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Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming!
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April 13, 2022
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Enjoy the awesome town imitation gameplay as you create your own daydream town. Developed the mayor of your favorite town and come up with apposite managing conclusions that can help it flourish and affluent. Help the peoples in their daily industries as well as guard them from risky events.

Township Mod Apk

Make uses of the house and manufacturing features to start producing your town from scores. Build up your daydream town with all kinds of edifices and businesses. From the farms, barns, mines, bakery, to the museum, theatre, mayor office, and so on. You’ll have amply of construction selections in Township.

Overview of Township Mod Apk



The game is basically a town running title where you’ll convert the mayor of a new town. It’s your occupation to assistance it grow and the citizens to touch contented with their survives. Therefore, you’ll have to generate your vision town.

To jerk doing this, you’ll need to have the homesteads to produce diets and the mines to collect possessions. Then you should have them administered in your workshops and goods. Turn them into several goods that can be cast-off for trading at the markets. Amass money and help your town thrive.

Moreover, gamers in Township are also permissible to create their personal businesses in the game. This contains of construction your own restaurants so people can taste good diet, cinemas so they can love good movies, the park where everyone can relax, and countless other community edifices.

Ready yourself as you take on this implausible charge of being the mayor of an entire city.


Here you’ll find all the frightening features that the game has to offer:

Create and manage your own town

With Township, Android gamers can now have price to an comprehensive town on their mobile campaigns. Touch free to do at all you want with your tame town and interact with its peoples whenever you hunger. Start by edifice up your unimportant town from grazes. Construct constructions and productions as you growth further in the game.

Choose between many unalike edifices to construct

And talking of which, in Township, you’ll have entree to a variety of unlike buildings that you can hypothesis. Choose among the farms and coalmines to amass resources for the city. Construct workshops to turn those raw supplies into working goods. Then create bistros, shops, and stores to start revolving those into replaceable belongings.

Have fun increasing crops and floating animal at the farm

For the agricultural businesses, you’ll start by house your farm and fixing your crops in it. Take care of the floras properly so they can prosper and grow. Assemble your crops for makings at the workshops and begin for a new produce. Succeed and expand your farm if you want to assemble more possessions.

In addition, you’re also permissible to raise oxen to collect awesome farming foodstuffs like wool, meat, and eggs.

Construct workshops so you can course your gathered crops

All the composed raw resources will need to be poised and in seventh heaven to the factories where they’ll be right processed. Once the engineering is ended, you’ll have the equipped constituents that are organized to roll out to the souk or be used for other resolutions.

Collaborating and distinguishing citizens

And as you relish the game, you’ll too find yourself taking access to the collaborating townsfolks who’re pretty fun and motivating. With their distinguishing characters, you’ll find individually of them wholly different from one and added, which   the game even more agreeable. On top of that, each of them can have certain requirements every once in a while that will necessitate you to wide-ranging. This would please them as well as giving you grand loots.

Build your own zoo and have fun in recital with the animals

And along with all the manufacturing and edifice activities, you can constantly find peace in your implausible zoos where you have all the adorable creatures inside. Build and increase your amazing zoo as you amass more and more creatures in it.

Feel free to strain different animals with each other to announce their progenies to your zoos. Enjoy attractive care of these outgoing and delightful animals.

Notice the town’s excavation for implausible orbs and pieces

With your town’s excavation being crowded with incredible orbs and pieces, it’s also a waste if you don’t apply your time amassing them. That being said, you can twitch building and growing your mines as well as advance your tackle so you can collect more and more stuffs.

Employment with others from the atolls

And if you’re brief on any type of incomes, you can also connection other mayors in the transaction islands. Here, you’ll happen up with all and sundry and join in exciting job events. Sell your belongings and look for striking goods to procurements. With many diverse stuffs being accessible, these are the greatest place to look for the best consumptions.

Feel free to adorn the town with many elements

In the huge online ecosphere where your town isn’t the only single, it’s not compulsory that you ornament your zoo with remarkable ribbons so you can attract more guests. In fact, even other mayors could also derive to your civic and gain your works. So don’t waver to decorate your city with farfetched landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben tower, Eiffel Tower, and so on.

Enjoy the game with friends and other online gamers

Gamers in Township can also bargain themselves having fun singing the game with friends and other online gamers from all over the world. All you necessity to do is to connect the game with your common accounts like Facebook or Google+ to connect with friends who’re also playing the game. In addition, having your common account linked will also enable the cloud valid feature, which promises that your save files are threatened.

Additionally, you are also permitted to network with many other gamers in Township and visit their cities if you want. In fact, the game also familiarizes the pleasing Clan gameplay where you can entirely join in an prevailing clan or produce a new one. Participate in many clan events like clan wars or jobs.

Free to play

And in spite of all the exciting features that the game has to bid, you can still love it for wholly free on the Google Play Store. Just download and install the game on your maneuver without having to pay everything to access its remarkable features.

Enjoy infinite money with our mod

But if you unmoving find the ads and in-app consumptions that are featured in the game quite bothersome, then we have just the right item for you. With our Township Mod APK, you’ll have entree to the unlimited money, which you can habit to purchases whatever you hunger. Plus, we’ve also aloof the ads so you won’t be bothered by those while loving the game. All you necessity to do is to move and install the game on your mobile devices.

Visual and sound quality


With good-looking and thorough graphics, Township familiarizes Android gamers to a soothing and pleasurable town management game that’s apposite for people of all ages. On top of that, you’ll also bargain each atmosphere and bodily in the game extremely collaborating and well-designed, that they sensation like real ones.


With pleasurable and soothing soundtracks, Township is the flawless game for anyone who are looking for a unplanned mobile game to relish on their mobile device.

Download Township Mod latest 9.0.1 Android APK

Fans of the famed FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Gardenscapes will definitely find this up-to-date game from Playrix motivating. Not to remark that you’ll also have access to our infinite mod, which is quite incapacitate.

What's new

* Enjoy two season adventures with a fairytale and Easter twists!
* More rewards with the Golden Ticket!
* Plant a rooftop garden for Don Pacone!
* Win rewards as you renovate!
* New match-2 levels.
* The Search for Atlantis regatta season.
* Cloud Nine bonus for match-2 fans.
* A new town expansion.



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