Forward Assault MOD APK + Mega Menu

Forward Assault MOD APK

In Forward Assault Mod APK the head of a swat squad and make to take down murders, terrorists, and worldwide crooks. Excellent visuals and deed shooting gameplay. As you all know, mobile games are gradually developing, which can be called the future of the gaming world. All kinds of crammed types appear on this handy podium, of course, in which shooting is crucial. And it even reaches a new level with the multiplayer mode, aka Team Deathmatch, which is like shooter games on PC. That means you can take sides: side with the police against the gang, or become an outlaw criminal beside the world.

Forward Assault MOD APK

Overview of Forward Assault MOD APK

Name:Forward Assault MOD APK
Developer:Blayze Games
MOD Features:Mega Menu

About Forward Assault MOD APK

Forward Assault will be an outstanding playground for players with friends finished bustling, fierce, and passionate battlegrounds. It also uses a perfect 3D engine to submerge players in the most fun and high-paced shooting of the FPS for the mobile genre. Furthermore, it uninterruptedly organizes many modes and hot events, allowing everyone to receive numerous great plunders and have fun with everyone.

Forward Assault is absolutely different from most FPS games today as it offers a fast-paced sense, exciting battles, and lots of excitement for players to enjoy. It also makes many game modes, various weapons, and many extensive maps to enhance the pace and air of each match. Not stopping there, the control mechanisms and support systems are also delicate and distinguished for the most comfortable knowledge for players.



The variety of game styles is also a highlight that this game boasts, as their gratified is constantly changing to spread the gameplay. Many game modes also have players fighting countless disgraces or strange matters in addition to standoffs with real players. But, the exclusive rewards from the game modes are both imposing and generous, always fascinating many players and raising its enthusiasm meaningfully.


Forward Assault’s control apparatus and support systems potential players new FPS sensations that few games have. That also helps to free up jobless operations and mixes many advanced features to give players absolute flexibility no matter what situation they are in. The switch system also has a wide range of customization for people observing for top-notch comfort.


Weapons have continuously been an important factor in decisive the greatness of an FPS game, and in this game, all is perfect and in absolute balance. No matter what armament the player uses, ranging from a pistol, SMG, AR, sniper, etc., they all have a balance based on their role. Also, players can comfortably create many dissimilar load-outs when combining weapons with gear for the best effect.


The modest mode will adopt a expert ranking system, and Forward Assault wants everyone to be thoughtful and do their best in these matches. Since players now have always to face pros or experts, the rewards or walking of the game is intensely changed. As players reach higher ranks, it will grant new plunders and establishments to open up new potentials for their careers.

Rare realistic shooting mechanics

Forward Assault has an tremendously complex and accurate gun working mechanism. Each gun is carefully 3D depicted from every angle, when field it in the hand, you can feel its heaviness. Each time the trigger is pulled, the barrel recoils, the gun butt is raised slightly, producing the character’s hand to have a certain recoil consistent to each type of gun. It is the feeling of recoil from the hands due to the impact of the gun when shooting, not the effect of raising the barrel to simulate the recoil mode like many other FPS games. To be truthful, up to this point, although I have played quite a few shooting games, few games can fake real physics like this.

The number of arms in Forward Assault also impressed me. From the AK-47 to the Desert Eagle, from the M4 to the Vector, each gun derives with its own ammo, each gun is different in bullets and firepower. Along with the real sensation of holding the gun in your hand, no matter how difficult it is, you must also identify that Forward Assault is both highly stimulating and suitable to control.


The great thing is that the game constantly emphasizes connecting and contributing in battles with friends so that players can form a team of up to 5 people for any of the modes. Liable on the selected game modes, the bootees for playing with the party will be significantly increased. Meanwhile, the game supports many suitable communication features, such as radio, voice chat, and ping, so each team’s combat presentation is superior and more professional. Also Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD APK, Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Mod Apk.

Forward Assault trusts heavily on its advanced game modes to entertain players, and its reward system is also generous. Best of all, it stresses fighting with friends, so many events, doings, and missions revolve around the teamwork factor or sheer fun in a platoon.

Graphics and sound

Forward Assault uses Unity 3D visuals engine, so the drive of both characters, enemies, bullets, and recoil of weapons is very well. The 3D scene in Forward Assault is not too complex and full of risks like in a PC shooter, but in return, the scene is well handled, the colors are sensible, making the feeling so real. You can sit and play for a long time without feeling tired and tired. Not to mention each level will have a completely diverse scene, the continuously changing sense of challenge also makes the game more thrilling.

Forward Assault MOD APK (Mega Menu, Map Hack) Download

In short, Forward Assault is an online FPS game that is very price playing. The game’s realism, physics imitation, sound, and attractive shooting mechanism will surely astonishment you. You are now ready to download Forward Assault MOD APK for free. Here are selected notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions sensibly for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is now blocked for abuse details.

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