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Welcome to an authentic, complete and surreal Cricket experience - Real Cricket™ 20.
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March 10, 2022
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Cricket is undeniably one of the most prevalent sports in the full world with billions of devotees worldwide. And now, collected with seeing and loving every epic matchup, individuals of you who are in dear with the astounding sport of cricket will finally have their probabilities to relish the game, thanks to this grand title from Nautilus Mobile.

Real Cricket 20 Mod Apk

Feel allowed to involve yourself in the special gameplay of mobile cricket activities with in-depth and addictive gameplay. Discover bags of single and thought-provoking characteristics of the hobby while also partaking fun with the representative gameplay of cricket.

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Overview of

Developer: Nautilus Mobile
Size:75.78 MB
MOD Features:Unlimited Money

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For individuals of you who are attentive, you can now have entertaining with the awesome gameplay of cricket in Real Cricket 20, which features reliable and comprehensive sport involvements with lots and lots of astounding adventures. Start the game by producing your own cricket team and find physically advancing complete the epic struggles, tournaments, and lines.

Explore the accurate and appealing bouts with lots and lots of inspiring cricket actions. Enjoy reliable explanation with different verbal options for you to pick from. Unlock the unusual task mode where you can take on heroic battles of the antiquity and play them your conducts. Challenge physically in epic cups and races.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the true gameplay of cricket imitation

To start with, Android gamers in Real Cricket 20 will have their probabilities to relish the reliable gameplay of cricket imitation and have fun with the grand mobile game at its best. Find physically exploring faithful elements of the athletic, with clubs and players administrations, thought-provoking events and leagues to contend, and accurate matches that will make the game a lot supplementary exhilarating.

Ground-breaking gameplay with added essentials

Here in Real Cricket 20, Android gamers can accurately feel the variances between different batsmen and their playstyles, thanks to the unlike Batting Categories. With different cricket shots and hostility levels, gamers can without restrictions tailor their Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute stats. Each of them will offer single involvement within the game for most gamers.

Inspiring commentary options for you to relish

And for those of you who are attentive, you can now like working with truthful and inspiring in-game commentary selections. Start by choosing your favored languages for explanation, with multiple decisions in Real Cricket 20. Feel able to relish your games in English, Hindi, and many other verbal packs that are existing for downloads and installations. Also, you can now empower engaging Female Note with lots of thought-provoking combo packets.

Unlock the heightened snick weary and hotspot

And to kind the matches more faithful, the game now geographies the grand snickometer and hotspot, which agree gamers to examination any umpire calls for edges and LBW. Truly relish the matches in the angle of a onlooker as well as the player.

Special struggles for you to contend

And for those of you who are attentive, you can now love many unusual competitions in Real Cricket 20, which offer single challenges for you to discover.

Start by suffering the Epic Battles of cricket’s history, in which you can pick to play as both sides to trail or change antiquity to your own penchants. Enjoy inspecting and in performance your favorite games of cricket during these decisive minutes of cricket.

Also, you can now have enjoyable with the Road to World Cup or RCPL tasks, which will allow gamers to re-experience their eventual skills and memoirs with the international cricket competitions. Feel free to play as diverse squads and win the tournaments for your countries.

Numerous addictive real-time multiplayer for you to relish

And most prominently, with the unusual mobile game of cricket, Android gamers will find themselves having entertaining with many real-time multiplayer tests. Feel free to pick your classic 1 vs 1 multiplayer to train with families, or contend with other gamers in ordered battles. Have fun teaming up with friends or any arbitrary player to join your 2P vs 2P matchups. Explore the addictive co-op tasks where you can join your friends in dozens of rising matchups against the smart AI. Or only spectate your friends’ live matches in the Multiplayer style. All of which will with conviction impress and permit most of you to love the game.

Re-watch your unusual highlights throughout the games

And for those of you who are absorbed, you can now re-watch many superior places of interest from your former matches, or that of your friends. Feel able to check out many of these remarkable footages and learn more nearby the bouts with different camera positions. Also choose to save these tapes on your campaigns or portion the videos on.

Without restrictions set up your matches

And for those of you who are attentive, you can freely format your bouts with different aeras of day. Have fun singing in Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk and Night with lots of single environmental effects. Pick amongst multiple selections and experience the games in your own ways.

Dependable stadiums to make the game more pleasing

Also, thanks a lot to the reliable stadiums, gamers can freely sightsee and love the realistic skies at their live stadiums in Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, and many other chairs. Discover unique textures and in-game setups at each stadium to discovery yourself relishing the game even more.

Spontaneously work with the pro camera to advance your gameplay

And to kind the game more motivating, Android gamers can now spontaneously work with the Pro Camera to advance your gameplay. Feel able to play from the eyes of the hitter using the provided proview, as you fob watch the ball being thrown toward you at 90mph. Make your precise conclusions and hit the ball with inordinate exactness.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to plunge yourself in the superior gameplay of Real Cricket with bags of interesting visual fundamentals. From the faithful player faces and pullovers, authentic stadium situations, to the accurate in-game astrophysics, Real Cricket 20 allows Android gamers to truly feel themselves during the bouts. And at the identical time, the further visual effects and HD pictures will make sure that you can constantly enjoy the game to the completest.

Sound & Music

Organized with special visuals, gamers can now appreciate authoritative sound effects and soundtracks during the game. All of which will keep them wholly hooked to the superior mobile title for 60 minutes on end.

Final thoughts

With authentic and in-depth cricket gameplay, Real Cricket 20 will allow Android gamers to truly engage themselves in the special athletic involvements. Feel free to build your own lineup and take on many exhilarating competitions, both on and offline. Learn engaging games of crickets with reliable setups and faithful executions. Answer various in-game relations and exciting characteristics. All of which will definitely amaze many of you.

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