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🌐Nox Cleaner is a Smart Cache Cleaner & Effective Speed Booster for Android phones. If your phone storage is insufficient or slowing down, Nox Cleaner totally can clear junk files, remove cache, release storage space hence boosting phone performance and speed. Download Nox Cleaner and enjoy a lighter and speedier Android phone.
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May 28, 2022
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Nox Cleaner MOD APK helps you to fresh junk files in your Android phone fast and effectively, and also assists you in managing files. Download now!

Nox Cleaner Mod Apk

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Overview of Nox Cleaner Mod Apk

Name: Nox Cleaner Mod Apk
Publisher:Nox Ltd. 
Category: Tools
MOD Features: Premium Unlocked 

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Android is an open operating system whereby users can download and install outside applications, including unknown sources. Therefore, Android devices can be at risk of hackers attacking over junk files, malicious files that arise during use. There are many keys to this problem, and Nox Cleaner is one of the best, most prevalent solutions today.

Nox Domestic is developed by Nox Mobile – a company based in Hong Kong, is the developer of numerous other popular applications such as NoxAppLock, Nox Security, Nox Browser.

Clean up your device quickly and efficiently

Smooth if you don’t install apps from unknown/untrusted sources, in use, your Android device will create junk files that fill up memory and cut overall performance. Nox Cleaner will help you to clean up these junk records simply and quickly.

To clean the expedient, you just need to click on the “clean” icon in the circle in the internal of the screen. Nox Cleaner will scan the file system and applications installed on the device to search for junk. Afterwards that, you can see more material about the cleaned up and the total storage space.

Note that the types of junk that Nox Cleaner clean contain both files and stores stored in apps on the device. As a result, some data will be deleted for those applications to start up and run faster. You will obligate to grant usage data nibble to Nox Cleaner to perform these related tasks.

Secure your device

Not only a junk cleaning app, Nox Char is also a comprehensive security app for Android devices.

Explicitly, Nox Cleaner can scan and remove viruses. Viruses are terrifying. They are proficient of spreading quickly, destroying files, and robbery your information. At the same time, they are also one of the sources of a serious decline in the device’s act. Nox Cleaner can also perceive security holes, weak spots on weak devices. From these caveats, you can punctually repair and prevent hateful attacks.

In addition to scanning for worms and vulnerabilities, Nox Cleaner also chains blocking applications at risk of information leakage. You will set up a password for them. And every time you start an application or regain information, you need to enter the password to confirm.


In using the phone, retrieving applications, or downloading new applications, there will be a large number of other electronic devices on your device. They cause the recall to fill up quickly but also slow miserable the computer. Nox Cleaner has the task of finding and eradicating these junk files for you, helping to free up memory, kind your phone brighter, and limit the use of lag.


The application is combined with modern anti-virus software. The device reading and websites or downloading applications causes an associated amount of viruses to the computer. If not handled in time, they will attack and snip your data. Though it is free software, the anti-virus feature of the application is not lower to any paid type.


Detect and restrict apps that heat the phone when it’s not needed. Applications that devour excessive battery resources or run in the background when not in use will root the phone to operate at more bulk than it should, stickiness the device and rapidly dropping battery life.

Nox Cleaner will augment the phone’s performance, focused phone resources for seriatim applications. This will save you important battery life and increase battery life. If you play games, gameplay will also be evener, thanks to these features.


Nowadays, to surge performance, many of your applications will send more recurrent notifications or advertisements. They are sometimes obliging and annoying, particularly when you need to concentrate when watching movies or playing games. They also make the phone memory fuller faster, even taking viruses to your computer.

Nox Cleaner assimilates modern software, helps to check and remove ads and notices that you do not want to see. At the same time, it will also study and group notifications collected, helping you find or clean them more speedily and optimally. This also makes your device softer and smoother.

Other features

Nox Cleaner is a versatile application. In addition to the above features, Nox Cleaner can also help you optimize/save battery power for your device. That is, Nox Cleaner will scan and check the battery consumption of the apps that you have used in the past time and turn them off. Concurrently, the app also suggests other battery-saving keys such as turn-on openness, turn-off background apps, etc…

In addition, you can also make other tasks such as blocking notifications, cool down CPU, connect VPN with Nox Cleaner.

Image management

Pictures are one of the key reasons your memory gets filled up so fast. So, if the device has too many “redundant” or similar photos, you can delete them to save memory.

Nox Cleaner supports double management. It will scan all the images on the stratagem, then divide them into consistent albums. From there, you can effortlessly see similar photos to delete.

What’s more in the Premium version of Nox Cleaner?

Nox Cleaner free version has limited geographies. For example, automatic housework, VPN. The Premium version will add these features. It costs $ 2 per month. You can renew by month or year. Some features of the Premium version:

  • Real-time protection when accessing the internet
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Remove ads
  • Reflex cleaning
  • VPN connection, change your IP address to network connection to many countries

MOD APK version of Nox Cleaner

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All paid features have been unlocked.

Download Nox Cleaner MOD APK for Android

Now, there are many cleaning apps like Nox Cleaner on Google Play. Yet, if you compare the capability to clean up junk and scan speed, Nox Help seems to be the champion. Therefore, this tool has customary the love and trust of tens of millions of users around the creation.

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