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You’re not boring, and your social media shouldn’t be either. Cartoon your social life, create the cartoon face, and style your personal avatar!
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Recently, Facebook released the feature to create Avatar, permitting you to create an energetic version of yourself. Some people like this, they can create a cute Avatar image based on their own representation photo. Avatoon MOD APK also works in the same way, and it also gives you several impressive filters for you to create imposing Avatars for social networks.

Avatoon is one of the best avatar conception tools for social networks. This app was released at the end of 2019, and now has more than 10 million installs on Google Play. Chances are, you will leave a 5-star review when using Avatoon, like over 700,000 reviews from other users.

Avatoon Mod Apk

Overview of Avatoon Mod Apk

Name:Avatoon Mod Apk
Category:Photos & Videos
Mod Features:Premium Unlocked 

About Avatoon Mod Apk

You can create an avatar by two available methods: face credit and manual creation. In fact, folks often choose to create avatars using facial gratitude. All you need to do is place your face in the frame on the screen and take a photo of your face. The app then relies on that pattern to choose the right minutiae and returns you an avatar that best games your face.

Avatoon offers a few proposals for how to create an image with good resemblance:

  • Looking nonstop at the camera.
  • Space has enough light (not too bright or too dark).
  • There should be only one face.

How to create a handmade avatar like a fashion game, you choose every detail plus hair, skin color, eyes, eye color, eyebrows, nose, mouth, face, … to look like you the most. There are thousands of templates for you to choose from. I believe that number is adequate for you to create a exclusive, stylish avatar but still adequate for folks to recognize it as you.


While producing an avatar, you can only use basic and shared details. If you want to create a more stylish avatar you can visit the “Style” section. You can get piercings in places such as eyebrows, nose, mouth, or even facial tattoos. Of course, every of the above changes comes with a fee. You necessity to perform more missions to earn changes and buy them.

Quickly create your awesome Avatoons with facial recognitions

To start with, Android users in Avatoon can nearly create their awesome Avatoon avatars thanks to the inspiring facial recognitions. Here, the app can easily create your tailored avatars that look nearly like the real images. As a result, everyone can easily see that it’s you even when it’s just a cartoon image. Not to mention that the single 2D visuals also create great parodies for social users.

Easily edit your Avatoon photos or any other images

And for those of you who are interested, you can now relish working with the useful photo editor in Avatoon, which will permit you to work on any captured Avatoon photos. Feel free to work with the commanding editing features to bring many expert and fun experiences to your photos. In addition, the editing features also work on your normal photos and images, so you can constantly use the app to do many standard editing tasks.

Create awesome Avatar Snapshots

To brand the app more interesting, Android users will currently have their odds to work with the overwhelming Avatoon Snapshots feature. Feel free to use the in-app families or capture real-life footage with your Avatoon typescripts in them. You can change your terms and poses to freely modify your 2D avatars in many ways. All of which should allow Android users to entirely engage themselves in the creative involvements.

Customize your avatars with many facial settings

To type your character look more interesting and exclusive from the original images. You can now love working with the built-in Avatar Customizations in Avatoon, which will allow users to tailor their avatars in many ways. Have fun singing with the interesting hairstyles to make your types look completely different from their normal images.

Have fun playing with interesting nose settings to try out diverse nose types. Choose how you want your eyes to look and create single impressions. Or enjoy playing with many beautifying options as you freely customize your characters in various panaches. With more than 500 different Avatar Customizations, you can constantly have fun with your creative designs in Avatoon.

Have fun playing with many Style Options

In addition, lengthways with the interesting facial settings, you can now brand uses of the awesome Style Options in Avatoon to freely dress up the in-app avatars. Feel free to choose among a variety of different clothes and fixtures, each offering its own unique styles and visual practices. Also work with various color systems which will allow you to fully customize your appeals’ styles and make their looks matching sure themes.

Photographic chamber

The photo booth is anywhere you can create avatar-style photos in its place of taking pictures physically. To create an image, you select a background image, then choose the fonts from the collection. You can customize the size and place them in any site. Avatoon also allows you to use a selection of background photos from the maneuver’s gallery.

In addition, you can also add stickers, emoticons, stances to your photos. And if you don’t feel like Avatoon’s available library is diverse enough, you can use moneys to buy more from the store. There are lots of unique stickers, including vigorous avatars.

Participate in voting photos to receive coins

Avatoon has a large user community. Their works might be put on the trial of voting. You and the others participated as a voter, voting for one of the two pictures presented. Each vote, you will distinguish which photo gets more votes and 10 cents bonus. Occasionally, you can get 20 coins. If you don’t like a sure pair of photos, you can discount them by swiping up or down.

Buy clothes to change your style

If you feel the pants and T-shirt are droning, you can visit the store to shop for new clothes for your avatar. Avatoon offers hundreds of way models based on popular styles in each country. Thanks to that, the appeal can change the style from elegant to dynamic, hip-hop, neat, or out of the way. In addition, the store also has mockups of shoes, sandals, glasses, hats, trinkets. The cost per item is about 100 to 300 coins.

Complete daily tasks

Also creating avatars, Avatoon also has a mission system for you to do. They are quite simple, like shopping or covering up, sharing/saving avatars or editing existing avatars. When you external, you will receive coins. ToonMe is also a fun cartoon avatar creator that you can download for Android phones.

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: In this MOD APK version, the Top feature has been unlocked. You only need to download it to use it for free.


What’s more in the Premium version?

In the Premium version (which costs $ 59.99 a year) you get admittance to over 900 options when creating avatars, confiscating ads, and removing Watermark. Thanks to that, you will create more beautiful, stylish, and professional Avatar pictures.

Download Avatoon MOD APK for Android

Through the above features, do you reflect Avatoon deserves one of the best avatar making apps for Android phones? If you find the regular avatar you use for Facebook too boring and droning, you can replace it with animated avatars created by this app. Don’t forget to share your avatar with your friends on social nets.

What's new

* New update launching! * Improved new style options and increased performance optimization. Get the update now!