MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk

For those who love Marvel cartoons, we can consider Marvel Puzzle Quest mod apk as an motivating casual game. The game does not place heavy interesting pressure but is comforting. Players can involvement the rhombus stacking screen, which is interesting and fun.

Lately, after a period of announcement on mobile, Marvel Puzzle Quest has formally been carried to PC on the Steam platform. Still taking the diamond-folding gameplay like the familiar Festooned game series. But in Marvel Puzzle Quest, the role-playing element has been comprised.

In terms of our viewpoint, we can quickly realize that Marvel Puzzle Quest is similar to the well-known game Puzzle & Dragons when the same game is based on a diamond puzzle mutual with role-playing. Though, if in Puzzle & Dragons, players will trainee monsters to their squad, then to Marvel Puzzle Quest, gamers will be enlisted superheroes in Marvel comics to their group.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk

Overview of MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk

Name;MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk
Category;Role Playing
Developer;D3 Go!
Mod Features;Unlimited Money

About MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk

Norman Osborn is named US security officer after playing a key role in the covert Skrull attack. Despite the facade, Osborn remains a psychopathic criminal, making the original Avengers to act in the glooms. He took benefit of the opportunity to put composed a team of supervillains who are made-up to defend their motherland. Thus, following the abandoned banquet of ISO-8, the superhero communal interferes to regain switch of the situation.

Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS is an academic puzzle game in the conversant match-three style. Finished these intelligent screens, players will facility the superhero squad to fight in epic fantasy combats.

Marvel Puzzle Quest has a gameplay similar to Boost Beat, Kill Me Again: Infectors, or Toon Squad when combining diamond similar games with exciting combat role-playing screens. With all mixture of three or more rhombuses of the same color into a horizontal row or perpendicular column, the player will create authoritative combos to attack the enemy-based battles. When the well-being bar of each affiliate of the enemy team reaches 0, you will be the victor.

Besides the stimulating mixture of game genres that do not appear to fit together, Marvel Puzzle Quest also appeals players by the charm system. These are crusaders pending out of Marvel funnies and famous sci-fi movies such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, and Captain America. In the game, they will display you knowledge your favorite Marvel fonts in stunning combat RPGs, join online PVP competitions, and form alliances. It’s time to rouse the power of your superhero and join the fight to defend the morality!

Interesting Gameplay

The match in Marvel Puzzle Quest receipts place in 3vs3 teams, where the player selects three superheroes in their team to fight. In the match, with each positive diamond stacking, players will change into damage attacks that attack adversaries.

As we can see in the game, there are six rhombuses obtainable on the board, and the player will try to type a row of three diamonds of the same color (or more) to form the bout. The superior thing is that for each superhero, players will also be able to trigger the hero’s attack skill when corresponding the correct diamond type of that charm.

For example, Hawkeye, when the player properly sets the color of rhombuses, the champion will cast the skill “Take Aim”, which makes the dose double the damage. In one turn, there will only be one champion going to battle. And to augment the quantity of damage, players will try to perform combos or correct competitions of the equilateral that superhero uses to trigger the special skill.

The role-playing factor is revealed when the amount of damage dealt is based on the hero’s forte AND the number of combos taken. The highlight of Marvel Puzzle Quest comes from the fact that each superhero has its special times, depending on those champions.

Special Features

Command Points

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, companies will use the knowledge point to earn Legendary content cartons and upgrade the power of the five-star appeal. When you own a command point, it will look next to the hero and ISO-8 points. You can earn facility points such as.

  • – In the main quest prize of the Story series according to the storyline.
  • – Substitute rewards in Story and versus events.
  • – In daily rewards.

The storyline series of proceedings includes single-player fights and Marvel Puzzle Quest’s plot-based fights. These matches all contain the Marvel superhero group. In contrast, the fighting tournaments are part of a series of proceedings created by the producer. It includes fights with actual players and online forms.

Health Pack

Health Pack lets players to heal or restore their charm’s strength after each battle. Each player will jerk with five Health Packs. During gameplay, extra power packs will regenerate to continuously reach a maximum of five. You can also earn Fitness Packs as quest rewards or purchase with actual cash. Some other apps you will like are SINoALICE Mod Apk and Revived Witch Mod Apk.


The association feature allows Marvel Puzzle Quest players to syndicate with friends or real gamers to form a team. Associated groups will battle each other for special plunders. You can also chat with coalition members through a battle to talk tactics. Note, each coalition needs at least one leader.

Form of Team Fighting

The Team-Up feature lets players to use heroes in fights that are not on your team. This gameplay creates suppleness in strategy by allowing players to select Marvel characters to support battle.

Deadpool Point

It’s a singular chapter of the story mode that looks dissimilar every day. In these assignments, it is possible to get rewards such as ISO-8 and covers to upgrade your fonts to two stars or higher. Also, by opposite the various opponents present within these challenges, it is likely to get through the “Tacos” tokens, 1000 hero points, or the rare cover of Deadpool, a charm that presents the daily test.

Civil Wars Special Content

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Civil War is a movie version of a movie that is powerful in cinemas all over the world with the temperature. The Civil War is powerful at the box office and generating a stout fever in the film fan public around the globe. Lengthways with that effect, mobile game fans will also spectator the launch of the Captain America label update famous for the gratified and illogicalities from the current Civil War story.

We suppose the Civil War to be released soon. After it has revealed the film for a while, it opens up a nervous battle space where players can take between Iron Man Tam and Captain America Team and linger to take part in the battle of memorable heroes.

Final Words

If you also like Candy Crush or Bejeweled games, then you’ll love Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK too. Each time you move the icons so that it appearances them up in a conventional line or diagonal, your character will attack, and unusual rows will also create special attacks.

Owning quality 3D graphics, funny background music with accurate sound, particularly a new grouping of match-three puzzle games with action role-playing genre, Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK will lead folks to enter a unique superhero world with fiery fights. The minus point of the game lies in the luxurious IAP packages and the gratified download for a long time, and it is also problematic to criticize this stimulating protector game.

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