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Wings of Steel is an action-packed World War II air combat flight simulator. Combining beautiful 3D graphics, realistic physics, diverse and engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls optimized for mobile devices.
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October 5, 2021
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Nowadays, with the great growth development of  technology 4.0, the demand for acting of people is increasing, and leading to many attractive types of entertainment being born. Beside, the Game industry is also a type of entertainment that attracts a large number of people, expressly young people. We are just partaking a smartphone or ipad connected to the Internet is users can use it anytime and anywhere.

Wings of Steel Mod Apk

Memorizing as a child, at that time, each person  perhaps also experienced the moment of earshot the hum of  the airplane flying in the sky at low altitude, or tilting  cranium up to the sky to tire a neck, since  wanted to see the plane and the two white burns formed a long trail like two long parallel strips of white clouds walking calm in the blue sky, and also longed , imagining of being a ” pilot ” one day to fly freedom in the vast sky. 

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Overview of Wings of Steel Mod Apk

Developer: Illusion Magic Studio
MOD Features:Mod Money/Gold


Besides, assuredly everyone has played and skilled many rich operation games, feigning battles, hunting with means, gear and weapons from primitive, melee combat such as; crowbar, machete, sickle, pan,  Flail, Bow and arrow, ..etc.. until  the latest gear that can fight at further range such as: Shooter, Assault rifles, Machine gun, Bomb, Mine , Tank, etc, but with Game  Wings of Steel, players will knowledge a pretty attractive gameplay, it’s far dissimilar from previous games, instead aggressive each other on the ground, Wings of Steel will be aggressive in the sky , in other words, that is game “shoots the plane”.



Players will be ingoing a simulated world of Wings of Steel, where the battles will be re-forms to look like the Second World War. Aircraft or ship weapons will be design in whole detail, and players will contribute to victory when finishing the mission’s requirements of defeating the enemies. At the equal time, any player can ultimately admission the gameplay of this game.

You will control the fighter with different buttons like a speed boost, an attack button, and many more. The speed-up button will help you upsurge the speed of the plane and help it fly advanced. At the same time, you won’t have to concern about moving left or right since you can easily tilt the shade in the direction you want to control the flight way. In addition, you can also easily control your view from a third or first-person viewpoint to change your experience.


Once you see the controls of Wings of Steel, then you will inaugurate to experience the mission consistent to the game modes. The gameplay is divides into three modes: movement, free flight, and survival, and each offers a unique knowledge that you cannot ignore. In the movement, you will fly your plane, perform different assignments in the game, and try not to let your aircraft be destroyed.

Campaign foods range from getting use to the controls to shooting down different types of enemies. You can use your plane and destroy the enemy warships, so you will approach it carefully and leave right after. After you feel self-assured in your skills, you can knowledge survival mode where enemies will unceasingly seem that you will need to take depressed.

This mode will have numerous waves, and each wave will have some enemies appear for you to overthrow, and you will try to survive as long as conceivable. At the same time, the location of the enemy will be showes, and you can easily find them over the HUD. If you want to sightsee the vast sky with your newly acquired plane, then you will choose the free flight mode. You can take off, fly to many unlike places, and then land fittingly with various operations.


Once you have accrued a certain amount of money finished the Wings of Steel modes, you can buy as many dissimilar aircraft types as you want. They all have various pointers that you can reflect to choose the right one that you want. But one opinion that players will notice when using their currency to buy an aircraft is the advent of delivery time. You can use gold to hurry up it, and you can use it after.

Sceneries for about game

Wings of Steel is a very stimulating and dramatic action the game, get set up and simulated the air combat flight of World War II battlegrounds, it’s quite similar to many types of games that have free before. However,  with the mixture of beautiful 3D graphics, realistic physics, diverse and appealing gameplay, and intuitive in-game controls augmented for mobile devices, this is a game new, dramatic and gorgeous aerial war for your smart phone  ^ ^

Wings of Steel game is industrialized by Illusion Magic Studio, players can download this game for free on CH Play, players can be certain of no charge when downloading the game, yet , is that this game is not suitable for children under 7 years old !.

Task and Rule

Wings of Steel is an aggressive  game action, players will play the role of “air force soldiers” or “pilots” to participate and wide-ranging combat missions, players will have the chance to control and use a series of combat features on their own planes to bombard with opponent aircraftWith a variety of aircraft designed differently and different missions, with small, light aircraft and using appliance guns, or larger aircraft, with strong weapons to sink bom, mines, and destroy the ememy aircraft.

Especially,  is more unusual is that the weapons are well-design, well-equip, the more progressive they are when the players upgrade  and the more beautiful the war of bombing the plane.

Graphics- Sound

The game with uniting beautiful 3D graphics, vast sky landscape, clear day and night effects, royal battlefield layout, vivid game sound with aircraft engine sounds and consume sound of bombs, mines. In totaling, the image of the aircraft being shooter by the opponent is break making the player touch as if their screen of smart phone is life crack. Just like you are entering The World War II in human history.

Game features

  • Detailed and correct The World War II,  planes, ships and vehicles from both the Allies and the Axis.
  • Vast and gorgeous environs with weather and time-of-day variation.
  • Wide selection of playable planes and weapons each with unique and upgradable faces.
  • Diverse and exciting missions including carrier quay, dogfight, dive bombing, torpedo blasting, escort, and much more.
  • Innovative flight physics tuned to be both realistic and fun.
  • Intuitive reins optimized for mobile devices.
  • Filmic Replay Mode let you relive the glory or scan what went wrong after every mission.
  • Small download size  ( <75MB ) and performance efficient. Runs very smooth at 60fps  on average devices.


And now, to skill flying a plane, performing attractive flying streaks, aerobatics and landing securely your way, don’t hesitate to download the game Wings of Steel your phone.

Wishing everybody an interesting and stirring experience when joining in playing Wing of Strengthen !!!.

What's new

Version 0.3.3
- Added Ki-43 Hayabusa.



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