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Careers: Join social point. We were innate a startup and, although having grown, our mindset remains just as ruthless. We’re bold and we reverie big; that’s how we make excessive things ensue.

Our vision

Socialpointers are constantly keen to help and excited for a challenge. We all come from different origins and qualified backgrounds – speaking over 30 lingoes between us! When we join armies, we’re able to excite and tickle our fans, wherever they are. That’s our idea; to have a fun calm, creating fun for everybody. How? When we have fun, we can make it. And by working cool, we’ll know how to reach everyone.

Join Social Point

Social Point Careers

Different vacancies are available at the social point careers page where you can find jobs related to your expertise. Many job categories are available at the social point. Some important are displayed here.

What’s in it for you?

At Socialpoint, you’ll be tested to reach your full latent, in a place where passion, revolution, and photo are fortified and rewarded. Between us, there are over 30 different people here, so you’ll have no problem fitting in. Whether it’s beach volleyball, board games, or pool festivities, there’s plenty of fun to be taken. Occupied with us will grow your skills and shape your career. What are you waiting for?

What's in it for you?

More Benefits at Social Point

Private medical insurance and physiotherapy

We care about your happiness. That’s why we offer isolated medical insurance for you – and your personal. And all office workers dream; we even have a physiotherapist at the office. Say goodbye to pains and pains!

Social point careers

Free meals and on-site gym

We know that a fit body leads to a healthy mind, and saves those ideas flowing. We offer dietary lunches, with vegan options, as well as fruit, daily nibbles, and other yummy shocks. Another way to keep in shape is by using our incredible Socialpointers-only gym, open all day long. Work out with the help of personal trainers or join a crowd of different lessons: Boxing, Yoga, Metabolic Training, Pilates…
Try them all out!

Hairdresser, social events and gaming area

Yes, the rumors are true; we have a hair salon at the office! Our hairdressers will cut and color your hair or trim your beard, so you look exactly the way you want to. Especially when there’s one of our legendary events coming up. Because playtime is just as important. You’ll find out why when you attend your first summer pool party. In the meantime, enjoy our gaming area every day at the office. There are video, arcade, and board games, instruments, and much more.

Training and language courses

We are lifelong learners, always eager to find new answers and grow. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options to level up our skills; corporate training sessions, internal masterclasses, online platforms…In addition, Socialpointers enjoy a generous yearly budget to spend on conferences, master’s degrees, etc. That’s not all. You can also take language lessons at the office. English or Spanish? Which language would you like to learn or improve upon?

Social point studio
Social point benefits

Newbies program – Join social point

If you stirred to Barcelona less than a year ago, you’re a newbie! We’ll prepare monthly events for you and your family to learn about the city and get to know your new classmates.

Additional vacation days – Join social point

We have 25 break days a year (more than the standard) in total to the local 14 bank breaks.
Ready to sunbathe?

The list of rewards goes on and on. Come involved and find out for yourself.

Application process

At Join Social point, we know that gift is our most vital asset, so we do everything we can to confirm any potential hire is a flawless fit. Our staffing process is intended to give you a great applicant experience and a clear kind of what it would be like to labor here. Click on the image >>

Meet the Social Point Team

Our big family is constantly excited to welcome new associates from all around the globe. Socialpointers come from over 30 unlike countries if a global view on the world of social betting. Where are you from? The social point on the inside. The key to our victory is our priceless team, formed by 330 skilled, creative, and passionate Socialpointers, crazy about games and loyal to pushing the bar. You can take their term for it.

Team member

I feel like I’m enclosed by people who love what they do and have a lot of fun every day at work. Everybody is really friendly and made me feel at home from day one. At first, I was a little anxious about moving abroad, but Socialpoint went out of their way to offer support and make it as easy as possible for me: I don’t regret it for a second! There’s so much to do in Barcelona that everyone will be able to find rather they enjoy, and the weather makes living here a treat. I’m never going home!

Gillian Patterson
Mobile Game Developer

This is the best business I’ve ever worked for, initially with the product itself. Then there’s the setting, the city, the highly skilled people…The constant tests that the industry faces make it the perfect place to grow. In fact, my job is very diverse. I’m given the chance to be involved in many topics and every day there are new challenges to face. Also, debut games to the market and heeding to players to keep improving our product and game skill makes it a very satisfying job.

Pasqual Batalla
Chief Operations Officer

At Socialpoint, my classmates respect my feedback and I feel frankly buoyed by my team. I like the fact that we work in an air of flexibility and creative freedom, where I keep culture new things and growing as a UI/UX designer. Plus, I have a really nice work-life poise! It’s funny to think I was a mere Giant Legends fan 5 years ago, and now I get to work for the firm that created it! It’s destiny I guess…

Yemin (Rae) Sun
UI/UX Designer

I chose Socialpoint because I was swayed that I could find exciting and challenging problems, from an analytics view. Given the huge amount of data that we deal with, it is the perfect place to learn and grow. What I like the most about my job is the wide change of puzzles that we work with. We have many goals but time is limited, so we are always trying to find a key that is good enough, fast. This is great because we are not ever stuck on any single long-term plan. Every day is unlike!

Arnau Escapa
Data Scientist

Team member
Team member 5

When I first trod into its HQs, I knew Socialpoint was my place! Years after, that feeling has nothing but bigger. The social point has not only given me the trust to set up the Global Agility service but also the liberty to explore other fields that I was very involved in.
Here, I’m always learning and upward, and I understand how my job pays to the business. The brilliant experts I met when I joined are now friends too, and together, we unite, embrace new tests, and of course, give it our all on the dancefloor at our fabled parties!

Garazi Zarraga
Relocation Coordinator

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