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Big Rig Racing is a drag racing game on mega-cool trucks!
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What is even well than playing your slog racing game with cool athletic cars that have been modified to attain their unbelievable speed? Well, why don’t you change those common sports cars with these astonishing huge trucks from Big Rig Racing. That determination allow android gamers to have complete fun with their drag racing experiences.

Feel free to need fun playing the addictive gameplay of monster truck racing in Big Rig Racing. In which you can easily work on tuning and speeding up your vehicles so they can rush like crazy. Travel the uses of simple drag racing wheels and plenty of tuning decisions to freely customize. Also enjoy your in-game skills to the fullest.

Big Rig Racing MOD APK

Overview of Big Rig Racing MOD APK

Name:Big Rig Racing MOD APK
Mod Features:Unlimited Money

About Big Rig Racing MOD APK

Get ready to join the big boys in Big Rig Racing, where mobile gamers will have their probabilities to really enjoy the exciting gameplay of drag racing like no others. Here, gamers can have fun playing the addictive drag racing game with their incredible 18 wheelers. Do enjoy breaking the speed limits with your favorite huge trucks.

Enjoy the exciting in-game escapades, in which you’ll learn to become an knowledgeable big rig racer through a series of different stories and in-game tasks. Find yourself going against tough drivers from all diagonally the country and fight for a spot at the top by implementation many challenges.The expeditions given to you. Each offering its own unique in-game skills for you to enjoy.

Explore the different racing styles to enjoy the game to the completest. Have admission to the manifold racing tracks that will take you through the countries. Enjoy the faithful and in-depth elements of customization. In which you’re allowed to freely change how your car would air and make full uses of the detailed upgrade selections. Learn to drive like a pro and make the most of your vehicles to win many in-game tests. The list goes on.


Here are all the thrilling features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive controls and mechanics

With the modest drag racing procedure and intuitive touch controls, Big Rig Racing should allow all Android gamers to quickly engage themselves in the overwhelming mobile title. Start enjoying the in-game involvements. Feel free to work with the humble touch action buttons and time your moments perfectly so you can easily speed up and get fast of your adversaries. And despite the simple panels, the entire gameplay is difficult for gamers to really master. So you’ll never find yourself unopposed in Big Rig Racing.

Multiple race modes for you to enjoy

To style sure that you can all like the game to the fullest, Big Rig Racing will offer its many race modes in this breathtaking gameplay of drag racing. Here, gamers can just select their preferred racing modes and twitch having fun with the game however they want.

Choose the Career mode to start liking your in-game stories. In which you’ll advancement through many career challenges, going against tough adversaries, and learn how to get over your struggles. Convert a true big rig racer at the end of the game and surface your story mode with a bang.

Feel free to take on the thrilling and simple races that are presented in the game arbitrarily. Test your driving skills and skills in Big Rig Racing by implementation the facing challenges and get your great rewards.

Many cool trucks to collect and make use of

Like Trucks Off Road Mod Apk and Truck Evolution Offroad 2, you can now must admission to many cool trucks in Big Rig Racing. Each having its own unique looks and unbelievable engines. Unlock a wide variety of different trucks from different classes. That make sure that you have enough of them in your garage to match the upcoming challenges. Always get the best trucks for your certain in-game tests and make sure that you’re going full speed on your favorite rides.

Feel free to customize and upgrade your ride

To make the game more fun and thrilling, Big Rig Racing gamers can now easily customize and tune their cars though they want. Feel free to have access to in-depth truck customizations in the game. In which you can work with the tire, broadcast, turbo, train, body, intake, nitro, and other areas of the buses. Make uses of the available upgrades to agree your cars to have better powers, grip, shift time, weight, and more. Feel free to tune the certain portions and make your different promotions to fully enhance the certain vehicles.

Exciting stories with realistic rivalries

To make the game more attractive, Big Rig Racing will feature many thrilling rivalries between you and the in-game fonts. Thus, allowing Android gamers to further like their stories and racing exploits. Feel free to play the game in contradiction of several teams of adversaries, each with their own unique characters and contesting styles that you need to cope with. Learn to win in contradiction of different adversaries and work on your different methods to counter the bosses’ different procedure.

Interesting events for you to have fun with

By containing many interesting actions that you can have fun with, Big Rig Racing gamers will find themselves liking the awesome mobile title a lot more. Here, you can skill many limited-time events with their own gameplay and prodigious rewards. Make sure to join them and like the game.

Free to play

Despite all the exhilarating features in the game, Big Rig Racing is still free for all Android gamers. Just download the free game from the Google Play Store and you can start liking its exciting game modes without having to pay anything.

Enjoy the free and unlocked version of the app on our website

Though, the freemium game will come with certain ads that strength bother you. And if you want to unlock the finest features or content, you’ll still need to pay for the in-game procurements. As a result, for those of you who are interested in this overwhelming mobile title but don’t wish to pay for the in-game purchases. You power want to go for the modded version of Big Rig Racing on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked app with removed ads and limitless in-game features, which you can easily pick up for free. Simply download the Big Rig Racing Mod APK on our website. Then follow the prearranged instructions to have it properly installed.

Visual and sound quality


With imposing 3D graphics, truthful truck models, accurate in-game astronomy, and cool visual effects. Big Rig Competing will make sure that you can all completely immerse yourself in this grand mobile title of slog racing on your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

By featuring influential sound tracks throughout the races and at the home menu, together with the accurate and receptive sound effects. Big Rig Racing will allow Android gamers to fully engage themselves in this grand mobile title and all of its amazing features.

Final thoughts

With a huge group of super cool monster trucks, in-depth basics of tuning and customizations, awesome drag racing modes, and interesting gameplay, Big Rig Racing will variety sure that Android gamers can always enjoy their in-game involvements to the fullest. Find yourself taking on many epic rides and battling your toughest rivals in awesome boss races. Level up and fee in your career as a huge truck contender.

What's new

- Use boosters to increase reputation received by your teammates. The higher the League of your Team, the more boosters you can use;
- Take part in the exhibition and show your trucks to other players. Vote for a truck you like most to choose the winners;



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