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Online FPS game of a new era of PVP gaming and innovative warfare experience.
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The best FPS shooter of the year is here. Modern Combat Versus MOD APK is an heroic FPS shooting game from the famed Gameloft SE publisher. Let’s see why this game is an epic masterwork.

You will play as a greedy under the contract of either force. Here, there is no frontier between right and mistaken, your only task is to bloc with your co-players to fight. The whole game is about shooting like crazy, prompt, and freely. Every undertaking of the character and the setting duty be said to be truly wonderful.

Overview of Modern Combat Versus Apk

Name:Modern Combat Versus Mod Apk
Publisher:Gameloft Se
MOD Features:Wall Hack, Green Chams, Rainbow Chams, Wireframe Yellow, Wireframe Purple 

About Modern Combat Versus Apk

The gunfights in Modern Combat Versus take place in a innovative fantasy setting. When the Earth has been sternly damaged by ecological smog and humans are regularly perishing. During this fatigue, it has arose the two greatest forces in the World.

KORP is a powerful corporation that works the entire humans by edifice a series of “confinement” systems done the cities to limit people in the separate heaven before the catastrophic obliteration of the Earth.

In hostility is the OCTO, a battle force trying to guerrilla to overthrow the despotism and selfish despotism of KORP and bring back fresh air to humanity.

What does Modern Combat Versus have?

Modern Combat Versus is an online first-person shooter with the peak level of asset today. Moreover, this is a completely free-to-play game.

There are 21 Agents to role-play and go to one of four main appeal classes: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist. Attacker specializes in attack, speedy speed, very strong damage. Wardens can support captains very well, helping to reduce victims, restore health and defend the rear.

The Slayers can kill the enemy nearly just by a few shots but in talk, they have less health than others. The Expert has many different abilities including sole skills and powerful arms, so they can be flexible in each situation very fine.


Winning each clash will help you unlock new types. Each Agent unlocked based on the number of ideas collected later. Can be customized weapons, skins, and icons. During the clash, to deploy special capabilities for the character. You will requirement to have Core Cares, which are amassed throughout the game.

At the elite equal, you will have 10 different Core Cares that can be used at the same time. Note that each superior ability will need a different number of Core Cares, so it should be careful to be used suitably.

Your key task in the game is to fight as a team with 3 online colleagues. There are also 4 players on the differing side. This 4vs4 battle will take place in different parts, and whichever side downfalls the adversary faster will effectively control that area, design their milestone on the map.

Talking of maps, it must be added that in Modern Combat Versus, you will must a total of 5 extremely wide maps named Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, Slums, Apex. In both map, there are many other enormously thrilling small play scenes.

As I whispered at the start, this shooter game can be christened a masterpiece. Though each division in each map has the common features of that map, it constantly has a constant alteration in every corner, making the battle division attractive to every millimeter.



To make a big alteration in both gameplay and form, the producer had to offer a series of new features on handling to help players play as easily as likely. For example, there is no longer a dot on the enemies like before, now you just need to grip your hand to shoot, it’s very shrewd and opportune. You can also visit our suggested Apps Grim Soul Mod Apk and WWE Champions Mod Apk.

Exactly, the operations in Modern Combat Versus are calculated so that players can deploy very quickly without having to recall or think once they are a bit accustomed. Left key to move the charm, if you want to run fast, hold in a fixed track.

The keys on the right are for detecting and aiming over the double-tap action. Particularly, the superior skills can be used with the switch in the bottom center of the screen.

Graphics and sound

All possessions, lighting, shadows, textures, anti-aliasing are precisely made in every detail, showing up very loyally and smoothly. The screen is very airy, no lengthier showing the blood announcement bars, magazines and the corners of the mobile screen have develop adapted, so you can freely play and knowledge the clash in the game. This is an very subtle upgrading that I rarely see in FPS shooters on mobile.

It’s very appropriate for players using a small screen phone and tremendously easy to function. The scene becomes roomy and relaxed, and you can see all the loveliness of the graphics.

When playing the future scenes, a few details appear infrequently in the corners of the screen, but in my view, it is still small enough and full enough to help monitor without affecting vision. In over-all, the graphics are still very amazing.

The arms and Agents in this game must be said to be beyond my fancy when thinking about a mobile shooter. I heard there was an old version that was similarly epic before, but this is my first time facing Modern Combat Versus, so all the astonishments are so much bigger. Lighting effects, blasts, bullets flying, mechanics of machines, process in play scenes… Wow, to be honest, it’s very breathtaking.

The sound is tremendously attractive. In calculation to the sound of directions through the switchboard sounding very “army”, a series of sounds in the game like loud ways, gunshots unambiguous in the sky, yells, loud calls of buddies also make you feel like in a real battle.

MOD APK version of Modern Combat Versus

MOD features

  • Wall Hack
  • Green Chams
  • Rainbow Chams
  • Wireframe Yellow
  • Wireframe Purple

Download Modern Combat Versus MOD APK for Android

Modern Combat Versus is an stirring shooter game. What are you waiting for without downloading this nice-looking game to your phone right away?