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SuperSU PRO APK is the upcoming tool for root organization. This is one of the greatest popular root-only apps that offers security for Android rooted phones. Have you continually been in search of an app to manage the authorizations on your device? You’re in the right place since Supersu is what you are looking for.

Though, even if you’ve ended rooting your phone, you will still essential the help of sure apps so you can make uses of your root consent. Speaking of which, SuperSU Pro is careful one of the best app for the job. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.


Overview of SuperSU PRO APK

Name:SuperSU PRO APK
MOD Features:Unlocked

About SuperSU PRO APK

Supersu is the Superuser admission organization tool for root management and it needs a rooted Android device. Android users wish to have full switch over their devices. So here derives the Supersu Apk which lets rights for all the apps on your mobile device that need root.

It will permit you to root your android expedient and have whole control ended it. Many of the specialists even term it as the finest app for rooting your android device. Rooting your android device will give you entrée to all of its features and the apps and games on it. You can brand the most of your device if you root it via the SuperSU Pro APK.

SuperSU app has more than ten million users and downloads internationally on many different app stores and ranks amongst the best rooting apps for Android.


It’s quite strong that you necessity first have a rooted device in order to run this app. Otherwise, it would be impractical since you won’t have any permission to give. So you must start by having your devices rooted before installing SuperSU Pro on your devices.

Awesome features

Access root permission on different apps

To start with SuperSU users will be allowable admissions to root consents on different apps. That being said, you can effortlessly admission Superuser access prompt or receive access notification when you want to use sure features on your mobile apps that require root permission. With just a solitary tap, you can deliver root permission for different apps.

Notification configuration on certain apps

And if you’re tired about the boundless notifications that you receive from all types of apps that are installed on your devices, you can make uses of the shrewd notification configuration feature in SuperSU Pro. That life said, it’ll allow you to create certain app outlines for each app. Henceforth, the next time you open your phone, only the important announcements will be displayed.

Unroot your devices temporary

And if for some motive, you need to return your phone to its earlier state previously being rooted, you can only choose the Temporary Unroot feature on the app. Select it and you can simply return your phone to its prior positions. And once you wish to need your phone rooted again, you just need to undo the features.

The game even supports enduring unroot if you don’t want to use a rooted device anymore. Which is quite imposing.

Detect all the running procedures on your app

With powerful algorithms, SuperSU Pro will allow you to notice all the running procedure on your app with ease. That existence said, there will be no more indefinite courses that are running in the related of your app without your knowledge. You can also visit our suggested Apps Terabox MOD APK, PPSSPP Gold MOD APK and Automatic Call Recorder MOD APK.

Work in every case

No matter how bad your phone is now is, SuperSU Pro users can continuously gain access to all features on the apps with ease. That being said, the app will labor when you’re in recovery mode, with non-standard shell locations, or even when your phone is rejecting to boot.

Multiple customizations for mobile apps

The game familiarizes gamers to multiple customizations for mobile apps that they could perform on their devices. This contains of allowing your apps to rouse on prompt so you can save time. And if you hunger to you can convert the mobile apps to system apps and vice versa.

Choose the apt icons for your mobile apps from 5 different choices. You can even brand the app unseen on your menu using these features. This allows you to have your secret apps hidden and they can only be edited from SuperSU menu.

Change themes on your phone

In addition, you can also tailor the themes on your phone with selectable themes from 4 different options. This can completely modification the look of your phone as well as the simulations and interfaces.

Customized configurations for each app

Android users will must each app in their system wholly under their switch with SuperSU Pro with the unique customized app configurations. That being said, you can easily alteration the logging outlines on each mobile app in the system. This also allows the go-aheads to override your system’s settings.

You can grant root approval for certain app as well as deny their compulsory permissions for certain amounts of time. There is also the option for altering the auto-deny countdown time when asking for root consent in certain apps.

Add secured protections to your system

To protect your system, SuperSU Pro users can set their own PIN protect for the classification. On top of that, each app can also have its own PIN protection, which brands it even more secured. You can set the defense code on the important apps on your system so others can’t gain access even when they’ve unlocked your phone.

Have SuperSU Pro unlocked with our mod

And last but not least, with our revised version of the app, Android users can effortlessly have the app installed on their devices without having to pay anything. Just download our SuperSU Pro APK on your devices and you can start enjoying all the premium features that it offers.

Download SuperSU Pro latest Android APK

SuperSU Pro is certainly the best root app for any Android users. With our mod version, you’ll have access to limitless commands and customizations on your classification. So don’t you dither to have it installed right now.

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