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Project Winter is the popular social deception game on PC, now it is coming to mobile!
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Project Winter Mobile APK is a existence game that was retailed on the Vapor platform in the first quarter of 2019. Until January 13, 2022, they officially free a wholly free mobile version. Presently, games of the Social Deduction genre are very prevalent. Typically, Among Us, Deceit, Agrou are all best-selling games and publicized by many famous Decorations.

And in this article, IQC PRO MOD APK would like to explain to you a super nice-looking game, a mobile version of the game Project Winter. The game is a grouping of 2 genres Survival and Social Assumption. In the year of launch, the game received many prizes such as EA GRADUATE GOLD of Steam, GAME OF THE YEAR voted by gamers and ranked 2nd in BEST CANADIAN MADE GAME 2019.

Project Winter Mobile Mod Apk

Overview of Project Winter Mobile Mod Apk

Name:Project Winter Mobile Mod Apk
Developer:Boltrend Games
Mod Features:Updated

About Project Winter Mobile Mod Apk

In terms of setting, Project Winter Mobile instigates with a group of folks who have an coincidence and must to survive for themselves on the snow-white foothills. There are two main parties, Survivor and Traitor. When the game starts, your character is shown in the lower right crook of the awning. As a Stayer you need to achieve a sequences of responsibilities set out by the scheme such as electrical reparation, radio repair.

Not solitary that, but you also necessity to sightsee and find items to aid you survive in the cold climate. Around the map there are several items desired for you to survive. The most bossy task is to fix the receiver to call for aid and get many blameless people out of the snow-white mountains. Too, pay attention to the Traitor loitering around you.


Traitor, in its place of just profitable to disrupt and find a way to kill Stayer, you also have extra task that is survival. If the body is taciturn, the HP will slowly decrease until it spreads 0. As a Traitor, you essential to build trust with Survivor and soundlessly disrupt and avoid them from on the run from the snowy crags. Your allies are bare at the start of the game. To win, you have to cooperation with other players over private chat, remote voice, text chat or emotes.

Appearance options

Like other games, you can wholly choose the appeal’s get-up. However, the theme will be very incomplete. The game context takes place in the hoary mountains, so the get-ups only have season clothes such as yarn shirts, ski goggles.

Survival factor

Besides execution the errands given by the system, your task is survival. You must not let your appeal endure the cold for too long, hungry and eager. That’s why you need to sightsee every corner of the map to collect supplies to make belongings like in Minecraft. Troupes can build battle-axes, saws to cut trees, use games and wood to produce fire, and even create artilleries to hunt in the snowy foothills. The role of traitor will be more tough than other games since the Survivor side is not only walloping, but they are similarly armed to fight the Defector faction.


Project Winter’s ready mode is rather rich. Basic mode is planned to help newbies to the game, you will be corresponding with entirely new and new players. Frequently, a match is only about 15 minutes, the map is pointed, only Survivor and Traitor. There is another mode that is Standard, in this mode, the time every game will last about 15 minutes lengthier than Basic. The map is prolonged with 9 areas, more errands to do and more characters such as Medic, Defector, Soldier, Hacker, Scientist…


The game volume is quite light likened to its graphics. Map design, typescripts, items are all very eye-catching. The 3rd person standpoint helps troupes to see the map more easily. The cartoon of the typescripts is smooth, the surrounds are likewise very beautiful. “Better to see rather once than to hear nearby it a thousand times.” If you do not trust, you can partake and skill it yourself.

Play with friends

To make the game motivating and emotive, you ought play with your friends. Why do I say that? The present state of the game is pretty bad since the game civic is very toxic. They may come calm to kill you even if you are a Stayer or use unfitting language on voice chat and typescript chat. Therefore, I think you should form a group of groups to play collected instead of linking community housings.

Download Project Winter Mobile APK for Android

Now, the mobile version of Project Winter has been unconfined for free. With good-looking graphics and beautiful gameplay, if you are a supporter of the survival genre, you positively cannot overlook this game. Will Survivor or Turncoat be the winner? Join the game and involvement the survival bouts on the snowy crags.

What's new

Bug fix and game improvement.


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