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Dominate your criminally insane rivals in extreme head-to-head drag races!
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Slog racing fans will confidently enjoy themselves in this new and pleasant mobile game of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing. Here, you’ll need the chance to dive into the grand in-game experiences where you’ll be able to like every second of utter speed and auto precisions. Top Speed Apk Mod is a modified game by IQC Pro Mod

top speed apk mod

Get complex in a much more calming and frank racing gameplay in Top Speed: Drag & Fast Running as you explore the pleasant drag racing gameplay. Instead of directing on production the turns or stay away from difficulties, speed should be your only worry. Boost your hurry and great ready for the last speeding challenges in this grand mobile game.

Bargain out more about this astounding game from T-Bull with our appraisals.

Overview of Top Speed Apk Mod

Genres: Racing
Version: 1.38.4
Developer: T-Bull
Requires: 4.4 and up
Size:85 Mb
MOD Features: Unlimited Money
Updated: 1 day ago

About Top Speed Apk Mod

The game presents Android gamers to an ample more cool and unique style of racing where you canister pick up the grand drag racing gameplay. Necessity not to worry about the panels of your vehicles or the problems on the road then the only thing that must be in your mind is the haste and the car himself.
Dump into the in-depth running world as you have starter to all kinds of interesting cars from various groups. Choose your pet rides for different types of racing gameplay and have amusing with them. And get toward know more about car customizations where you travel the inner shares of it to the completest. Put on exciting parts and customizations, upgrade your trips, and take on the last speed trials.

And as said, in the game, your only effort is the speed. And to pledge that you can carry out the best acts from your vehicles, you’ll need to time your tackle changes perfectly. Let the scheme to operate to its best nature as you enjoy the grand gameplay in Top Hurry: Drag & Fast Racing. Challenge the top foes and take them down with flairs in this final drag racing disposed.

Board on your own trip as a novice but brave racer who wishes to become the best drag entrant in the city. Find yourself life opposed by all kinds of interesting racers as you win beside them and thrive for the top. And at the equal time, get caught in the attractive storyline that contains with even the police and clique. A lot of fun and stirring exploits expect.

Features of Top Speed Mod Apk

Here you’ll bargain all the stirring features that the ready has to bid:
Humble frank and enjoyable running gameplay
To jump with, Android gamers in Top Hurry will find themselves loving the simple and exciting gameplay over a variety of exciting drag racing skills. Choose your pet rides as you compete beside your opponents for the last in-game speed racers. Emphasis on speed and speed only as you aim for the final speeding tasks in the game.

Time your kit changes right to well speed up your car, and waste no time as your foes are catching up. Unload your nitro to boost your hurry at the right moment and defeat your competitors. And at the same period, get to know a lot more about car tuning with the exciting options in the game. A biosphere of cars and vying will be available for you to like.

Manifold cars with diverse qualities to choice up

And as you growth in the game, you’ll also find physically having admission to a variety of exciting cars, each with its own behaviors and sorts. Feel free to choose between 69 diverse cars from multiple groups, such as stock rides, dragsters, and even police buses. Have fun as you complete the in-game tests and collect all the most astounding buses in the game.

Feel free to brand uses of the change and customizations

Besides, for those of you who’re involved, you’re also allowed to pick up a variety of exciting tuning and customizations on your vans. Feel free to produce your ultimate cars by totaling new parts, upgrade old ones, give it new engines, or switch the entire car design to adjust its speed. And at the same time, there are also loads of interesting customizable decisions that you can have on your cars from the picture, graphics, to form projects.

Income over 5 diverse areas and race beside the local rings

As you bar into your drag racing job, you’ll find yourself having an entree to 5 different regions in the game. Here, you can start to race beside the sole local gangs, each including their own ways of drag running as well as other exciting vehicles that you can’t find where else. Race in different themes and meet new enemies that would deliver thrilling trials.

Other than 20 scary local overlords to weary

And for persons of you who’re intent, the game also features more than 20 scary local overlords for you to tests. Take on the epic racing gameplay in the different districts as you rout your foes and head to the new levels. And of course, with each unique overlord being overcome, you’ll also earn superior rewards that would definitely gratify you.

Exciting loggia game modes with a change of exciting challenges

The full storyline in the game is radiantly told through the epic and stirring arcade game mode. Where you’ll find physically exploring all kinds of thrilling racing activities. Dive into different drag racing challenges, each with its own unique supplies and objects that you need to whole. Have fun while waiting related to the game done the charming levels.

Welcome to play

And in spite of having all those amazing types, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their moveable strategies. Hence, you can easily download and install Top Speed: Drag & Fast Running from the Google Play Store without taking to pay anything. However, some of you power still find the ads and in-game grips being quite irritating. And if that’s the case, then you would go for our changed version of the game in its place.

Enjoy infinite grips with our mod

Talking of which, the altered gameplay in Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing will offer limitless grasps and ad-free experiences for you to enjoy whenever you have the time. Just download the Top Speed Mod APK from our website, follow the if orders, and you’ll be good to go. Have admission to the fully ajar gameplay for absolutely free, which is continuously nice to see.

Filmic and sound class


Running fans will surely find themselves wholly satisfied with this awesome drag racing game from T-Bull, specially when it comes to the in-game graphics. Here, you’ll have entrée to the authentic car designs with faithful details, enjoy the striking tracks with immersive designs. It have fun with grand visual effects that make things totally incredible. It’ll make you feel like you’re really inside the game. Plus, with the adaptable graphics, you can simply run the game flat and watery on most of your mobile plans.


Calm with the amazing visual skills, gamers in Top Speed will also find themselves enjoying the epic acoustic and music. Dive into the classic tracks as you get trapped in grand races. Have fun with the potent and impactful sound things that announce you to the absurd engine roars, true car dins, and road sounds.

Last feelings

Fans of the famed mobile labels of Nitro Nation Drag & Drift, Drag Racing, and the likes will surely enjoy themselves in their modern drag racing skills in Top Speed. Travel the in-depth and addictive gameplay that you’ve always loved with this grand game on your Android devices. And most highly, have it complete ajar and free when you poverty.

What's new

Drivers, we've added new content to the game - Lucky Race.
It is a mini-game where you can earn a fortune. We hope you enjoy our game, so we fixed some minor bugs and optimizations for better gameplay.