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The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead (70+ million downloads)!
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April 10, 2022
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Into the Dead 2 has the similar gameplay as the previous version. The game comes with the context taking place when the world is exposed by the Zombie plague. You are one of the few survivors. With the items and weaponries available in person, take lead of them, and cross the roads, woods, or vast fields filled with zombies.

Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk

Into the Dead 2 is the latest version in the series of games of the same name advanced by studio PikPok and has been free on both iOS and Android operating schemes. The plot with flexible ending changes based on the picks that the player decides through the game.

It comes with seven episodes with attractive content. The game offers over 60 levels of play and hundreds of unique trials. It will immerse players in the gloomy world of Into the Dead 2. You will skill the touching moments of the main character.

Overview of Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk


General Information

For those who do not distinguish, the series Into the Dead is an infinite running game with the theme of the creation after the zombie disaster was popular before. With over one million downloads, Google Play proves the draw of this brand in the mind of gamers. And you see what the best thing is? Part 2 of this game is out, and it is free.

In Into the Dead 2, it is no longer an nameless character like the first version. You will become a car driver named James who is trying to return to his family after news of the Zombie pandemic is flouting out in the world. But on the way, James’s truck suddenly had an chance that caused him to run all the way home. With a long journey filled with cruel zombies, James will have to do all to return home in time to his sister and his dying dad.

Taking part in the game from a first-person viewpoint, run continuously and go through loads of walking bodies. The game also gives you several weapons from guns to melee guns to help you survive longer. This brand’s highlight has been returned. You cannot freely move round to explore the world but are stuck with the distance set by the engine. Your major task is just to switch your character hover left and right to evade zombies and shooting only.

Into the Dead 2 also allows players to upgrade gear or unlock new weapons when they meet certain situations. It releases the game in the form of free-to-play and has just been updated to its latest version of online stores. If you are attentive, you can visit our website to download and knowledge the Into the Dead 2.

Background Story

What’s novel in the new event of the most satisfying game about this Zombie genre? Does the essence of one of the best-selling horror movies of all time appear in the game? PikPok has grown to developed one of the top game makers after the victories Into the Dead 2. It is the Zombie game that combines escape and fire since its release last year.

Directly after its release, the game received a lot of greetings and an appreciation for the interesting storyline with theatrical moments. With realistic sound and graphics, the another version offers experience, fear, and creepy morals far beyond what the original version brings. They have just realized success for a long time while still keeping what is most vital lies in full using finite events. So, new content added to the game in a short time, making new inspiration for players.

On the 50th birthday since the talented director, George Romero released the classic movie Night of the Living Dead, Into the Dead 2 has released a very beautiful event of the same name with the follow-up of the major appeal. Ben and his job to help him get to his farm, as it is in the flick.

We cannot trust that this popular game by PikPok seems to be the details in the most beloved horror movie in history. Observing at it objectively, the previous event of Into the Dead 2 brings the truth and the story somewhat than this version.

Special Features


In Into the Dead 2, we will originated to the story of James. He is a father who had a wife’s life and a little offspring that he deeply loved. After losing his wife, he found for his issues a second mom named Helen. His family was probably thrilled. But it only ensued until the Zombie pandemic happened. James on his way back one night with his wife and progeny hit a zombie. He lost control. And as a result, his truck upturned and we can no longer use it.

Though he had just been in an accident and is still in shockwave, with a powerful trust and desire to return to his family, James tried to get up and run to his family. Approaching to Into the Dead 2, players will play the role of James and help him on his expedition to unify with his family.


Into the Dead 2 has a actual new gameplay. The game has its own uniqueness, unresolved features of the Into the Dead series. In the game, you need to run as far as conceivable to move to safe areas and cook for your next journey.

In Into the Dead 2, there will be precise distances that you need to go through to complete the level. And when you whole that distance, it will also give you a small piece of the game’s storyline. So, you can know whether James’s family is peaceful or where he has enthused to hide.

Graphics and Sounds

The complete of the game is secretive with a quiet space but mixed with growls, cries, and character breathing. The sound properties when you use guns, chainsaws, or arms are realistic.

The visuals of the game bring dark tones with depressed horror colors. Zombies are designed very exactly and grisly. But do not get close to you will lose your life. The scenery in the game is diverse, with many sceneries, sequential and alternate. They give players the feeling of profitable through a very long way. The weapons are exactly designed in each line, showing their asset and beauty.

Recommended Alternative: The Walking Zombie 2

The plan in The Walking Zombie 2 tells about the character immune to the virus that turns individuals into zombies and his expedition to discover his truth and find a cure alongside the widespread rife.

During the game, gamers will slowly discover the identity and tragic past of the key character will slowly open up and the answer of an end to the human world slowly being clear.

Final Words

Into the Dead 2 MOD APK is virtually a vast arsenal of weapons for you to collect through skill and survival. There are more weapons in the game than any other free-to-play game we have practiced for many years. In specific, they construct weapons quite in detail.

Visuals in Into the Dead 2 have grown powerfully. Instead of having two black and white types as part one, this version transports to you a more colorful, beautiful world. But do not let it fool you since hidden under that beauty are horror zombies and the low air that makes you smother.

What's new

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



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