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Wizard Legend Fighting Master MOD APK is a roguelike shooting action game from studio Loongcheer Game (Hongkong). Likely, the game will formally launch on the Android podium in December 2021. But it is truly weird because you will play the role of a illusionist who shoots fiends … are even weirder. They are the misshapen desserts (omg).

The main appeal mage will be fortified with an 8-box magic tome, which resources that in each battle, only choice and carry 8 sure skills, out of the 50 basic skills of the five basics of heaven and earth.

Wizard Legend Fighting Master Mod Apk

Overview of Wizard Legend Fighting Master Mod Apk

Name:Wizard Legend Fighting Master Mod Apk
Publisher:Loongcheer Game 
MOD Features:Free Shopping 

About Wizard Legend Fighting Master Mod Apk

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master – Fun shooter game with the strangest gratified you ever know

The idea sounds odd, but the character and the monster figure are modern

Our magician is a new man with an intellectual arrival, robed in the world’s style today, not the style of bush and mustachio. The story begins in the setting of a funny magical world where magic can help to drink sweets, and our sorcerers do not need to concern about the weight.

But, the Pudding Corporation started to fluff, seeing for ways to turn the character’s favorite desserts into ogres. This leaves the mages with nonentity to eat. Overpowering his anger, he set out to seek impartiality and sought the other corporation to be answerable for its mistakes.

These times do not work independently, but they can also be shared to form new combos. So, in totaling to significant each attribute of magic, you likewise have to main these combos’ to end the dessert giant quickly.


An action game, but plan is the core

The fact that you need to think, learn the context, the state, and decide to bring 8 items of “treasure” and continuously thinking using direction in battle has made Wizard Legends game: Fighting Master develops a different action game. Not only fighting then finish but earlier that, you need to study and plan carefully. If you don’t carry the true spells and bloc the wrong way, your battle will end soon with a enormous victory.

On his method to find the reason of the grievous certainty related to his favorite sweets, the prestidigitator will, in turn, find the Antiquities. The game is full of minigames and divulges to you the whole thing is interesting and stimulating. Even a few minigames, giving to me, find it even more good-looking than the boss of that overweight.

In whole, the game has over 100 artifacts, each carrying a new skill or pretty existing magic to the early mage. Some are taken sideways the way, some can be acquired from accumulation points in magical stores that dot the game scene.

In some suitcases, with a lucky item found, the game allows our wizard to go back to anywhere the scene started to re-select magic if needed. If you don’t sensation like you requirement to use this special ancient times, you can save it or talk it for money to buy added item in the magic store. You can also visit our suggested Apps Under Depths of Fear Mod Apk, The Arcade Rabbit Mod Apk and Curvy Punch 3D Mod Apk .

There are also antiques that do not bring battle value but are simply cash or a lot of money so you can amass, used for future. In over-all, If you see antiques, gratify collect them all. Try not to error any items. They are all valuable, not harmful.

I really like the notion of “energy level” in Wizard Legend

When you need amassed a lot of loot, beat many beasts, and got some new helps, you will be able to take for yourself unlike levels of “Energy”. And for each next rotund of play, you can pick one of those energy levels fit for battle.

For example, if you texture the ring is simple, pick a low energy level. As when you defeat a giant with less liveliness, you will get more charges. For myself, I think this device helps Wizard Legend to have a clear plan. Few games can think of and do it.

MOD APK version of Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy and upgrade without Rhombuses.

Download Wizard Legend: Fighting Master APK foor Android

As said from the opening, this game has totally no gore since of the “unique and bizarre” nature. And do not guess a scary big boss at the end. When it does look, it will fail you. It was just a horrid and horned diverse sweet. But to fight both part of his body and his traffics is very solid. It is well-intentioned of the final boss, but its advent …

I have never frolicked a “shooting game” game that touches this fun. What do you wait for without downloading this fun fairy-tale dessert party? Please download Wizard Legend: Fighting Chief here!

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Dear wizard,
Christmas update is here!
New cloak, new map, new monster!
Join us and have fun!
Hope this special Christmas update will bring more happiness to you.
Merry Christmas!