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Turn on your city tycoon mode and build a beautiful and progressive city that is loved by all the citizens.
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April 19, 2022
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Do you want to size a bustling modern city with your own hands? Let’s play Tiny Landlord MOD APK, an stirring game that turns big dreams into great truth

Tiny Landlord Mod Apk

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Overview of Tiny Landlord Mod Apk

Name:Tiny Landlord Mod Apk
Publisher:PlayCade Interactive
MOD Features:Free Shopping 

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Tiny Landlord is a fun city-building simulator with simple gameplay. The highlight of the game lies in the plenty of buildings that you can build. They include private houses, high-rises, streets, workshops, shops, hospitals, schools, parks, docks, ports, garages, directorial works…

You play as a rich worker. But at first, you have only a few prime households. With your macro dream, you see the bright future of the entire city and are determined to build the whole thing to give the people here a better besides more relaxed life.

And at the same time, you help the city become a contemporary and proud terminus of the country.

Sensible edifice, intelligent calculation, and delicate start

You start with foremost and side roads, then open many new routes/ monumental plots of land and progressively swell the size of the whole city.
Once you have a solid groundwork from a rational road system, you will advance to build the essential infrastructure for residents.

They embrace power lines, power plants, water pipes, water behavior plants.  Moreover,  you need to make public utility and security facilities such as police places, fire stations, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, vocational schools, waste behavior plants, fuel manufacture plants, etc.

In addition to edifice work, you are also responsible for employing personnel for these important areas. You necessity to hire doctors, contrives, senior management, police, firefighters, teachers. But continually be careful not to overstretch your budget because each employee is employed from your existing funds.

If these public amenities do not make a profit on their individual, you will not have sufficient money for further expansion.

Then you must care about useful works to boost the economy of the city. You need to build manufacturing parks, export dispensation zones, high-rise office buildings, trade plants, and processing floras, etc.

Once the cheap is stable, you will consider the factors that bring contentment and a higher peace directory to the residents here. You start structure parks, parking lots, enjoyment parks; making taxi services; implanting more trees; adding traffic signs on the thoroughfare.

This is my favorite period. Edifice and looking at a city that has gone into specific development, you can feel like you do face on the face of an already beautiful girl. The supplementary you do, the more you enjoy and notice many interesting spaces in this city.

Opposite the input and output is the key to long-term success

Doing so several things above, you have spent a lot of currency on your investments. Structure this ideal, modern city can also be seen as a great asset. And investment must be for profit. After outlay money doing all of the above, where will you earn money to pay and get the profit?
First, currency comes from every public service structure: Taxes; money from providing electricity, water, ecological protection, public green projects; money composed from wastewater conduct services for factories; fines from acts of violating the law… Money also comes from the fulfillment of the citizens in the city.

These are all your main sources of pay for the balance between “speculation” and “return”. The more complete the facilities and the more judicious the construction, the more money you will earn from fulfillment. Don’t let any discontent show up because if you lose your money, there’s nothing you can do for the city’s expansion.

If you get money-making, you can do several other things. You can invest to expand the city’s range and depth, such as edifice ship ports and major roads involving with other cities to create more trade momentum and attract more foreign investment.

Next, you can do whatever assistance work you want, such as hovering money for needy citizens, solving difficulties about job scarcities, awarding scholarships to outstanding persons in schools. If you poverty, you can also equip yourself with a few special cars such as luxury cars, private airplanes to freely see your results, and the modern city you have just fashioned.


At Tiny Landlord, you will developed the skull of a city built and developed by yourself so that you will obtain empty land from the start. You will need to build many different buildings such as shops, shops, hospitals, or enjoyment parks from these plots of land.

In addition, housing is vital because it will help you attract more individuals to move to your city.
The spell to build them is also quite long, reliant on how complex or straightforward the amenities are, and you will need to wait until they are completed. However, the wait will pay off because these buildings will help you achieve the conclusion progress of a city.

Not only that, but the main drive is to serve the vital needs of the residents who have been and will come to this city. Make them happy and feel like this is the textbook place to live so you’ll earn more grassroots trust.


Just having structures or houses is not sufficient because it won’t make your city more lovely than before, so you need some things to beautify, and you can find them in-store. For example, vegetable some more trees around the empty plots to increase harmony as well as add color to your city image.

In addition, you can also build some more streetlights so that they can sunny up the city so that it does not sink into night every night.

In adding, the placement of some edifices is also critical because you need to have a perfect strategy in discovery a suitable site for each different building. For instance, apartment buildings cannot be located close to industrial zones because it will cause noise or air pollution for inhabitants living there and lead to uneasiness.

Or entertainment areas, shops, and hospitals should be positioned near places with full residents because those are the best services they can use without taking to go too far.


At first, you will have a small sum of capital, but it is adequate for you to build some structures, and after a while, the city starts to develop more so that you earn a lot of profit. With the change you have now, you will have to use them to upgrade your city so that it always has approximately new and meets the needs of its people.

With the task of being a mayor, you must know how to employ on the necessary things first appropriately. Then, the budget deficit will be more readily or later.
In totaling to upgrading buildings, the significant thing that you should do is open some more amenities that residents in the city can easily use.

You can build many bus posts around the city to promotion them in travelling with those who do not have their car. Or if you have more circumstances, you should build some more cosmos lots or more like a station.

Download Tiny Landlord APK & MOD for Android

The simulation game has a wide choice, diverse works, fast structure progress, and a balance system among input and output. So, it makes so much eagerness for all players. Come here, and Tiny Landlord will help you size your own reverie cit

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