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Idle Wizard School is a unique idle game, an incremental idle clicker features classic idle gameplay in Wizard School!
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February 23, 2022
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Presently, the app stores have a varied variety of game genres with different ways of playing. It cannot be denied that idle games are progressively dominating the player market with beautiful and straightforward gameplay.

Idle Wizard School Mod Apk

When it comes to idle games, Hotel Empire Tycoon or Idle Shopping Mall are vital applications. In the same game genre, Idle Wizard School is an emerging game and obtains many positive comments from players. If you start to get excited, let me learn about this ready!

Overview of Idle Wizard School Mod Apk

Version: 1.9.3
Size:41.88 MB
MOD Features: Unlimited Money
Updated: 2020/09/22


First of all, what is an idle game? When playing this game type, you will start with rather small. Then you will have to find ways to upgrade and develop it. You can earn cybernetic money (in the game) through stuffs that the game offers from the start and use it to buy better features.

Use coppers to build and make your school of sorcery more and more developed. When playing Idle Wizard School, you will obtain detailed instructions from the start, so you do not have to anxiety too much about playing. However, you should make sure your quests run smoothly by paying care to potion crafting’s raw fixings.

In Idle Wizard School, you can not only do humble tasks but also explore the enchanted world by yourself or build classes and dorms. Many other features are waiting for you.

Story of Idle Wizard School

As I said beyond, Idle Wizard School has a simple gameplay and nothing too striking. Its gameplay is similar to idle games of the same type. But what makes this game so desirable?

]Besides, you must achieve your dormitory. A dormitory has a certain number of rooms at any given time. You must clearly define the size of the hall and promotion it slowly. However, the dormitory has the maximum level of upgrade.

For scholars to be able to attend campus regularly, you must upgrade the length and speed of your pupil train. Each train will arrive in 15 seconds with five cabins. In total, your school will host 80 new pupils every minute.

Features of Idle Wizard School

Upgrade and Train Excellent Wizards to Motivate Students

First of all, you can promotion the following three primary features:

Class level: establish the quality of teaching in your school. Students will pay more if the rating level is higher.

Teacher: you can see the amount of classes going on at the same time as the educator. For each class, you can only hire a maximum of 5 teachers. If you have many educators, they will help you reduce the number of students waiting for your turn. It also earnings that you make more money every minute that passes.

Salary: shows the haste at which the teacher works. Don’t worry because you won’t be paying them as often finished constant financial attrition. With a 5% increase, you will have to pay and upsurge their fictitious salary. If you pay them a lot of money, scholars will get a reduction in their work time. It will help you quickly pick up new pupils in one class hour, and your income will upsurge.

If you poverty to check the current situation, the system will show you a window with much significant info. Here, you will find out:

  • Present grade level
  • How many monies the class earns per minute
  • How much will the members pay for each lesson?
  • The sum of teachers you have hired. From there, you will determine the number of classes you have in time.
  • Length: How long is each session.
  • Waiting in line: the sum of excess students who have no places in the classroom and are waiting their turn

Logically, the system will wonder you when you reach certain milestones (levels 25, 50, 100, etc.). The gift this game developer bounces you is a novel image and text viewing what is being taught at your school. This feature is stirring and stimulates the player’s interest.

Receive Investment for Higher Returns

The unresolved feature of idle games is that you have to invest in making a profit keenly. When you have amassed a certain amount in Idle Wizard School, the system will swift you to start over. But it is not starting from scratch that you will swell the school and many other twigs. At this point, you may have to use up your collected money.

Also, Idle Wizard School has many other features waiting for you to knowledge:

  • Growth income by actively upgrading buildings
  • Even if you do not play the game, you can still get coins
  • Appeal more students to school by unlocking multiple classes, upgrading dormitory, feat more types
  • Many modules of witchcraft and potion craft are waiting for pupils to explore
  • Ample the quests the system assigns you to make the mage modules even more interesting

Some Tips to Help You Build Your Own Wizard School Quickly

Pay Attention to the Stores Regularly to Increase Income

You will have four dissimilar stores on the right side of the bedroom. These stores will frequently make money for you. Don’t forget to collect these regularly as they can transport in a lot of money.

But, the player cannot upgrade or develop it by himself in any way. But rest secure because they will often bring you a even and full income. Just remember to collect them to keep your returns growing.

Whole the Tasks Assigned by the System

Idle Wizard School will, in turn, allocate you the tasks. Naturally, the leading focus players aim for is finishing each of those missions. They work quite clearly and give you detailed orders. You will know what you have to do, upgrade to structure like. Once finalized, you will receive an amount consistent to the difficulty of the quest.

Note that focusing on the job assigned is the most important thing. Every time the game asks you to upgrade one of your lessons to a certain level, pay attention to that quest. For sample, your task changes to you having to reach a certain number of students at a specific time. You will be playing for free by acquiring new content and upgrading all classes for ideal profit.

Do not Forget Mysteries – The Dragon

Infrequently, you will see a golden dragon waiting in the podium before ingoing the actual school parks just above the dorms. That dragon is called Mysterion. It will often give you judicious offers. You need to do a few simple tips to get a lot of money, regularly will be watching video ads.

Though it will take you time to choose, you will only need to spend ten jiffies watching the ad. Then you will take great gifts. See the ad to rise your salary.



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