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✈️Modern Warplanes transfers you to the world of modern supersonic jet fighters of leading air forces.
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October 13, 2021
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Modern Warplanes MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) is a very gorgeous fighter action game of Cube Software.

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk 

This is a variety new fighter game and gives the feeling that has not been in prior games with the same theme.

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Overview of Modern Warplanes Mod Apk

Name: Modern Warplanes Mod Apk
Category: Action
MOD Features:  Unlimited Ammo

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Shrill graphics, vast battlefields, top-notch battles and thrilling episodes, this game potentials to bring you unforgettable involvements.

Ignore trivial fights on the ground when you’re about to enter a whole new world of aircraft and slowly become aware of the greatness of aerial combat. Unlike Infinite Flight with a calm and gentle feeling on the even, Modern Warplanes brings a sense of tension in each of the action parts with deadly pacing.

However, the stress does not make you uncomfortable but on the different, it is really very addictive. No longer a pilot who loves countryside, now you are an air soldier who always wants to win and switch the sky.


This game transports you to a new world, in which there are numerous modern warplanes and hypersonic jet fighters. When joining in the game, you will have the chance to play with millions of other folks from different countries worldwide.

The player’s task is to fight all of your line of hunt planes and interceptors to realize the ultimate air domination goal. There are two game modes that you can choose from to absorb in combat, the single bingo campaign and the multiplayer operation. Each campaign will comprise different missions as well as survival.

You take off your aircraft from the aircraft carrier to find the squadrons and engage in strong battles. As the chief, you must do your job well by dispersion your wings, despite the war’s roaring deafening pressure.


One of the greatest protuberant features of the application to mention is the superiority of the graphics. Beautiful is the most accurate adjective that can be used to describe. Because it creates a 3D model with the images of military jets like in realism, making the player extremely eager.

Second, the multiplayer manner is also a great feature of the game. It helps players easily fight beside other pilots around the world, whether from the US or Germany, Russia, … Too, the game also offers players many jets and fighters for players to choose from and relish. There are 37 types of fighters – capable of stunts like a stellar spaceship.

Concurrently, there are more than 40 different collections that can be used to equip your aircraft in battle, from pawns to gleams and machine guns. All will give you a chance to fight and win in aerial fights. Lastly, it supports both online and offline modes for players to choose from, generous players the convenience of a full series of bingo campaigns, survival, and blissful and secretive battles.


In this imitation game, the player will have full switch over his jet by regulatory the speed accordingly; Use rockets, guns, and flares at the true time at the right place. You’ll have a chance to become a war winner finished your ultimate landing and takeoff handling.

Liable on the different game modes and the actual maps, you can modify your plane to suit, for example, how to move in the snow, … It is the strategy and the plan that you set off.If you want to match with your friends, you can choose to fight as a team or create your own game.

You can also choose the deathmatch or the lottery fight if you like. To make your aircraft imposing, you can freely adjust its arrival so that it is stylish. In short, this game will be apposite for those who love speed, love elevations, and love shooting, plus a little more war gore. You will conquer and lead the air force if you certainly love it!

The brave air soldier

Elsewhere the usual simulation games, Modern Warplanes is a perfect invention for smart and brave players where you alter into a true air soldier. Therefore, you must be sure of controlling the aircraft or fighters ably.

Do not exclude handling in the worst situations to keep your safety. The battlefield is a big task with many types of harsh weather such as fog, volley or glare of the Sun, …

Yet, not only a talented pilot, but you must also be a true aerial slayer. The top battle in the air is always a challenge that wants players to have the elasticity to both protect themselves and conquest the enemy.

That is only available in the heroic and intelligent soldier. For some new players, Modern Warplanes can make it tough to control everything. Do not worry! With Drill mode, all problems will be cracked if you practice hard.


Also the Training mode, Modern Warplanes also offers a variety of modes with great challenges and very attractive. Of progression, you have to be good at regulatory the airplane.

Once you have the helps needed of an air soldier, it’s time to task yourself through the series of top-notch battles of Modern Warplanes. Online mode, where series of harsh planes when you have to oppose online players in PvP matches. Online – TDM is a team game mode, including team fighting and team spirit.

And the Survival mode, “the battlefield of life and death”. Only cleverness and courage can help you survive and become the top 1 soldier in the sky.

Upgrade aircraft

With every game mode, you will take rewards when winning. Record are gold and upgrades for the aircraft. The most respected reward is positively a great feeling when shooting down foe aircraft. However, gold coins will also take great benefits.

With the change you earn, you can equip yourself with unconventional and powerful weapons. The most stimulating point is that nearly 30 types of fighters are simulated in the most truthful way such as BlackBird, Falcon, Boeing or NightHawk.

Comes with a range of other armaments such as missiles, machine guns or flares, … You can also upgrade your aircraft with singular functions to efficiently in battles.


For me, the graphics of Modern Warplanes are the best in the smooth game ever. From small details like the climate to every detail in the game, all are accurately cared for and always upgraded. Thereby, this game gives troupes the most realistic and vivid feeling. Each battle in the game is a charming action movie like Hollywood.

Download Modern Warplanes APK & MOD for Android

Compared to the prior aircraft simulation game such as Countless Flight or Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D, Modern Warplanes is a invention that brings a new breeze to the action games on the smartphone. If you are fervent about airplanes and like to fly in the sky, this game is a excessive optimal for you.

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