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A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man's memories to artificially fulfill his last wish.
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You can download To the Moon Mod Apk completely free on IQC PRO MOD APK the trip to save the life of a man named Johnny with two gifted doctors. To the Moon is an escapade game marrying role-playing with odd, moving storylines. This game is possessed by Freebird Games and was free on PS4 before being printed on the Android stage.

While the drift of today’s escapade games has to be a slight fighting, rivalry is careful attractive, To the Moon goes contrary to it all. No war, no burn, To the Moon brings a adjacent and rustic life story, telling the efforts of two doctors annoying to save the life of a man called Johnny.

To the Moon Mod Apk

Overview of To the Moon Mod Apk

Name:To the Moon Mod Apk
Developer:X.D. Network 
Mod Features:Updated Mod Features

About To the Moon Mod Apk

To the Moon is a story around the labors of two medics, as they try to part composed memories of a failing man and try to achieve his last request. The characters of this story are Dr. Rosalene and Watts, two clever doctors and always red-hot dreams to help patients have another coincidental to live. Cheers to a singular action course, which is only functional to dying patients, their conduct helps patients do clothes that they might not do when they were animated. It is also the last entity the patient can recollect before captivating the last sniff.

When two doctors took over the instance of a man named Johnny, after a sequence of goes to reconnect unintelligible events through his life, they unspoken why this frail old man required to die and live over in that method. The wish that this man desired for many years in his life, remained to once set base on the moon.


At chief, the player may be disordered with Dragon Hunters Mod Apk and Final Fantasy 2 mod apk since To the Moon has a alike style. But like I stated above, this game has a non-traditional enterprise of an RPG, no combat scheme, no items or event systems like supplementary games. Players can pick to alter into one of the two doctors Rosalene and Watts to instigate the journey to explore the conspiracy.

You necessity to find Johnny’s recollection fragments, then attach them to open the gate of reminiscences. Thanks to this, the actor can go from reminiscence when the present Johnny (he is alive in a hospital plant), back to infantile or any other timeline.

In the procedure of traveling memories, players need to interrelate with NPC types to get more hints of memory pieces and ephemerae related with Johnny’s life. But, after discovery and achieving his memory, it was not over yet. Troupes need to join in that recall once more to change types, creating striking events to help Johnny reinforce the belief about understanding the vision to go to the moon.

The switch is quite meek. Players even unbiased use one digit to control the charm moves in the map, touch and interrelate with NPCs.


Pending to To the Moon, players will must the chance to skill a unique and great storyline without rivalry and battle. Here, you will be playing the character of a doctor and philanthropic your patients the finest. The main atmosphere in this story is Johnny. He is an mature patient and is in the last stages of action. His last wish beforehand leaving this world is to go to the moon. We continually find ways to assistance him achieve his desire with our labors and efforts. Like the thrilling details that constantly happen suddenly, making you feel much better-off and more positive.


You can relish a cast of typescripts with many different behaviors and works in this game. Each charm has its essence and is conspicuously shown finished its actions. Also, they are beautifully drew and built. Each being has a single beauty in face, attires, and many other features. The tuneful grouping has made the atmosphere picture in the story rich and colorful, making this game more notable than ever.


To the Moon will generate a fun and romantic interstellar for you to play whereas being absorbed in beautiful and telling songs. Furthermore, the game has a sole function that allows you to download music while playing. When the music plays, you will feel easy and free your mind, creation all problems or weights in life disappear. In addition, you are also free to take and listen to the music you like in the “music box.”


To the Moon is recognized and liked by many people worldwide, so if and supporting all languages ​​is needed and essential. Players, when by it, will be more suitable and easier to appreciate the satisfied that the game wants to bear. Here you can shift to widespread languages ​​such as English, Russian, Korean or Chinese and many more. If you are after any country, go to the locations and select the proper language county to enjoy the game in the best way.

Graphics and sound

Although there is no remarkable 3D graphics like other games, To the Moon still entices players with the classic pixel lifelike style. The vast location, from Johnny’s old house, the forestry where he hid his swags is authentically imitated.

Sound is a big positive, causal to the ultimate achievement of the game. The music is mild and deep, carefully linked to the story, supple changes rendering to the conditions. Therefore, the story of To the Moon looks like a classic movie, full of communications and can duck players in it.

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To the Moon has a moving story, so the game usual quite a lot of successes when it won prizes from Gamespot, WIRED, Metacritic and even was down in the 2016 Steam Award. Not just for theatre, but it also transports many lessons with deep civilization, about people, about dreams, motivations and the denotation of life.

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