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Now, with the accomplished hardware of today’s Android devices, you are now able to play PSP games right on your smartphone using emulator apps. And dialogue of which, what could be more effective than the PPSSPP Gold MOD APK. Find out all about the app with our review.

Right when it is released, the PSP has previously had the makings to become the world’s best handheld device. And to be fair, it has lived up to our expectations and became a grave contender of Nintendo’s new DS device. With hundreds of AAA titles and thousands more of indie games, the PSP has stayed a huge success for SONY. Contributing to their domination in both handheld and comfort gaming along with the PS2 and PS3. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.


Overview of PPSSPP Gold MOD APK

Developer:Henrik Rydgård
MOD Features:Paid Features Unlocked


As you could’ve predicted, the app is designed for emulating PSP games so that players can now enjoy them on their smartphones. In facts, the designers had done an outstanding job by giving us a powerful emulator that could utilize the hardware capability of Android devices. You’ll hardly sign any differences between PSP games on PPSSPP and PSP games on the handheld itself.

The only thing that a touch canopy couldn’t mimic is probably the physical buttons. However, on the touch screen, you can effortlessly customize the key’s positions and sizes to suit your hands. On top of that, you can also link to an external gamepad, which significantly augments your in-game involvements.


Since the PSP hardware is fairly advanced even for its time, your Android strategies need to have decent hardware to be able to run certain games fluently. That existence said, you need to make sure that the game is supported on the PPSSPP, and you must must the hardware ability to run the app. However, with more and more powerful Android phones being out as well as the frequent updates in-game support from Henrik Rydgård – our developer, soon adequate, you’ll be able to play all games with little effort.

Awesome features

Easy to use

Like any other emulator, all you necessity to do is download the ISO or CSO file of the game to your storage to start playing the game. Make a folder for your PSP games, cutting the game files on it and load the game using your PPSSPP app.

In additions, to help to increase your in-game involvements, you can also gain easy entree to the different settings, which we’ll be talking later on. Though you might find them tough to understand, there are now many guides on the Internet showing you how to correct the settings for the best skills.

Fast and stable

Linking to most emulator before it, the PPSSPP is certainly the best of all. It delivers stable and flat gameplay with high fps, strong sound quality, as well as humble touch control. In truths, most of the PSP emulator that came after the release of PPSSPP mimic most of its codes and procedures. Hence, if you poverty to knowledge the best version, it’s PPSSPP Gold that you should look for.

Different settings for performance and quality

Although most games would run perfectly in PPSSPP, particularly with the currently capable hardware, you can still select to adjust the settings for a more filling knowledge. And inside the setting panel, you’ll find dozens of dissimilar options for enhancing the performance or quality of the game. Contingent on your current devices, you can choose the textbook setting to balance the factors. This allows for every Android user to be able to enjoy their favorite PSP games, regardless of their hardware abilities.

More games are getting supported

Since greatest games are built with different engines and using different methods, not all games would effort on the emulator no matter how influential your devices are. Still, with the recurrent updates from the designer, more and more games are being supported. Henceforth, you can expect to play more PSP games on your Android devices in the future. You can also visit our suggested Apps AppLock MOD APK, ExpressVPN MOD APK and Oxygen Updater MOD APK.

Free to use

Even with the free version of PPSSPP, players have previously gained full admission to its features. The only variance between the free and paid ones is that, in PPSSPP gold, you can knowledge no-ads gameplay. Hereafter, you won’t be troubled by ads when playing games with your devices. While on the other pointer, players who use the free version must apply their times watching ads. Although the ads won’t appear when you’re in the game, it would still be worrying every time you famine to make a save by going to the setting panel.

Enjoy ad-free experiences with our PPSSPP Gold

Here at our website, Android users can experiences an ad-free knowledge with our own app. Just access our download site and look for the PPSSPP Gold APKfile. Download and install it on your Android devices to start enjoying unlimited PSP games.

Download PPSSPP Gold latest Android APK

With fast and even gameplay on most PSP games, the emulator has done a great job taking the legendary handheld to the Android stand. If you’re a PSP gamer, odds are that you’ll love this app.

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