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Fap Ceo is a game hurled by the publisher Nutaku with tens of loads of hits.
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Fap Ceo is a game hurled by the publisher Nutaku with tens of loads of hits. The game was free to users on the 16+ game platform, with adult basics based on an office management game. There, you will be the handling director of a company, all staff is lovely and attractive girls. You hire them to work for your concern and have romantic dates with them. Do not waver anymore, download this game and discover with us around Fap CEO Mod Apk today.

Fap Ceo Mod Apk

Overview of Fap Ceo Mod Apk

Developer: Nutaku
Mod Features: MOD Money and Life

About Fap CEO

The game is made on a story about office running, here you are the landlord of a company. To grow your company, you will right hire employees to work for you. While it sounds boring, this game brings novelty when the movies used make players very eager. As a game fake on the mobile podium, it takes you into the usual trade. Here, players will do all the work of a lead to develop the firm.


The Fap CEO mod apk is available for free on the internet. You just essential to download the apk file from the Zynga or Facebook official websites and you will be able to enjoy the Fap sorts of the game. The Fap CEO also has a communal media mixing, which enables you to share your game growth with your friends simply. It is easy to download and install and works fine on both pills and smartphones. As the Fap CEO has a free and unlimited mode, you don’t have to worry about disbursing anything once you jerk playing the ready.


If you buying Fap CEO mod apk download, then you will obtain an email from them covering info on how to install the game on your robot device. You will also receive detailed instructions and tips on how to get underway with Fap. Once you install the map eye on your smartphone or tablet and log into your version, you will be routinely sent back to the homepage. Now it is your duty to earn money by attractive in different strategies and systems. The Fap CEO screen is alienated into several units namely, Drives, Fap Tutorials, Fap Mechanics, Fap Games and Fap Tests.

Chic play

In overall, this game is not too hard, because the goal is just acting. Therefore, its gameplay is like to most of the model games of the same type that Nutaku launched on the market. With two bare hands, players will have to start from the smallest things such as drafting employees, handling, transfer jobs to them. As extended as the girls are beautiful plenty, they can all join your business. Their job is to make video chats with customers when they ask for them. Trainee beautiful girls to make your business more lucrative.

With the aid of the beautiful and able Amber assistant, you won’t have to do everything alone. Pay care to upgrading your workers to make them look more gorgeous. You can use the money you obtain to expand the size of the business, maybe you will become an underground tycoon in this game.


Firstly, you will have an employee named Tawny, but she is only the one to care you in the initial effort, not doing video talk. Therefore, you and her will together employee more girls to join your firm. With the faces of the company, the range is not too difficult, but it is vital because it controls the profit you become.

Fap CEO stretches players hundreds of choices with hot girls. But they all need troupes to unlock through dissimilar levels of play. With each fruitful unlock, you will get girls with diverse looks. Earning money when you exodus the game is also an benefit because it helps players fast unlock the company’s collection of splendors.

Talk with girls

It’s countless that you are the owner of the most lovely girls, isn’t it? You can discuss business with them secretly, and there’s no guarantee that these chats won’t go any further. You can have an open dialog with them, and they’ll send you hot pictures. Give them gifts to please them if you famine to start a connection at your company. Your date toying will be much more exciting when you are known by many girls. Then, in addition to dealing your company, work stiff to chat with them to lessen. Some other apps you will like are Fate Grand Order Mod Apk and Evertale Mod Apk.


This game carries you many acmes and constant novelty. With the revenue made, you can refurbish the firm, even buy a new structure to work in. In addition, you can hire more employees to make more proceeds, or upgrade old employees by buying them new getups. One of the tips to help you surge your sales knowingly is to use boosters for a short time. These can help you solve girls, equip gear, or get rewards to give to your favorite girls. With each level, you will skill something new and stirring. Therefore, try to reach the highest level to become a rich tycoon with the most attractive womanly employees.


The producer Nutaku has been famous in the souk when they released games with the most unique graphics. The game’s unpaid feature is the striking anime-style graphics platform. Besides girls, the twin of the girls is visually fair with sweet but no less hot beauty. With 2D graphics, the become attracted from the first second when you see and hear a soothing voice song.

The complete of the game is also focused a lot to bring empathy to users for this game. With the game stage of the Japanese publisher, Fap Ceo has really brought wonderful graphics.


Hopefully, the above gen about Fap CEO will help players get the right view of it. The game is a game model to create pleasure for anyone who wants to rest and relax. Your job is simply to download this charming game platform to your maneuver and enjoy it right currently. Thanks for visiting maxdroid!

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