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If you like war games in World War setting, you will definitely need to play this shooter game.
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March 14, 2022
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World War 2 Reborn MOD APK is an FPS shelling game with a conversant WW2 theme. You will dip yourself in the arena as a commando. Singing this game online or disconnected is very thought-provoking.

World War 2 Mod Apk


Overview of World War 2 Mod Apk

NameWorld War 2 Reborn
PublisherEdkon Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money 

Introduce about World War 2 Reborn

Turn into a commando, shoot FPS guns on the arenas of world war II

About World War 2 Reborn

When playing, you will play as a commando on the battleground, clashing with loads of opponents from all over the world. You will jump the game with no detailed content or plot. The weapon scheme in World War 2 Reborn is also rather a lot. The combatant also has epic tackle and basic self-skills to take benefit of the topography. In the matches, you will constantly fight with many characteristic commando skills, with direct shooting, sniping, hiding, running to approach the adversary, or fleeing from the rain of ammunitions from the crowd. Your assignment is to fight, survive as extended as possible, become the only one left on the arena.


In battle, the left cross of the screen is the Firearm List, the right is the Tackle List. Once selected, the layout will be shown again in a new way that is more apposite for the battle process. The upper left crook is a map showing your place on the battlefield. The bottommost left is the triangulation virtual key cluster. On the true are the skill buttons: melee or sniper. In the mid of the screen: above is the state of the number of opponent factions on our side, below is the position of the weapon you are loud. Note that World War 2 Reborn necessitates both precise aiming and continuous reloading. So you have to time it accurately so that when responsibility these tasks, the adversary, especially the snipers, won’t have the opportunity to tactic you.

In World War 2 Reborn, the appeal can walk, run, jump or level go into the river.

One more good item about World War 2 Reborn likened to other 3D FPS games is around the display of enemy ammunitions. When they open fire or lob bombs, there will be minor white curves viewing up indicating the track and range of folks shots or shells. You will have to consider these paths sensibly, reacting quickly to not become hit by the enemy’s counterattack. While it takes time to change ammo and goal, in return, the willing has this bullet display instrument which is also quite helpful for companies.


The typical battle for the story of opposing for territory and the effect of countries in the region became ferocious and took place on numerous battlegrounds. It could be wherever the hills reign, rivers flow finished, or even a astonishment attack at marine. Players will have to spend more money to own battleships or tanks in big facts. Specialized planes will contribution you when the state worsens. We will limit all.

The weaponries used are all makings of the research lab. You will have admission to them when you appointment the store and wage to be able to use them. Dissimilar types of ammunition will be apposite for each type of boiler. The militias used for the battle will perform the task of impending opponents, bumping them down, or apprehending them alive. When watched from above, you can only just see the sight of hydroplanes dipping bombs all over the sky. Let’s bout to the end to find the champion.


All forces contributing in the war due to World War 2 have very bold attack plans obtainable. With the predictable reward of tenure of fertile, resource-rich land, you and other troupes are all trying to own it all. The location for the sturdiest on the leaderboard is still bare. Who will win the right to sit in it? What will you have to go finished to be able to attain this? All will be deciphered when the battle commences.


World War 2 brings a new skill to players in both illustrations and sounds. With greater performance, all in-game deed comes to life with affluence. You will regulator the place of the fighting forces by poignant your finger on the awning. Beautiful 3D graphics systems can help you recollect longer the levels that took place on the ferocious arena in any year. History repeats itself once o’er; claim the hegemony on the global leaderboards with your knowledge!

A scarce notes when playing World War 2 Reborn

When playing, you can select to fight alone or join associated forces to join militaries against the enemy. Either form carries many exciting knowledges.

A note for you people is that you should watch the singular forces when playing. They have heavy apparatus and weapons and unrivaled fighting skills, unlike from normal soldiers. Antagonizing them is often not a good means. You will have to revenue advantage of all the weaponries, buy new tackle, and show all your forceful skills to be able to destroy them one by one.

Graphics and sound

The 3D graphics in World War 2 Reborn are also not so outstanding. So it can’t be baptized a strong idea. Instead, we get a class audio act. The sound of gunfire, bullets continuously falling out and scorching around, then the shouts of colleagues. All were on the battlefield penetratingly, but not in a mess. The sound is rich, not varied, and not played together like the shared error of some pistols.

The situation in World War 2 Reborn has many diverse topographies and is also a 3D open world for you to freely discover. But the scenery is not very extravagant. There is also no destructive conservation effect, bullets can only disturb foes if you aim. The rest of the things, the close scenery are not exaggerated. Each time you bud, the shells fly out quite unreal. It’s not a explosive but just yellow right-angled dots dwindling out, watching very fake. And there are still other somewhat clumsy patches, which have not yet described complex surroundings such as the water superficial, the grass mildly swaying in the wind.

However, the clear subject, the supple movement of the opponent, and the precise aiming mechanism have moderately removed the cons in the topography.

Download World War 2 Reborn APK & MOD for Android

Even though it does not excel in 3D graphics, also does not have an inspiring open-world simulation effect, but cheers to the sound and lithe movements and the gameplay that combines both skills and weaponries into one, World War 2 Reborn is still one of the war-themed FPS games worth singing on mobile.

What's new

New update is going to be live on March 24:
- Assault rifle Breda M1935 PG
- Sub-machine gun Suomi
- De Lisle carbine
- Walther automatic shotgun
And of course new Season 5:
- New weapon Suomi
- 600 Paratrooper specialization points
And many other prizes!



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