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Stone Miner MOD APK

Stone Miner MOD APK is a removal simulation game with a simple notion and welcoming graphics for players to get used to each system fast. It is also a game full of relaxation and exhilaration where when players incessantly dig will permanently open up new potential to develop their career to new heights. Above all, its sound eminence is impeccable and exhilarating, making every communication or action of the miner vivid and real.

Cook yourself for a great subversive mining adventure. Drill through the earth’s surface and search for valuable stones and respected metals. To gain efficiency, ensure you buy and upgrade your busses along the way.In the Stone Miner simulation game by ZPLAY Games, your job is to mine for unlimited totals of stones in several islands and ground now. Here, you will be withdrawal stones using heavy tackles and vehicles. Later, you can sell the rocks and enjoy the cumulative income. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK

Stone Miner MOD APK

Overview of Stone Miner MOD APK

Name:Stone Miner MOD APK
Publisher:ZPLAY Games
MOD Info:Free Purchases

About Stone Miner MOD APK

Stone Miner is a truck-based game where you mine mainstays and sell them to advancement your truck. The goal is to get as many gravels as possible before the time runs out. You start with a basic truck and a imperfect amount of time. You can buying new vehicles with more authority, speed, and cash to make your life easier. The game has five levels: easy, middle, hard, very hard, and expert. Each class has different challenges to overwhelmed and more capitals to collect!

You play as a miner on a assignment to crush the stones with their truck and mine the capitals they need. The game aims to amass as many resources as possible to promotion your truck to crush more stones, mine more incomes, and sell them on the base. You can advancement your vehicle by purchasing new parts from the store using in-game money, which can be earned by completing missions and selling incomes at the base.

Stone Miner MOD APK Features

Smooth and Satisfying Controls

The control system of the game is flexible and simple in order to bounce players the most refreshing and relaxing skill. Players will be in charge of a cutting-edge mining machine that will let them get round any obstacles or pleat whatever is being mined in the meantime. The device will endlessly vibrate to produce the most lovely impression when the player touches rare or valuable minerals.

Use Power-ups Wisely

Make sure you exploit the efficiency of any power-ups you have by utilizing all of their potential. This resources that if you have an limitless capacity increase, you should make sure to collect every stone you can see, while if you have an infinite damage power-up, you should crush every stone you can see without upsetting about collecting it up right away.

Collect all Deposits for Sales

The player’s only chore in Stone Miner is to fill the machine’s ampules each time it instigates digging and then sell everything. To earn more money on each excursion, they must, however, select the most fitting and effective technique of digging, including identifying the quickest access to rare minerals. The air is created with an stress on simplicity and friendliness to promote reduction during gameplay.

Add New Utilities To the Mining Appliances

Players can recover each module of the mining machine after removal all the reserves and earning the matching quantity. Many recital or systems will partially surge their stats after advance, depending on each person’s exact mining system. The fun part is that, while recurrently execution the same task, the excavator’s look will variation with each level, giving the player a more stimulating experience.

Find More Rare Ores by Mining Deeper

Stone Miner employments a user-friendly graphics engine to transport the player’s whole mining enterprise to life beneath. As the player digs deeper, it will be meeker to uncover extra resources because of the dispersion of reserves in various regions. Of course, by using railings to carry the ores, they can design certain tunnels that increase mining productivity.

Avoid Wasting Time

Even if you are unable to collect the stone and bring it back to the shop, you should always break up the rocks so they are ready for you to take the next time you go out onto the island. It is more advantageous to break up pebbles and store them for later rather than waste time making numerous trips to the store. You can also visit our suggested Apps Pocket Academy 3 APK and Universal Truck Simulator MOD APK.

Reasonable Resource Mining

When you arrive at Stone Miner, you will need to look for various materials and use them wisely. In mining, you should employ them sparingly and adequately rather than fully and completely. Then, to increase revenue, sell them at respectable businesses. Be a wise player who can plan activities flexibly and respond to every circumstance with the utmost consideration.

Travel to Different Islands

You must travel to many islands in order to look for uncommon resources. Each island will have its own unique topography, subsurface resources, and uncommon ores. You will encounter thousands of additional islands throughout the game, and you can gradually take advantage of the benefits they offer. More intriguing locations will be found as you travel further, and you will come across more valuable ores. To locate regions that hold items of significant value, you should travel far and gain a lot of expertise.

Complete Levels For Extra Cash

Despite the fact that you can go to the next level with only one star, it is far more advantageous to take your time, grind everything to a crisp, and get the maximum three stars. By doing this, you’ll be able to earn more money and be better prepared to take on the next challenge.

Make your Grinding Tool More Durable

If you want to play Stone Miner well, you must frequently enhance your grinding tool because otherwise, you will run upon the stone that you are unable to crush, which will cause your grinder to turn red. Look for the update that will give you the maximum power when you toughen your grinding tool. Finding stone you can’t crush won’t be a problem if you regularly upgrade your grinding tool.

Improve My Truck

Since the truck follows the player throughout the operation, it might be claimed that you must constantly upgrade and enhance them to get better. Don’t forget to regularly improve your truck so that it is more current and has newer features to help you with your work. Additionally, you can upgrade some of the car’s components to make it the best and highest-quality equipment. Additionally, you can choose once more in accordance with your preferences if you decide to swap to a different vehicle.

Deliver a Sense of Comfort and fun to Players

You feel happier and more rejuvenated after finishing this game; all of the worry and strain from your daily life seems to vanish. Additionally, this game will give you the chance to discover important information. Additionally, you will obtain some expertise in the utilization of natural resources. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join you on these thrilling mining.


Stone Miner Mod APK is a charming game that anyone can play and enjoy. The gameplay is candid. You need to mine some stones and sell them on the base for change so you can upgrade your truck with new features like mining speed, size, or fuel consumption. The graphics of this game could be more imposing, but they still look nice enough for players.

Download Stone Miner MOD APK (Free Purchases)

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