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Survive the challenges of the Wild West adventure and become a hero! Build your character, tame your horse and survive in the online Western RPG.
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May 20, 2022
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The battle for existence in the wild west has never been this easy. Just download the Westland Survival MOD APK (Free Craft, Unlimited Food) and you can survive in this fun game!

Westland Survival Mod Apk

Overview of Westland Survival Mod Apk

Name: Westland Survival
Publisher: Helio Games 
Category: Action
MOD Features: Free Craft, Unlimited Food & More 


Westland Survival is a Westland-style survival role-playing game by Helio Games. Several people say that this is measured a clone version of Last Day On Earth because the two games have like gameplay. The difference is that this game has a Western America context, so it has bright colors and not horror like LDOE.

If you love shifty themes, love equine around in the West and solving all with a gun, great, this is the game for you.

The storyline

The West is an model land for criminals, plenty hunters, smugglers, and even assassins. Why are these outlaw people actuality so free? Laws in the West are things that these offenders implicit convention. Even the police can sell a clad person in talk for a handful of dollars.

There is no right and mistaken, here only the weak and the strong. To survive in the West, you want to learn how to fight and keep yourself. Your character is a dealer. When passing done this land, the gait was attacked by a bandit, causing the full people to die, departure only you alive.

Now, retaliation is the only thing that inspires you. Find the guys late this and give them to the scaffolds, or you can solve them speedily with a gun. Suggested apps are LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mod Apk Unlocked and Super Mechs Mod Apk.


Here you’ll bargain all the exhilarating features that the game has to proposal:

Enjoy the immersive and enjoyable survival gameplay

To start with, Android gamers determination find themselves taking access to the fun and interesting survival gameplay which look like your standard Grim Soul involvements a lot with its in-depth RPG elements and the exciting top-down actions. That being said, you’ll find it fai

rly easy to dip yourself into the story and have fun with the gameplay. Survive the lack, defeat your enemies, and augment your likelihoods of survival in the strange and unwanted lands of the Wild West.

Build your own shelter and ranch to survive the Wild West

As you dump into your ultimate survival tests, gamers in Westland Survival will find themselves having access to the interesting survival imitations. Start by building up your lodging so you can protect yourself from hungry killers and nasty criminals as they try to tactic you. Build your housing using the provided designs and feel free to design it as you please.

And later on, once you’ve poised enough resources, you can then dive into the stirring simulation gameplay by having your Wild West ranch created. With it, you’ll be able to vegetal your crops, unlock special possessions once you have starter to your estate.

Fight against the gangsters and outlaws

In the strict and deserted lands of Westland Survival, despite the standoffish conditions and nasty killers, you’re still not alone. That’s said, find yourself fighting against the nasty criminals and gangsters in all the Wild West county.

Take on enemies and saboteurs from all façades as they would try to feat your camps, capture your loots, and possibly end your journey. Hence, always stay armed as you make uses of your guns and weapons to preserve your camp as well as getting out for a good hunt.

Explore your surroundings and look for valuable resources

The vast sceneries of Westland Survival also boast a variety of respected capitals that you can easily collect and type uses of as you embark on your own survival tasks. Having said that, you can simply collect wood logging, removal, and do your deer hunting as you dive into the awesome gameplay of Westland Survival.

Have fun loving the different gameplay while amassing the vital resources to safeguard your survival.

Enjoy the game with the awesome crafting system

Besides, with the available creating system, you’ll find it quite simple and interesting as you be able to create all kinds of useful tackle and items for your team. Feel free to skills your tackle to assist you in assembly resources, caring you from enemies, and fight back with all kinds of weapons.

It’s even imaginable to set traps and upgrade your structures as your crafting skills get improved.

Learn how to survive

The robbers took away all of you, your stuff, your friends, your weapons, … Now you only need two empty hands in the middle of a desert – a strange and unsafe land. The most imperative thing now to keep you alive is food and water.

You need to start collecting the few outstanding items and some stuffs can be used. Manufacture some utensils from stone and wood, then use it to deed, hunt and creation.

When night falls, the perils appear. At this time, a house is not a corrupt solution. Collect wood and stone, you can shape a small house sufficient to keep you safe from dangers prowling. They can be a bandit or stalking animals at night.

Trading with native people

If you must too many needless items, you can sell it to the natives in talk for some money or talk for the items you want.

Watch out for hazards

Of course, also health issues, you essential to be ready to deal with the risks around you. There are many people who hunger to take your life, they can be robbers, a bounty hunter or marauder.

Even other players also want to kill you to steal the stuffs you own. The best way to protect physically is to prepare powerful weapons and train your combat ability. When you level up, your well-being and occupation are also augmented.

Living in the Western-style

Besides survival actions, Westland Survival is an ideal game for you if you have the dream to knowledge life as a true cowboy. When I have free time, I like to walk around the map or marshal while on horseback. You can participate in some intense fights between cowboys to receive bonuses. A lot of interesting events that you often see in Western cowboy movies.


Not only good gameplay, but Westland Survival’s pictures are also very good-looking. The game has 3D graphics drawn with a truthful style, vivid images, bright colors. The third view bounces you an overview of all the details.

Graphics style with western American style in shifty films. On the radar at the bend of the screen, the red arrow refers to your foes.

MOD APK version of Westland Survival

MOD features

In the MOD version, you will have the following MOD features:

  • Free Craft
  • Permitted Buiding
  • Free Renovation
  • Unlimited Foods
  • And more…

Download Westland Survival MOD APK for Android

Despite gameplay is like to Last Day On Earth, Westland Survival is still a useful game to try with persuasive content and addictive features. Cowboy theme carries you a whole new skill. If you want to practice the life of a cowboy, why don’t you play Westland Survival today?

What's new

Clean-Up Update After a series of big content updates, meet a clean-up patch with some helpful improvements inspired by your feedback! — Howdy, neighbor! — Pay a visit to upgraded neighbor bases with more valuable loot and more variable designs based on real players' ranches! — Gold Rush highlights — A bunch of player experience improvements for Alliance rivaling! — Performance boost — A bunch of technical improvements for more stable and enjoyable experience. — Lvl 117 — Reach for the top!