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THE LAST REMNANT Mod APK is a fight adventure role-playing game from the famous publisher SQUARE ENIX. It is a remade version of the original PC version of the same name. Since its release in 2008, it has been careful equal to the fabled Final Fantasy. Let’s see what we will need with this remastered version on mobile!

The game undone with a dark-haired boy (later branded as Rush Sykes), who was irritating to find his lost newer sister, Irina. Suddenly he heard many outlandish sounds. Heading to the valley below the crag, he abruptly realized that it was a very tense battle amid humans and monsters. Earlier he understood what was going on, he unexpectedly saw his beloved sister Irina in the middle of the battle. Without reluctance, he rushed to Irina in the battle.

Rush Sykes and Irina are the children of two famous experts. From a young age, they moved from their home islet to the wealth Athlum to live. But inappropriately, on the way to Athlum, Irina was abducted, and Rush ran everywhere in penetrating for her until meeting this war.

The Last Remnant Mod ApkThe Last Remnant Mod Apk

Overview of The Last Remnant Mod Apk

Name:The Last Remnant Mod Apk
Developer:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. 
Mod Features:Updated

About The Last Remnant Mod Apk

Afterward the war in the valley at the start, Rush Sykes by accidental displayed some of his unpaid skills in front of the warfighters in some random settings. Prince Athlum saw that full potential and decided to recruit him into his team. The long and thrilling escapade as well as stimulating combat, from here really begins.

The educational cutscenes scattered with battles will income you to many dissimilar stories to clarify the current situation. There was the continual intense war numerous years ago between the four cliques of Mitra, Yama, Qsiti, and Sovani. They can be the shadowy “remnants – Remnant” that has was since ancient times, carrying in it a vague birth, unstipulated time, and interstellar. No one knows in what way they were made, where they came from, and what they were used for. But we know that they cover the huge confidences of this universe.


Now the inordinate power of the Remnants is slowly presence lost, and the world is in a serious inequity. Wars are continually breaking out, lands are continuously being separated, and fights seem to occur forever. A thousand years later, the time of THE LAST REMNANT Remastered, the children will create an strange event when they fight, escapade, uncover confidences and find a way to bring the world to its essential symmetry.

Full of unforeseen situations

THE LAST REMNANT Remastered is, in core, a role-playing, combat-adventure game. But it has numerous things that are dissimilar and unique associated to games of the same genre. First, while only on the mobile dais with the small screen, through and covering the game is a very large-scale battle organization, which can be said to be the top largest in present mobile RPG games.

In this game, you will switch units of 2 or 3 fonts instead of just one as usual. And as a unit, you have full controller over simple to complex battle guidelines like “Attack with Physical Arts” or “Focus on Healing.” When selecting a way to attack, the charm will mechanically fight according to that order until the victory or overthrow.

Note that it fixes not continuously force you to fight. Occasionally when you are too weary or want to reduce a bit, you can go everywhere the battle to do specific side quests to raise the typescripts in the squad. Or you can find items and apparatus and assemble them to produce a new and more appreciated item. Or at smallest you can imprisonment ogres in exchange for high-end items which you will never get if you buy with ready.


The extraordinary thing that makes many players fall in dear with THE LAST REMNANT Remastered to the last second is since its gameplay is wholly different from its ancestors. Usually, when partaking in a fight, the actor controls each hero separately against each enemy. However, coming here you will get a new understanding with a assembly of many associates. You will train and maneuver for the whole cluster, creating single offensive and defensive creations. Some other apps you will love are Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod Apk  and Taichi Panda Mod Apk.


A imagined world is undid to welcome you to conquer and travel. This place has many different contests and reverses, but especially, they obligate the shape of a human. Precisely, it is Mitras, Yamas holds the special power of fish, Qsitis is known as a small reptile, Sovanis moves players when he holds four cat-like arms. The laws of wildlife have instigated this world to division itself into distinct cities, which are rich philosophies.


THE LAST REMNANT Remastered’s battle orbits around the “Remnants” paragon that was born a long while ago, but now no one can tell which era it came from. It carries in itself extremely bizarre enchanted controls that make anyone want to own it. Each “Remnants” will be closely connected with somebody; only they can use and exploit the control they are given.


“Remnants” will look in several forms that exist universally in the cities. Still, behindhand those magic spells is a perilous mystery. If the person owning “Remnants” is not its true proprietor but takes benefit of and attacks that control for too long, side effects will begin to appear. That person will rapidly lose all, become a fierce monster, not spare anyone and have no heart like a humanoid. “Remnants” will look in various forms that be everywhere in the metropolises.


So who are you in the strange war, where many cities with magical “Remnants” appear? THE LAST REMNANT Remastered favorably agrees players to alter into intelligent, expressive young menfolk while liking a peaceful life with their religious and parents. But, after your parents set out to find the power of the “Remnants”, your sister was also abducted. The trip to find her sister and take revenge on the kidnappers legitimately begins.


We’re not just playing games but really watching a show with a bunch of high-tech cinematic things. I trust from the very beginning when the game trailer unlocks, you can see that this is clearly no ordinary game. It is an unexpected work. It’s rare for a 3D mobile game to be so high-pitched, delicate to every detail. It builds such an startling story intro, along with a sequence of cutscenes that style you not stop watching the growth.

The drive of each charm (both humans and monsters) is flat, beautiful, and vivid. Attacks are overstated with perfect illumination effects, influential enough but not dazzling and disturbing. They come with a variety of comprehensive possessions that make you reason you are eavesdropping to a real medieval fight movie’s sound.

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THE LAST REMNANT Remastered is a 3D role-playing game with a deep-to-the-bottom story, rich parts over many lands, tons of exciting battles, and disbeliefs. Well, what are you waiting for? Prepare a comfortable mind, sit neatly in front of your tablet or high-end mobile to enter a long escapade with Rush Sykes!

What's new

The bug that prevented players from moving past the logo screen after setting the display size to small on certain devices has now been fixed. The bug that froze the app when trying to change the in-game language settings after setting the display size to small on certain devices has now been fixed.