Idle Army Base MOD APK Unlimited Money

Idle Army Base MOD APK

Idle Army Base MOD APK clues you to the dream of a billionaire right on your mobile device. This is careful a very original game with a advance idea when building fonts who are in the army but not only used in bloody fights, but it also does many more tasks. Now, you can become a tycoon managing all features of this military base to gather idle money, gold, and other capitals.

Are you ready to figure the most awesome army base in the world? Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game is a game that rents you do just that. You can build an army ignoble from scratch or use one of the comprised ones and type it even better. You can recruit soldiers, upgrade them, so they’re stouter, and create new arms for them to use. There are tons of upgrades available for each type of soldier and other militias themselves (including snipers, engineers, and even ninjas! Therefore, you’ll have everything you need no stuff what kind of army you want to build, big or small. The best part about this game? It’s fully free! This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.

Idle Army Base MOD APK

Overview of Idle Army Base MOD APK

Name:Idle Army Base MOD APK
Developer:Neon Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

About Idle Army Base MOD APK

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves seriatim an entire military base, in which, you’ll have admittance to a variety of different in-game activities. Jerk by having troops to volunteer in your camp, you can then train them over multiple military tasks. These include active their physics on the GYM, train their strategies on the training ground, consent them to work calm as a team, and more.

And with each done activity from any troop, you’ll earn a confident total of coin for the camp. Use these to finance back into the toilets so that you can appeal even more volunteers to your camp. Have as several troops in the camp as possible and grow it to be a controlling and prosperous military base. Take on stirring in-game challenges and jobs as you growth through the gameplay. And enjoy yourself with a variation of enjoyable in-game skills.

That’s said, Idle Army Base bids you the unique and uplifting idle gaming skills, in which, you’ll be running your own military base. This is completely dissimilar from any other preceding titles in the genre. Hence, you should definitely be in for many new pleasant disbeliefs.


Build your military base

The main duty of the player in Idle Army Base is to build a military base done a variety of activities. More explicitly, this game fetches together a lot of different training zones like Urban Warfare, Obstacle Course, Exercise Yard, Academy, and more.

You need to figure and upgrade these training areas to help your military base grow. In addition, this game offers many dissimilar challenges and missions to whole. This gives players a sense of progress and feat during the game.

Train elite warriors

The military base area is crucial for elite warriors to be ready for all allotted tasks. Therefore, Idle Army Base wants players to carry out training courses from basic to advanced to fashion the best soldiers. Hence, you will start from a small camps with a small number of soldiers.

You will train these soldiers over a series of different military missions. These embrace training in distinct skills and maneuvers on the paddock. Overtime waged and fighting cool, these warriors will convert more able. Thereby helping you effortlessly win the next military matches.

Fight in many different locations

After possessing an best army, it’s also time to send them to key arenas to perform national service. At this point, you can send your martial force including warships and airplanes to new lands. Recall that territorial increase is the goal of any country in the whole world.

The idle factor plays a very important role

As the name advises, Idle Army Base gives players an idle instrument that makes in-game activities much meeker and easier to deploy. The idle aspect of the game agrees the player to linger earning capitals and training troops even when you’re not logged in or leading the military zone. You can also visit our suggested Apps Prankster 3D MOD APK, State Connect MOD APK and Tiny Kingdom MOD APK.

Bright, colorful graphics

The graphic superiority of Idle Army Base is also really unpaid thanks to the precisely designed details. Hence, this game has bright and colorful pictures that make the base-building practice fun and visually alluring. You’ll instantly notice details like the training ground, buildings, and troops flagrantly displayed on the home screen. In addition, this game also owns lively background music shared with sound effects such as gunfire, blasts, and characteristic walks.

Visual and sound quality


The game proposals simple and instinctive graphics that allow gamers to find themselves hooked to their practices. That’s said, you can find yourself editing the whole view of the camp from up above. Take a appearance at any section of the camp and achieve your soldiers with ease. Plus, along with the idle gameplay, the light graphics also make the game awfully handy on most of your Android devices.


And together with innate visual experiences, Idle Army Base also familiarizes Android gamers to the immersive and pleasant audio experiences. Find yourself relishing your interesting play of military simulation with the faithful sound effects, where all around you would make you feel like you’re actually on a training camp.

How to install Idle Army Base

Step 1: Download the Idle Army Base version (APK or MOD) from IQCPROMODAPK.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android device.

Stage 3: Open the file Idle Army Click install.

Stage 4: Follow the instructions to whole the installation. Then you can open the game and enjoy it right away.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re absorbed in traveling the military life, and at the similar time, having the unique idle gaming skills, Idle Army Base is certainly a nice excellent among many chaotic games on the market. That’s said, the game offers meek yet extremely detailed and enjoyable gameplay that numerous of you would find interesting. Plus, with the game being fully free and unlocked, you can imagine a lot of fun playing through its different periods.

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