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In 2033, the world saw the outbreak of an unknown infection that left most of the human population dead.
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March 5, 2022
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Zombie survival has always been a prodigious topic for game inventers to sightsee. And this while, Android gamers can in conclusion enjoy their reliable survival gameplay with unbelievable gameplay on Prey Day Survival.

Prey Day Mod Apk

Join thousands of online gamers as you all find physically caught inside post-apocalyptic cities where zombies roam the highways and only a few fighters are left. Trapped by the close zombies, you’ll necessity to bargain a way out of the recent states as well as guard yourself from zombies’ break-ins.


Overview of Prey Day Mod Apk

Genres:Prey Day Mod Apk
Updated: 2022/03/14
Size:539 MB
MOD Features:Mod Money

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In the game, players will find themselves being familiarized to the post-apocalyptic world in the nearby future. The year is 2033 and humankind has been virtually wiped out with the fresh outbreak of an unidentified virus that has bowed most of our populace into mindless ogres.

Being one amid a few blessed survivors, gamers will find themselves having admittance to the immersive endurance gameplay with amply of exciting features to explore. Get familiarized to the fully open world along with many online gamers where you’ll all join in this ultimate endurance challenge.

Start by roving the close areas to explore the zombies’ actions and get yourself some foods or materials. Build up your own ramparts to guard yourself from zombies’ attacks. Try to grasp out for other stickers as you join services to escape this breathing hell or agree to fight back the zombies. The city is yours to discover.


Here you’ll bargain all the thrilling features that the game has to offer:

Instinctive top-down view and conservative forward gameplay

To start with, Android gamers will novelty themselves relatively happy with the intuitive and candid gameplay. It’ll only revenue a few actions before you can seam others in this decisive survival contest.

Feel free to have a moral look at your surrounds, make customs of the innate touch controls to without restrictions move round and collecting incomes, take on classic fights with the zombies every time you’re ready.

Enjoy the addictive RPG and existence knowledges

And for those of you who’re involved, the game also features exhilarating RPG and being gameplay that offers vast and pleasing content. Here, you’ll seam other gamers in stirring endurance trials with the classic stats and times organization. Take on the horrid zombies or comprehensive missions to earn involvements and rewards for your typescripts. And have fun as you sightsee the online gameplay with many other fighters. Join forces as you combat and drive the horrible zombie out of your metropolitan.

Explore plenty of interesting adventures in Harbor town

Jerk your survival journey by go aboard on the epic ventures across Harbortown. Get complex with many thought-provoking stories and take to complete positive quests to collect superior rewards. With a huge city to explore, you’ll find manually having admission to multiple narratives and exploits. Travel the district, subway, massifs, and more as you look for your next trials.

A wholly open world that you can sightsee

And dialog of which, with the huge open-world including a variety of exciting features to explore. Here, you’ll have wide-ranging access to all the diverse props and stuffs that are to be found along the way. Feel free to explore a household to look for monies, use the crowbar to discontinuity the lock or fight back counter to the zombies, cooperate with multiple matters around you to look for loot able matters that are hidden, and extra.

To type things even more thought-provoking, you’ll speedily find physically not alone in this metropolitan and there are various other stickers who’re just like you, trying to find a means out of the states. Join navies with them as you block the challenges calm or attempt to take the dejected and accumulate your cash. In a cruel world, you’ll fast realize that people has no meaning, only endurance matters.

Explore the fun and interesting craft system

And to backing gamers in their alive adventures, the game also presents the motivating craft system where you can make uses of the collectible materials and incomes to turn them into beneficial tools and items. Sensation free to make your weapons to match back the zombies, make traps to well taking down your foes, create tools to backing you in your surviving tasks, or even paradigm your own defenses to keep you from zombies’ attacks. Sightsee the motivating crafting features as you get more elaborate in the gameplay.

Involvement addictive battles contrary to the zombies and other fighters

The game also make known to gamers to exhilarating battles that you can love. Throw manually into the zombies and buzz their butts with your newly manufactured weapons or trap them into your traps. And sometimes, you can also stay behind your defendable fortress to fight back the foes. With the intuitive top-down interpretation and opportune touch controls, you can restfully enjoy the exhilarating survival battles.

Join forces with other fighters as you form up your own clan

And for those of you who’re absorbed, the game also features the thrilling Clan gameplay where you can seam forces with other stickers to create your own Coterie or partake in an present one. With this, you’ll have entree to the exciting Clan locations, which features many new-fangled and pleasing features to sightsee. Pick up a series of thought-provoking quests and trials. Create your own Clan base and unlock thought-provoking fortifications that you can hypothesis on it. Start your military actions contrary to the zombies and other clans right on the highways.

Free to play

And regardless of having all those amazing features, the game is presently free for all Android gamers to love. Hence, you can simply have it installed on your mobile strategies without having to pay for everything. Just trace the game on the Google Play Store and start relishing once you have it copied.

Make the game less thought-provoking with our mod

And for those of you who’re conclusion the game a little bit interesting, you can always pick up our changed version of the game, which suggestions a lot more interesting features. That being said, you’ll now treasure yourself in less anxiety with our No Hunger mod, this allows you to make multiple tasks starved of taking to worry about feeding your types. All you necessity to do is to download and install the Prey Day Survival Mod APK from our website.

Visual and sound quality


Dive into exciting endurance challenges as you find physically in this unbelievably dark and risky city. The creators have done a splendid job of refashioning the immersive situations that allow you to truly joint into the breathtaking world of zombies and infinite surviving challenges. In addition, the stunning 3D graphics and awesome visual effects will make you wholly hooked to the game.


Find yourself totally occupied in the awesome world of Prey Day Survival as you explore the correct sounds and powerful dialogues.

Final thoughts

Fans of the celebrated Dawn of Zombies and Day R Premium will positively enjoy themselves in exhilarating survival trials with Prey Day Survival. Find manually completely bowed to the immersive world with adequately of interesting facets to discover.

What's new

– Display of worn equipment in the editing window can now be disabled
– Clearer display of rewards in store offers
– A number of small but important improvements for a more comfortable game
– Various error and bug fixes
– Preparations for future changes



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