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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!
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March 15, 2022
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Sakura Scramble! Mod Apk This is a new beginning for you. Join the school dating simulation game. You can choose the character to play and choose the actions you do or the story’s ending.

Adventure in a creation of prettiness and thrills in Sakura Scramble!. You’re looking for here aren’t shocking confidences about deaths or anything like that. You need to find a girlfriend who has all the basics to make you fall in love. It could be a childhood friend you haven’t seen in a long time, a attractive girl with an odd personality… You can choose what actions to take with the girls, such as admitting or rejecting them. Naturally, the player can also choose the finale for the stories.

Sakura Scramble Mod Apk
 App NameSakura Scramble!
 PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.


Afterward a lot of hard work, you made it to high school! But there’s only one thing that’s really on your mind … finding a boyfriend! Fable has it that if two lovers confess their feelings under the cherry flower tree in the schoolyard, their love will last persistently. As you contemplate your likely future, you reunite with your childhood friend named Poppy – an energetic and spirited girl whom you haven’t seen in years. The two of you decide to help each other – you find him a girlfriend, and he will find you a sweetheart!

In a week, you will get to know a beautiful older and a strange girl from another class. You all quickly develop friends … but then you start to wonder. Who do I want to confess my spirits under the cherry blossom tree …?


Players will meeting and get to know 3 different lovely female types in Sakura Scramble!. They have the pretty advent of teenage girls, and of course, each of them has its own distinct natures and characteristics. First, it’s a childhood friend with an active nature: Willow – a girl with imposing looks and absolute acumen. Finally, there is Raven – a girl who always does her own object.


Each charm has a beautiful appearance and a different character. They were all amazing, and you were strained to them. In this game, the player has the right to select what he does with the given movements. In addition, you can also alteration your appearance into a handsome guy to competition them. Players have the right to choose the words and actions they do with the girls, for example, admitting or rebuffing them.


It’s prodigious that you can do all you like in Sakura Scramble!. Players can even do things that they cannot realize in real life. In addition, you have the right to choose the person you love to acknowledge under the Sakura tree and achieve the most satisfying results. Then the player is also allowable to choose the ending for his story – a happy ending.


  • Journey in a school simulation game to find the girl he affections, confess to her under the shade of the Sakura tree.
  • The player surprisingly meets a childhood friend of his, and the two of you decide to help each other in order to find the other half of cheerfulness.
  • Meet and get to know many characters with different looks and traits; they are like flowers budding and trying to attract you.
  • Choose your own advent, change the actions and words you will do next when cooperating with girls, accept or reject them.
  • You can choose the culmination for the love story of two folks, choose good endings that you have not seen in real lifespan.


☆The Energetic Friend – Poppy☆
You used to suspend out with Poppy when you were both little kids. She’s full-grown up to be quite the romantic and trusts in the legend of the sakura as you do. She’s continuously full of energy and knows how to must a good time. But is she more than just a friend to you…?

☆The Unobtainable Senior – Willow☆
Willow is a older at your school and well known for her astonishing looks and brilliant mind. You grow earlier and closer to her after a chance meeting at school and learn that there’s a lot more to this girl than the unfriendly looks.

☆The Quirky Girl – Raven☆
Raven’s not the kind of girl that takes the norm – She does things her personal way and is proud of it. But that doesn’t cruel she isn’t a fan of firm. In fact, you quickly become friends with her and you start to feel her fetching a very vital part of your lifecycle…


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