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You’re not exactly the police, but you're the only ones on the side of justice
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Download the game Rebel Cops MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for free on IQC PRO MOD APK and join the misconduct hunting journey in the town of Ripton!The Rebel Cops unlocks with the scene of the town of Ripton overcome by the battles of criminal gangs. Now, the town is beneath the control of criminal boss Viktor Zuev. Bests, even local police, yielded to him.

Zuev, a former illicit who specializes in pressure and extortion, seized every commercial, controlling all commercial ventures there. But, he could not control it all. A group of “rebel police” refused to longbow to Zuev. Not accepting suppression and becoming a loser, these police organized small campaigns to destroy Zuev’s facilities. Their ultimate goal is Zuev.

Rebel Cops Mod Apk

Overview of Rebel Cops Mod Apk

Name:Rebel Cops Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Money 

About Rebel Cops Mod Apk

If you’ve eternally played This Is the Police 2, I’m sure that the game I’m about to introduce will not fail you. Rebel Cops is careful the spin-off version of This Is the Police. Yet, its gameplay has been changed quite a lot linked to TITP. Instead of managing and exploring, it has now turned into a turn-based strategy game needful players to calculate every move. Rebel Cops has proven to every gamer that strength is not constantly the best way to solve something, expressly in the police industry.



Though the fonts in Rebel Cops are mostly taken from This is the Police series, but in fact, this is a wholly independent game about gameplay. If you’ve never frolicked through this series, you don’t need to worry near the plot.

Rebel Cops has a definitive turn-based strategy game. But you will not advancements and fights, you’ll be fighting in a “sneakier” way. The enemy will follow a immobile route available, they will always hunt and simply find the dangers in their view. If a PC were found in their area, the rest of them would be on alert and equipped to shoot.


Initially when playing, you resolve see Rebel Cops quite like to a turn-based tactical version of the legendary game Commandos. However, the characters in Rebel Cops are just regular people, sense that they are pretty easy to die (with just one bullet) and there will be no health or revival like other policy games. Therefore, direct combat with criminals is not a moral idea.

The mechanics of the game have some rather irritating points. The bull is immobile but if you do not cuffs them, they can escape after a few turns or even kill your police. As a police officer, you need to comply with the law. Rebel Cops restricts the direct shooting to kill like other games of the identical genre (there are even jobs that do not allow you to kill anyone). Troupes can only use electric stun guns, baton twigs to hit the back of the neck or hold a gun and regulator the target.

Sneaky action

In this game, there will be no supplementary dramatic action scenes that players have seen in shooting games, but in its place will be sneaky. Players are just a group of folks standing up, so the number is slight, and players will oppose a lot of enemies. Companies will attitude on the damaging side, so players requirement to sneak to kill the enemy and not kind them detectable.

Players will approach them from overdue to attack and defeat them before they can advise others. When they discover players, they will use weaponries to destroy the player, and the performer will be beaten before the mission is finished. You can also visit our suggested Apps Dawn of Titans Mod Apk and Clash of Zombies Mod Apk.

Be careful!

In totaling to the small battlegrounds, Rebel Cops also offers wider sites for adventure players to travel in the sandbox style. Players are allowed to search each room, open safes and warren into the vault, trying to go into hard-to-reach areas to get all needed. Expressly, team members should go together and shelter each other.

What is your plan?

Zuev is not a boob, he is really cruel and does all to kill who gets in his way. Can you tired him without playing by his rules? Will you observe the local police and the management team or go your own way? Selected say that thru the war, you must do whatever it takings to survive. But in society in the town of Ripton, occasionally standing is more vital than cash. If you are not careful and let your reputation go downhill, odds are everything will turn away from you.

MOD APK version of Rebel Cops

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Total, this is an interesting game, with a unique gameplay elegance than the same category games. But it must be noted that some movements and images in Rebel Cops are not appropriate for families and people with weak nerves. You should contemplate before clicking on the link to download the MOD APK version of Rebel Cops at the end of the article.

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