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Obey Me MOD APK – Obey Me is a dating sim for women meanwhile it has a male harem cast that includes males who are good-looking, charming, cool, lively, and have a diversity of other traits. Above all, it makes each appeal more vibrant and appealing by using anime graphic elements to improve the player’s skill. The plot portion of the game, which potentials players the most dramatic romantic detections, also determines how amazing it is.

Despite the fact that Obey Me! is a game of male dating. You will must the option to choice the gender of your character, though, thanks to the system. So, certainly, all sexes are talented of having strong feelings for men. This is a remarkable demonstration of the maker’s regard for the LGBT free. The same message: Be true to who you are. Then others will show you the friendliness you deserve. Now play along with me as we remain this game. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK


Overview of Obey Me MOD APK

Name:Obey Me MOD APK
Genre:Role Playing
Publisher:NTT Solmare Corp.
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked

About Obey Me MOD APK

In this game, 7 demon comrades are waiting for you with a foothill of tasks. If you want to enjoy such an remarkable game, then download it from our website by following the easy steps. Besides, this game is fully secure from our website and virus-free.

The simple and shocking gameplay forces people to play it. Also, the troupes can enjoy mini-games on it which gives ordinary understandings. Enjoy various characters and finish the enemies in it. By the way, you can also try this historic security breach game with unlocked pro features.

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Authentic Mini-Games For Amusement

Obey Me will add more fun mini-games to keep group of actors tickled in addition to letting them explore the fictions and interact with the many charms. They will have more chances to use the rewards tactically thanks to the variety of mini-games, winning over each guy’s heart in the process. Moreover, the mini-games have unique and amiable thoughts, providing players with the most thrilling and stimulating gameplay.

Unique story development for immersive experience

Obey Me was advanced with a unique style to unlock new abilities for players, as it combines elements like imaginary, school, modern, etc. All is perfectly interwoven, showing the friendship to the girls when they can joy in conquering each guy in many different polishes. Besides, love is always emphasized in the plot, so unpredicted things will often happen with liberal rewards.

Create a love story out of your decision

The gameplay machine is developed, clearly showing the communicating choices element, but with more freedom to change things. All player situations, with chat, object interaction, etc., will have more than two different selections for the player to decide the next outcome. Also, choices can sometimes impression the plot or the types around it and speed up its growth.

In addition to interrelating with each character, they also have to travel the world within it, complete quests, meet vital characters, and receive rewards. The game always gives players more selections to explore the world in its place of focusing on the plot, and they can use the plunders for many purposes. Depending on how the item is used, the story’s progress will change histrionically, giving everyone new fallouts. You can also visit our suggested Apps Diablo Immortal Mod Apk, Eternal Return Mod Apk and Lineage 2 Mod Apk.

Unique mini-games for entertainment

Besides travelling the storylines or interrelating with each character, Obey Me will introduce more exciting mini-games to interest players. The variety of mini-games will give them more choices to use the rewards successfully, thereby capturing the hearts of each guy. Moreover, the mini-games also feature special and outgoing concepts, giving players the most white-knuckle and refreshing gameplay knowledge.

Various typical characters to conquer

The variety of fonts will change the plot’s direction dramatically, giving players new secrets or findings in all. Each character is also planned with depth and strong influences, such as character, appearance, and expression, making every interaction lively and humorous. Moreover, depending on the direction, the action of each character is different, creating great astonishments when players want to find true love.

Intuitive and advanced user interface

Unlike other date simulant games, Obey Me has many visual developments, giving players comfort while enjoying the game. It also kinds it easy for them to interact with any feature or tool and process documents or hints from each charisma. The design of the interface continually has a lot of influence, and at the same time, springs the player a lot of in-depth search of the gameplay or the story.

Obey Me is one of those latent date simulators, where the player is deep in the boys’ admiration, and from there, exploits the critical elements. Furthermore, it presents more humor and entertainment, making gameplay more varied based on each player’s survey of personal advancement.

Key features

  • You’ll get text messages and phone calls from the winning characters on a systematic basis.
  • In the game, there is a process for determining the amount of closeness. You will have a stronger or weaker bond with the characters reliant on your interactions with them.
  • Because there is no masculinity assigned to the main character, anybody may share.

Final Thoughts

In short, the obey me mod apk game allows one to search for a beautiful girl, invitation her for dating and suggest to her for marriage. This game gives true love to all users; get your true love and make yourself the best husband after marriage.

Here you will get the friendship of fiend brothers which are 7, make your team and win unlimited money and monies after winning. Here dance oppositions, action games, and more are present, play your favorite game and enjoy winning rewards from the game.

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