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Find yourself assembly hundred millions of online gamers from all over the world as you joint into the epic world of Lords Mobile. Sightsee the magical and mythical lands occupied with majestic persons, mighty heroes, and stunning castles.

Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Dive into epic battles between huge armies. Take on your enemies in exciting siege fights or go head to head in the huge arena. Build up your bases and expand your territories through implausible conquest. Command your armies and conquer the domains as you go.

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Overview of Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Size: 248 MB
MOD Features: Unlock Vip 15 Features

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In the game, troupes will have the chance to make your own kingdom and recruit your militias to battle against others. Size up your base with a variety of different structures for making goods and collecting incomes. Fortify your base with strong walls, huge towers, and producing hordes from the barracks.

Principal your armies to exciting siege fights against others or challenge them head on in immense battlefields. Unlock manifold tactics and tactics to take on the adversaries as you claim the conquests. Join friends and online gamers as you dive into this when in a life time strategy gameplay.

Dip yourself into the fabulous world of magical men and mighty heroes. Lead them into clashes with the fierce monsters and ruthless rivals. Win beside them as you strive to produce a powerful empire.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Explore the massive open-world environments

Accurate of the bat, gamers will bargain themselves having access to the gigantic in-game open world situations with tons of different things for you to do. Feel free to take your kingdom, establish your forts, and start laying the foundation for a countless empire whenever you’re prepared.

Feel free to brand friends and ally with other gamers as you join forces to safe your own kingdoms. Discover multiple locations along your quests crosswise the lands of Lords Mobile. Pick up manifold challenges with varied supplies and great rewards.

Dive into multiple game modes and events in Lords Mobile, from taking down the enemies in the huge battlefield to the epic siege battles. You’ll find yourself having lots of dissimilar things to do in this immense open world game.

Rule an entire kingdom as the absolute omnipotent

Language of which, in the game, players will have the odds to rule their own kingdom as the ruler with absolute powers. Feel free to do whatsoever you want as the sole almighty of the people. Either be a countless king or a dictator as long as you feel like burden it.

In adding, the game even lets you to knowledge a great level of controls with the Raze or Lodge options whenever you capture a new land. Collect quick money by razing down the assemblies or give the people freedom and opulence in the long run. The calls are yours to brand, and never regret your results.

Build up your armies with multiple troops and heroes

With the endless conflicts and battles, each monarch must allow their kingdom to prosper by consuming the troops and armies correctly trained and upgraded. In addition, you must also shape up a suitable army arrangement with the right units for the jobs.

Every unit will feature its own unique capabilities and powers which make them appropriate for certain roles in your armies. Type sure that you build up a strong composition with stable powers for certain strategic goals.

In adding, the game also features influential heroes whom you can lead into battles and tests your enemies. Each hero will have their own sole skills and traits which make them perform inversely during each battle. Dependent on your tactical lines, you can make uses of multiple unit formats.

Besides, gamers in Lords Mobile are also present to the unique monsters that you can detention, tame, and turn them into your Partners. Make uses of their powers to turn them beside your enemies and diversify your team conformations even more.

Explore the vast and in-depth tactical gameplay

And with a variability of different units to lead into combats, gamers will find themselves taking access to tons of available tactics. Fill your armies with certain amounts of infantries, cavalries, ranged units, and siege weapons liable on your enemies in the next spells. Switching between dozens of different preset formations or make your own to optimize your controls during exciting battles. Remember, with good strategies and army setups, you can easily win touching the more powerful rivals.

Multiple missions and achievements to complete

With lots of different tasks and achievements during the game, Android gamers will find themselves having access to amply of exciting gameplay in Lords Mobile. Fast get familiar to the gameplay done the simple and rewarding tasks. Take on the absolute errands and collect incredible loots.

Free to play

And in spite of all the amazing landscapes, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being thought, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store without having to pay whatever. However, since it’s a freemium title, you’re expected to pay a certain quantity of money for the in-game purchases. In addition, the additional ads might make you feel a little annoyed.

Make the game more enjoyable with our mod

That being supposed, if you wish to enjoy a less demanding online gaming involvement with Lords Mobile, you might want to install our adapted version of the game. With multiple drudges and changes that can easily get your around with the gameplay, you’ll find it fairly more enjoyable and happy playing this game. Hence, all you necessity to do is to download our Lords Mobile Mod APK and you’ll be decent to go.

Visual and sound quality


With lovely 3D graphics featuring striking characters and epic visual properties, Lords Mobile brings extra realistic and immersive online gameplay for Android gamers. Later, you’re allowed to truly live your minutes in the game.


As for the complete skills, the game comes with influential and impactful sound effects and dialogs that would hook you to the gameplay for hours on end.

How To Install Lords Mobile APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Lords Mobile Mod latest Android APK

For persons who’re interested in Clash of Clans and other like games, Lords Mobile is certainly a unlimited choice if you wish to knowledge something new while still having the conversant strategy basics.

What's new

# New [Artifact] system:
Use Artifact Coins in the Artifact Fair to obtain Artifacts. Upgrade and enhance them in the Artifact Hall to increase their boosts and Might. Some are also part of a set, which grants set bonuses.
# Added Artifact Coins to 30-Day Supply Chest, 7-Day Dash Bundle, and Login Gift: Bonus Gifts
- Supply Chest and Dash Bundle: New items can be obtained in the next claim after maintenance
- Login Gift: Artifact Coins will only start appearing in the next round



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