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A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand.
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Super Mario Run MOD is a stage game for mobile including iconic characters from its universe, with stirring online activities with friends.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Overview of Super Mario Run Mod Apk

App Name:Super Mario Run Mod Apk
Publisher:Nintendo Co.
Newest:Version 3.0.24
MOD Info:All Unlocked

Have touching forward, despite all dangers to save the lovely princess Peach. Super Mario Run has been and is a fabled game known to the whole world. With simple but stirring and stimulating gameplay, along with comical images and related music, this game is always at the top of the game plans around the world. The amount of more than 100,000,000 downloads says volumes about the class of this game.


Like to other games, Super Mario Run also has single features that can satisfy any game actor. Let me point out a few exciting things about this game:

Not First Running and Elusion

Not lone do the “advanced” methods such as wall jumping, but they are also very easy to make, giving a very satisfying sense to the player. Super Mario Run even has a haunted house, with puzzle basics like trying to avoid Boos or figuring out which gate is real, and which one is a trick.

It is a shame that the familiar traditional mechanics of shooting flowers and special outfits are absent in Super Mario Route. They require the second button. But the comfort is that we still have stars to convert “unmatched” in a given historical.

Particularly, characters Luigi and Toad can unlock for troupes to control, with skills that are a little different from Mario. The normal game screen ends when you control the appeal to jump into the aware flagpole.

Chiefly, the last phase of each world will be a competition with Bowser or a “roving” on the same aircraft in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Extremely Challenging with Swelling Difficulty

Firstly, the gameplay was easy, cut for players to be familiar with the gameplay mechanism. But the more, the advanced the difficulty surges the process of playing through every level will take extra time.

Not to discussion, each game screen has the challenge of gathering five pink coins, needing the player’s skill level to be at a advanced level.

Therefore, it is likely that it will take you less than a scarce hours to complete all the levels and tasks in Super Mario Run, even the level of the game. Although the iPhone type supports playing with one hand, I desire playing on the iPad.

The skill on these two devices is different in that you media the screen with your thumb in its place of patter your limb.

Various Game Modes to Try

In totaling to the main World Tour game mode, Super Mario Run also has a game with a city-building imitation called Kingdom Builder.

This game is like a basic version of Animal Crossing. You use coins to buy houses and beautify as you like, enticing into the Toad kids, after exciting them in the third game: Toad Rally.

Toad Meeting is a game mode in the form of a point-based attack, in which the player must find a way to beat the highest score of friends. First, you duty earn a Rally Ticket from the key game to skill Toad Rally.

If you have frolicked the World Tour, the number of Assembly Tickets is quite plentiful, so this isn’t a big deal. Too, Nintendo has promised not to sell virtual items in the game, so do not anxiety about having to pay real currency to buy a “receipt” here.


Mario guy will not ever stop until he rescues his duchess, so it seems that the scroll key is not needed; he will always move onward. Your job in Super Mario Run is to control him to jump small steps, roll in the air or generate strong fences over walls by touching the screen. Recollect to eat a lot of gold coins, use fans to increase your gift, and dodge annoying problems lengthways the way.


The biosphere tour is a classic game mode that has seemed since the first versions of Super Mario Run. Mario will cross the vast grasslands, scary haunted houses, or mysterious castles to rescue the beautiful monarch Peach. Your mission is to help him through 24 challenging rounds, gather as much gold, and fight the evil Bowser holding the monarch.

Remix 10 is very short rounds. There are 10 rounds in total for you; these discs will change form in each unlike play. It can journey in the clouds, on ships, underground, or in the desert,… However, one thing in joint in all rounds is the handsome reward. A large amount of gold will look in these short rounds. Make the most of your skill to collect as much gold as likely. And don’t forget somewhere in those 10 rounds that Daisy is lost; evoke to find her back.

Toad Rally is a vivid race between you and another player. In this mode, you have to pay care to complete the race without striking with obstacles while ensuring to eat the maximum amount of gold along the way to win. Triggering Coin Rush mode, you will enjoy the feeling of being flooded in a sea of gold, the ting sound continually ringing to bring players dangerous interest.

Kingdom producer will give you a unique skill when you can build your own kingdom. The more Coins and Toads you earn, the more buildings and flags are available to you. More than 100 different pretty items are waiting for you. Take advantage of Toad Rally mode to collect as many Toads as likely, and proceed to build your own empire in style.


In Super Mario Run, you will be talented to diversify your skill more by using different characters, which are Mario, Royalty Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadett. However, to own them, you have to overawed certain challenges. For Princess Peach, to get her into the game, you have to save her. Then enter Kingdom Builder mode, amass as many buildings and ribbons, and proceed to build a place for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadett. Only then can you take them on a trip of discovery with you. Each charm will have different figures and effects; try to own all of them to get the best game knowledge.

What's new

Implemented bug fixes.