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Fans of the typical arcade space shooter in Galaxy Attack will now need their chances to enjoy yet added incredible galactic escapade with Space shooter Mod Apk. Have fun taking on limitless waves of enemies, release your awesome cannon detonations, enjoy thrilling in-game levels with addictive gameplay, and constantly ready for new tasks ahead of you.

Take switch of your spaceship as Earth’s last guard force. Dive into epic fights against your nasty adversaries and come up with ways to stay on top of them. Upgrade your spaceship to enable more powerful cannons, interesting power-ups, and awesome conveniences, which will help you complete the in-game tests and have more fun with the immersive actions.

Space Shooter Mod Apk

Overview of Space Shooter Mod Apk

Name:Space Shooter Mod Apk
Mod Features:Infinite Diamonds

About Space Shooter Mod Apk

Here in Interplanetary shooter, Android gamers will have their likelihoods to become the captain of the space team. With the space invaders demolished by the latest galactic space squad, your team is all that’s left for the free individuals of the galaxy. Embark on your ultimate quests as you overcome the epic in-game tasks and take down the far-fetched enemies’ fleet during overwhelming space battles.

Command your ship to go finished multiple in-game trials and go against several nasty enemies, each taking its own intimidating powers. Easily control your spaceship to dodge foes’ attacks while also returning your precise cannon blasts. Explore numerous power ups and upgrades, which will give your ship better chances of wiping out the enemies.

Explore the breathtaking fights in multiple in-game levels with intensifying difficulties and interesting setups. Play the challenging and captivating crusades whenever you are ready. And most outstandingly, you can now join other galaxy wardens in your ultimate online quests to downfall the enemies.


Here are all the thrilling features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible touch controls

True off the bat, Android gamers in Space shooter will need their chances to enjoy the addictive and stirring arcade gameplay, thanks to its unassuming and reachable touch controls. Sensation free to optimize the touchscreen to make the classic game even more securely. Simply drag your ship around the screen to dodge opponents’ attack and make your dangerous return fires. The one-touch controls will certainly make the game easier and more charming.

Interesting in-game levels with amazing funs

For those of you who are absorbed, you can enjoy interesting in-game heights from Space shooter, which feature many thought-provoking crusades and exciting quests. Find yourself going against multiple enemies with unique powers. Take on the last arcade shooter gameplay with more than 200 different levels for you to love.

Have fun with the game in multiple quests and lots of challenges to speechless. Plus, with the escalating levels of difficulty, gamers in Space shooter will always find the game so exciting and challenging.

Incredible bosses with unique abilities

Together with the shocking waves of minion intruders, Space pistol also introduces nasty and gigantic bosses, which you’ll need to go against during your in-game adventures. Feel free to trial yourself with epic and huge supervisors, as you try to show-off your skills and capabilities. Enjoy unbelievable space wars and come up with the best tactics to challenge your enemies.

Amazing power-ups to make uses of

For those of you who are absorbed, you can now enjoy multiple in-game power ups, which you can kind good uses of, especially during the crucial minutes. Feel free to boost your authorities to avoid getting hit by multiple waves of adversaries. Shield your spaceship from major influences and boost your fire power to simply take down your enemies. Unlock multiple in-game power-ups and only use at the right minutes to momentarily give yourself rewards over the enemies.

Upgrade your spaceship for better powers

Also, to make your spaceship for the upcoming tests, gamers in Space shooter are permitted to make multiple elevations, which ought give their spaceships better stats and available powers. Feel free to unlock many interesting in-game landscapes and build your grand space team with the greatest incredible upgrades. Unlock incredible influences and find yourself quickly progress in the game.

Have fun with exciting PvP shooter gameplay

Here in Interplanetary shooter, gamers will also have their odds to enjoy the arcade space shooter gameplay with the breathtaking online mode. Sensation free to join friends and online gamers from all over the world, as you have fun with epic online shooting challenges.

Enjoy your co-op challenges with friends. Fight counter to other online opponents. And vie for the first places in the awesome leaderboard tests. All of which ought allow you to have more fun with the game. You can also visit our suggested Apps Subway Surfers Mod Apk and Angry Birds Classic Mod Apk.

Test your luck and get free rewards everyday

For those of you who are interested, Space firearm also introduces many interesting bootees for you to easily pick up every day, without requiring you to devote too much time with it. Now, gamers can have fun with the lucky steering wheel, daily quest, and other free gifts, which you can effortlessly pick up every day. Feel free to enjoy the awesome in-game tasks and unlock your special rewards.

Free to play

And despite all the exhilarating features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to relish on their mobile devices. That life the case, you can easily find the game being available on the Google Play Store without having to pay whatsoever. Feel free to have fun with it when you are ready.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

At the similar time, to get rid of the annoying ads and locked gratified, we also offer our unlocked gameplay, which you can easily pick up and love. Now, you won’t find yourself getting troubled by these unwanted features with unlimited Gold and Diamond in Space shooter. All you necessity is to download and install the Interstellar shooter Mod APK on our website. Follow the if instructions to start having entertaining with the game.

Visual and sound quality


With influential visuals and stirring graphics, Space shooter allows Android gamers to fully plunge themselves in dynamic arcade shooter levels. And as you development, the game will also enable implausible visual effects and immersive 3D designs of the in-game situations.

Thus, you’ll have more fun with Space shooter, cheers to its amazing lighting and superior effects. Not to mention that the classic planetary shooter will not require too much hardware skill from your devices.

Sound & Music

At the same period, also have fun with the overwhelming shooter gameplay of Space shooter, cheers to the powerful sound effects and on-themed soundtracks. Find yourself travelling the awesome world of Planetary shooter as the in-game audio entirely hook you to the gameplay.

Final thoughts

Get prepared to take on the ultimate space shooter trials in this new game from ONESOFT and easily discover its interesting features. Obligate fun playing the game in grand arcade challenges and explore the unique on-game basics. Upgrades your capsule and growth in the game to unlock even more stimulating gameplay.

What's new

- New event. - New miniship. - Fix some bugs.