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It’s chaos out there on the open road! Homicidal maniacs in a frenzy of rage, tearing up the highway in tricked-out cars and trucks in pursuit of… YOU!
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V 1.3.15
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Download Rage Road mod APK – the latest version – free for Android to take out the other hitmen from the spinal of your truck. Sprout cars, helicopters, missiles, and more.


Name:Rage Road
Simplified:2 days ago
Compatible with :Android 5.0+
Last style:1.3.15
Size:83.61 Mb
MOD:Unlimited money, No ads

MOD APK type of Rage Road

MOD types

  • Boundless Money
  • No Ads

Rage Road has a attractive funny 3D graphics with nice light effects. Although the scenes chase and shoot on the road, but not ample bloody and violent scenes as you reflect. Most of them are inborn from Johnny Cause with happy for troupes 12 and older.

Rage Road mod APK – Limitless money, No ads

Whereas this game was firstly just for iOS, it is now available on Android as well. Download Rage Road mod APK latest version for Android now to get in on the grand action and put your hitman services to the test. How long will you lasy?!

The test is getting firmer

The amount of killers chasing you is increasing, even four or five cars. What would you do in this state? Aim to the first car’s tire! The first car to upturn will cause the other cars to collide and create a awful accident. But what if their busses have armored tires? Murder a driver is the keenest move, I think. That car will soon lose switch.

Another thing that you would also pay care, is always ranking ending foes nearby first. There are two motives for this, the first is that if you can shoot somebody’s headshot, his body parts will be thrown out and the people late him will be affected. Second, the enemy may be field the bomb. When he grows close enough, he’ll throw it in your car and “boom”, you’ll have to jump all from cut.

Train better arms

After live the game for a few days, I grasped that, in order to protect Jack’s safety, the skill alone is not plenty. You will soon know this when your foe uses a helicopter and spells you with rockets. At that time, you necessity better guard tools and guns!

Leading of all, for a car, bargain steel armors to protect the hood and around the cockpit. Drivers are very weak and you cannot survive if the vehicle loses control. Then, swap the tire set better. A car will be reversed when it is not balanced. In this case, secure wheels or cast steel wheels will be a safe optimal for the trip.

Next, you want to have more ammunition and also a faster reload hurry. These engine guns are great ideas, but they are quite classy and you need to work stiff to get money.
In totaling, the store also has rather unique costumes. You can buy Jack a hat, an anti-toxic mask and a defensive suit to make him feel more eager!

The task system

Each day, Rage Road will update new tasks. It is a fun way for you to make more money. Firstly, they are simple to complete with 10 headshot kills. After that, they can surge in number, asking you to buy rather in the store or Glock Kills 30 times.

Opinion ‘n’ Shoot

This willing is very simple, as we’ve previously stated. You literally just go through levels gunfire all the bad guys who are shadowing you. It might sound repetitive, but honestly, it’s a lot of fun. The levels get more stimulating as different vehicles and more gritty hitmen dose you.

Sprout out the tires, or aim for the driver, or just puzzle the vehicle with so many bullets that it detonates. There are trucks, quads, bikes, airplanes, jeeps, and more. You’ll have some enemies that are quicker than others, but all of them hurt from acute male pattern hair loss – that is reliable throughout the game, abundant as it is in lifetime.

You don’t switch the truck, so you’re free to effort all of your attention on the shooting. It’s like one big exit from God only knows what kind of hitman job. This simple active makes the game very fun and addicting.

There are also supervisor bouts that will really put your skills to the test. Due to these, you’ll need to be extra cautious when selecting your weapon and preservative your fitness.

Orders for live Rage Road APK

Though the game is simple, there are certain pro tips that will help you to get a better score when live it.

Here they are.

Select your guns wisely

There are heaps of guns to choose from in Rage Road APK. Some of them are more influential than others, while some will have a larger fortnightly or a faster rate of fire. On top of that, some of them take lengthier than others to refill.

You poverty a weapon that is influential and quick to reload so that you can make precise shots and not get stuck for ammo during boss fights. Credibly, having a high rate of fire of a big slick will only temp you to shoot at nobody like a fanatic.

Know the cars

The type of van controls the type of enemy you’ll be facing. The reinforced cars, for example, always have opponents that pop up from the back, meaning a bullet to the head is the best way to deal with them (until helmets are introduced…). For many other cars, just hit the tires or the motorist.

For chief vehicles, just sprout them until they detonate and duck to dodge their shots. Boss buses are in a way the easiest marks as all they do is absorb shots until they’re done for.

Usage the auto-aim

It must go without saying that the auto-aim will originate in handy when you’re trying to hit a tiny part of a moving target. Using the auto-aim will help you a lot with semi-auto weapons like pistols and rifles, although it might get a little trickier with fully reflex

What's new

Improvements and bug fixes.