Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK

Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK

Get ready to knowledge the amazing FPS action game, and whole many amazing missions in “Real Commando Secret Mission” – one of the exciting shooting games on mobile! Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK is industrialized by GAMEXIS, and is an exciting fps action game. The game has high-quality 3D graphics, and an appealing storyline. This game possibilities plenty of great action times. The game offers a great action knowledge, and will income you to a whole level of shooting fun.

Real Commando Secret Mission agrees players to play as a underground commando, and perform difficult works to destroy the opponent. You are a strong soldier, and you have to help the country by destroying adversaries. Players need to become a very brave and skilled soldiers to complete tough sniper tasks. The game offers countless strategic missions, and you need to master shooting skills to develop a survivor.

Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK

Overview of Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK

Name:Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK
MOD Features:Mod Money

About Real Commando Secret Missions MOD APK

Real Commando Secret Mission has all the morals of an FPS action game. The game capacities to bring the best action scenes. You will comprehensive the sniper assignments, everything goes offline at no limit. If you like offline shooting action games, then Real Commando Secret Mission is the correct choice. The game offers shooting fun, and lots of deed fun. Try to whole all the missions to become the number one commando.

The game has addictive gameplay. Players use many modern arms in a fierce fight. The game will make your free time more pleasurable than ever. You have to be a robust commando, try to win on the fierce battleground of action, and shoot enemy soldiers in rough tasks. The game has many rewards over other similar shooting genres. Specifically, the game bids a diversity of weapons, and a variety of influential guns.


Participate in impressive gun battles

When you start Real Commando Secret Mission, you will pick the suitable game style to experience the gun battles as your wish. Each of them carries a particular fun and task, so you can alteration the knowledge if you feel bored. At the same time, this is an FPS game, so it continuously needs the player’s control times when your enemy will become stronger and can rout you in a single shot.

You will control the charm with diverse control buttons, and subsequently each level, you will growth your control aptitude and have specific reactions to fight opponents unexpectedly. An stimulating point that players will love is that they will always have the chance to practice their skills and have admission to the diverse weapons in the game. So they can find the armament they feel is right and continue to overwhelmed the many challenges this game has to offer.

Experience many different game modes

The game styles in Real Commando Secret Mission are often alienated into two main gameplay, where you will partake in assault/sniper mode levels and join other players in multiplayer mode. The gameplay of assault/sniper mode is utterly comprehensible as you will distinguish the goal of the whole equal and go into it to whole it with the weapon previously prepared. Of course, there will usually be AI-controlled adversaries in front of your eyes, and they will opinion in a specific area. Also download Clone Armies MOD APK.

An stimulating point when you knowledge this mode is that you will pilot the enemies confidential a large environment. You will see red arrows pointing in different orders. So you need to follow these arrows and if you see an opponent, take them down quickly to avoid blood loss. The appeal’s health bar is intended in the form of a human situated on the right side of the screen and derives with a percentage so you can remove if you lose too much health.

Unlock various weapons

Once you need the skill after finishing the missions that assault/sniper mode gives you, you will continue to go to multiplayer. Multiplayer will need a level involving team deathmatch, and the understandable goal is to try to broad the level through coordination with co-players and against adversaries. You and your teammates will try to take down as many enemies as conceivable and get more points than the other side in a quantified amount of time.

Once you’ve knowledgeable an FPS game like Real Commando Secret Mission, you’ll be absorbed in the types of guns you can involvement. There are different kinds of guns that you can use and find in this game. At the identical time, in some modes, you can even pick up weapons dropped on the field to continue working if it suits the present situation. So you can use various arms in a match.

Incredible Graphics all designed in Highly Appealing Visuals

There is not fun playing such kind of games in 2D. So taking mind-blowing 3D pictures is the least that the developers could do here.

The color tone is happy, but changes with the change in the section. Night works will be dark, and most of the junk couldn’t be seen clearly.

One adverse point in this game is that you might find it difficult to aim precisely. Due to low FPS, the scrolling of your gun and targeting might prove to be a big annoyance. This could even lead to uninstalling the game.

Cartoons are pretty rough at some times, which again force make you lose your attention in it. Otherwise, the music and sounds are fantastic and somewhat truthful.

MOD APK Features

Some more stimulating features of Real Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games MOD APK free download embrace:

  • Dumb enemy
  • No ads


If you are observing for a new first-person-shooting game, then you can give Real Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games MOD APK latest version a try. Best for users viewing to shoot down some publics (in-game) just for fun. Download now!

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