MacroDroid Mod Apk Pro Unlocked 

MacroDroid Mod Apk

If you are consuming some complicated operation that needs to be robotic on your mobile. So that the next time the device can do it yourself without you taking to remember. Then use a powerful macro creation app like MacroDroid MOD APK.

Macro is a tool that aids you a lot when you want to power some repetitive tasks. It hoards time, avoids errors, diminishes effort. And reduces cerebral stress due to having to recollect many things at the same time. To use instructions, you need to install.

MacroDroid Mod Apk

Overview of MacroDroid Mod Apk

Name: MacroDroid Mod Apk
Publisher: ArloSoft
Category: Tools
MOD Features: Pro Unlocked 

About MacroDroid Mod Apk

That is, assign a key and a command giving to the standard formula of that device. Which corresponds to the action you are trying to perform. From then on, when you need to use the act again. Just press the key gave to the macro and you’re done.

A macro can be a stand-alone command/operation or a sequence/cluster of diverse operations that work together to create a common drive.

If you are seeing to assign some of your preferred actions to your phone so that you don’t have to do all from scratch each time and can schedule these activities yourself, then you should use a influential macro creation app like MacroDroid.


What is MacroDroid?

MacroDroid is an app that organizes and automates tasks on phones and tablets. The superior feature of this app compared to other automation apps is its firmness, high level of memorization and the process at the above macro takings place very simply, without taking to spend too much time to study.

In addition, MacroDroid is also recognize as a macro app with flexible custom compatibility. With almost any macro, whether it’s a single or a program, you can modify it to your liking with a variety of selection elements. This is also one of the explanations MacroDroid was voted as one of the best, simple macro apps today.

What are the benefits MacroDroid brings for you?

MacroDroid permits users to perform more than 100 different actions that usually we have to remember and do physically. Many tasks need to be installed macros to make via the MacroDroid like automatically relocation new pictures to Facebook, turning on Wifi data assembly, robotically running or turning off the application, automatically replying to letters, toggle buttons source at a predetermined time.

Or you can use MacroDroid to routinely turn on Bluetooth, set the volume level, start playing music…

MacroDroid can also be used to achieve a series of actions at the same time to produce a certain use for the phone. For example, you can augment daily workflow by routinely turning on Bluetooth combined with Self-Reply to Messages.

Or when wanted, you also can reduce battery ingesting by dimming the screen, uniting all open applications, or turning off Wifi and Bluetooth. You can even more composite tasks help enhance care while traveling on the road like uniting Self-reading of notifications sent to the device, and mechanically sending feedback via email and SMS.

This app also can do some provision task organization for you by opening timer, inaugural stopwatch, checking and design completed tasks for the day, recurring reminders for important work signs.


The chief ability of the application is to permit the user to add macros to each linked application or tool on the device. That will completely variation how the databases work and give users more ideas for powering all the commonly used basic procedures. You can also visit our suggested Apps TikFans Mod Apk and Kaspersky Mod Apk.


Thanks to the wide support of the application, it converts easier to add macros to the linked happy as most of them are automated. Every day, the application will also enlarge its compatibility to bring users more pleasing discoveries about macros.


Besides the difficulties and uses of macros, the application’s border is convenient and unassuming for users to get used to quickly. All is elegantly and neatly intended, with various interface personalization selections to expand it to the next level.


Users can admission a built-in forum to learn more about the magnitude of macros for many requests. In addition to the forum, much other added content will have more material or useful talks to liven up the community’s eagerness.


While making macros, many actions are alienated into different options, and the user can clip each action after that, depending on what occurs. The customization is widespread, but the macro follows a positive direction and will robotically stop if the system does not identify it.


Macros can copy courses and use them on wholly different packages without any negative effects. Users can even create separate tasters and copy macros liable on the compatible application or game.

The optimization in MacroDroid done macros is innovative but needs users to have intensive usage skills. Their every action or connotation has exceptional results but possibilities to deliver truly flexible, superior, and unique practices thanks to macros.

MacroDroid delivers a total of more than 70 different macro assemblies, including location triggers (like GPS…), device status triggers (about battery level, an app on/off), sensor triggers (about vibrations, light levels, etc.), connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi, and notifications). Just select the agreeing driver, assign it to a delegate button, and you can switch to these auto manners quickly.

In adding, each small macro in MacroDroid can be customized with different binding modes rendering to each person’s needs. For example, you are at the company campus, but only want to connect to the company’s Wifi during the waged day. Or you can set specific macros by picking the day of the week, the specific time to do the macro.

MacroDroid provides a total of 50 types of bindings with a variety of images like battery level, connected devices, time limitations, date, number of macros per day, etc.

And to brand it even easier for users, MacroDroid also interacts and supports well with Tasker and Locale plugins. You can use them together to make best use of the benefit of this macro application.

Download MacroDroid APK & MOD for Android

Get rid of all the monotonous stuff, put it all in the device memory, and let MacroDroid routinely do it according to the fixed schedule for you. With just a few modest basic steps, MacroDroid will make your life cooler.

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