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Welcome to the raft, survivor! Ready to test your survival skills in the vast expanses of the ocean?
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Raft Survival MOD APK is a survival simulation game from the producer TREASTONE. In the game, you are unaccompanied on a “deserted island” and have to do all kinds of gears to survive every day.

But that’s fair the tip of the iceberg. Since among the floating stuffs, there are only a few that are vital to you. For the record part, those things are trash. In my knowledge, you should collect all likely items, put items that you think force be useful in the future, into Account. Because you have to survive, everything is desirable. 

Raft Survival Mod Apk

Overview of Raft Survival Mod Apk

Name:Raft Survival Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Coins 

About Raft Survival Mod Apk

The division is briefly skimmed: an fortune, the plane crashes, you are the only one alive. You wake up, dazed, and find yourself lying on the “island”. No, to be more detailed a fragile wooden raft on the sea and fenced by dangerous things expect.

What do you need to face in the central of the ocean? Of progression, you have to find a way to survive, fight hunger, thirst, sharks … With each rising need you will find that you can pick up many items, stuffs, even weapons floating wherever in the water about. The only object you have on hand is, by avoidance, just a hook.

Use the hook, aim, drop, throw the hook, as far as likely and pull up. This can be said to be the key action through the game. Similarly, you touch the canopy to select the point to need to hook, then media the issue button.


Don’t waste anything you pick up

Pay superior attention to wooden puzzle pieces, ropes and minor tools such as hammers, pliers, scissors… Don’t throw them gone. These help you to expand your raft and rise your chances of finding your way to the bordering island. And items such as crates and casks of wine will bring you water and food. The weaponries will help you increase your survival thru the days variable in the sea. You can use armaments for self-defense, or kill some fish for food.

After you have plenty resources, you can swell your raft, build a house on the raft, make guns, eat and drink to rise your health stats…

Scary enemies around the raft

And survival on a variable raft is not only about moving and finding a way for yourself. You also have to fight lots of different horrible foes in a lack of resources and arms.

The first is the fierce, cruel sharks surrounded. With the weaponries collected so far and the skill of the touch joysticks on the screen, you kill each one to protect yourself and keep your raft.

The raft is growing day by day, you have more incomes, which means you can figure a solid, modern and larger house. Do not let yourself be free but obligate to make use of all the time, always gather possessions, to enrich your inventory. Because in Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad, time is endless, but enemies can look at any time.

In adding to sharks, you also need to steer your wooden raft through gales, big waves in the sea. With just one dash, everything can lose its balance and you bowl into the ocean. With these natural adversaries, you have only one coping strategy: stay calm, clutch on, and do not flinch.

When you permit the above challenges, you will receive countless valuable items. Mixed with the main chore are a few small tasks such as pulling trash out of the raft legs, reordering everything on the raft to be orderly.


Many new gears are waiting for players in the latest updated version of Raft Survival. The quest scheme has been restored with many good-looking rewards. Along with the visuals system, the game’s interface is also edited conferring to the feelings of the majority of troupes. Trader Joe is a new atmosphere who is also stuck at sea. In calculation, some new islands, new swindlers, and new aircraft parts are also added to this type. You can also visit our suggested Apps Dragon City Mod Apk and Tasty Town MOD APK MOD APK.


You will practically have to self-support during your survival. You requirement to make use of all the available resources to improve your crude raft further. What assistances you get over the most challenging seconds is maybe just a few boxes of relief goods nomadic in the middle of the sea.

In these homeless crates are a few small pieces of wood, some living tools, occasionally even some food or elementary weapons to help you survive. Cherish and take gain of them all because not all you get them for free.


In Raft Survival, you will survive and live on a small yacht, but you can also use the provisions you get to upgrade that yacht. First, focus on firming the boat to become stouter, building yourself a safe haven. Then gather and expand the area of the boat, along with edifice some significant services such as armory, food storage, to advance your life.

A bigger story is waiting for you to discover

The quest is not just around on wooden raft with some fierce sharks and hurricane. Finally, you will also sweep to a small island. Without just one, many islands will look one after another. You will notice many mysteries in the huge world. Laterally with your record and weapons, you will have to fight a series of surprisingly diverse enemies such as noxious spiders, giant crabs, ferocious forests… and strange individuals.

A new big story is truly connected and unfolded slowly. You find yourself in a different world. A dreadful disaster has come and engulf the world in the ocean. And survivors are also burying themselves on small islands. You will join them to sightsee all the secrecies behind, join them and survive calm in this cruelty world.

Some personal comments

Really, this plot for me is a bit oversize compared to the form of mobile games. But that is also a very good principle if the creator really has ambitions to expand the game with part 2. Predictable to be about the expedition to find your homeland and the survivors in this world.

But in the basis of Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad, I comprehended that this is a game with quite simple gameplay, just a few times “throwing hook” you will get used to the management and instructions in the game. Things later established quite easily and not too surprise. The music is beautiful, dramatic, vivid, flexible and creation.

You can try Epic Raft, a game with a similar gameplay.

MOD APK version of Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: You grow a lot of coins after buying rather.

Download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad MOD APK for Android

If you are a fan of the survival game, you would try playing Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad once. There are many motivating things waiting ahead. And best of all: the game not ever ends. Maybe, TREASTONE will mature a second part, if this game really becomes the reflection of the players. Download the game to play true here, guys.

What's new

Improved in-game graphics, added animations Added a new ability to mine doubloons Made changes to the crafting acceleration logic Fixed bugs that hindered the game