download and install our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK to start liking the game.

Visual and sound quality


The game features fabulous 3D graphics that will introduce you to the immersive worlds in the Star Wars cosmos. Find yourself fighting with realistic types from the series, unleash their name attacks with overwhelming visual effects, and so on. It’ll feel like you’re wholly lost inside the game.


With influential and impactful soundtracks, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes introduces gamers to one of the most addictive Star Wars game on the mobile dais. For the first time, gamers can have entree to the huge assembly of characters from unlike Star Wars games and movies. Listen to their voiced negotiations will make you feel like everything is real.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes latest Android APK

Fans of the Star Wars permission will certainly find this game interesting. Play the game with your favorite typescripts and have the astounding heroes backing you in your trip.

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