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PowerDirector – The best full-featured video editor and video maker. Add music, transitions, motion titles, effects, emoji, background, filters and etc.
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May 4, 2022
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The adept hardware on your Android devices have gave ways for several incredible apps. Functionalities, from which you can fully use your powerful devices into performing highly-demanding tasks. From browsing the Internet, answering emails, playing games, to even arrest. Edit your own videos using many available editor apps and their useful features.

PowerDirector Mod Apk

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Overview of PowerDirector Mod Apk

Name:PowerDirector Mod Apk
Genre:Video Players & Editors
Developer: Cyberlink Corp
MOD Features: Premium Unlocked

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Dialogue of which, for those of you who’re interested in the art of generating videos and adding awesome visual effects to your work.You can effortlessly make uses of this new app from CyberLink.com. The capable video editor app offers tons of interesting and convenient options that many users would find interesting.

On top of that, it’s well-optimizes features will allow users to copiously utilize of their hardware. Thus, producing brilliant pieces of work with its features.

What does it do?

As we’re talking, PowerDirector: Video Editor App is now one of the most-loved video editor apps on the Google Play Store. That’s said, for all of its astounding feature, the app easily makes it into the top selections for video creators and receive Editor’s Choice.

With the app, Android users are permutes to fully edit their amazing videos. You have them exported at the highest quality. Enjoy tons of customizations that you can have with your videos while production uses of multiple editing materials that are always available for you to make uses of.

In addition, with the app also featuring its own video editor version on the PC, Android users can easily their editing development on their different devices. You enjoy happy practices like never before. Feel free to arrest your videos or load them from your stowing. Then enjoy endless customizations on your mobile devices when you want.


On top of that, the app also offers its whole availability on your mobile devices. It would allow it to run easily and satisfyingly, even on the low-end devices. Hence, you’re free to edit your simple videos with ease.

However, for in-depth and thwart edits. PowerDirector will require your campaigns to boast powerful hardware. That’s capable of handling multiple tasks then various visual effects. Otherwise, you’ll have pretty poor experiences with the app.

Awesome features

Here are all the astounding features that the app has to offer:

Convenient and useful editor with interesting visual customizations

To twitch with, Android gamers in PowerDirector will find themselves having access to the opportune and intuitive video editor, that proposals you tons of useful visual customizations in a substance of seconds. That said, you just need to first-rate the target videos, then apply multiple changes to the videos just by choosing them.

Start by having your sure videos speed up or slow down with the unique fast-forward and slow-motion views. Create unique and sidesplitting clips with these simple yet motivating features.

And if your videos were fast capture and are quite shaky, you can easily soothe the images with the built-in stabilizer options, which can work remarkably well with just a single touch.

For those of you who’re interested, it’s also imaginable to make quick edits to the families and enjoy unique visual skills with your chroma key. Also, the available bug effects and transitions will allow you to produce quick and interesting videos with plenty of unique visual marches.

And talking of which, the available blending modes in PowerDirector will also agree Android users to perform brilliant and cinematic videos on their mobile campaigns. Feel free to test out all of the available customizations just by picking them.

Enjoy the Hollywood-like video makings right on your mobile devices as you create fabulous pieces of video with little efforts.

Dozens of powerful tools for editing videos

For those of you who’re involved in creating professional videos and would like to fully apply your devices’ capable hardware, you’ll also find the implausible in-game editor tools with astonishing applications. Travel the epic video editing abilities at your own fingertips.

To start with, on the innate video editor interface, Android users can have admittance to the different videos and audio tracks that were right organize for the most easy experiences.

That’s said, it’s totally conceivable for you to successfully trim, split, and switch your videos with just a few touch orders. Make fluctuations to the timeline of the different clips, pictures, and audio roads in the editor with the intuitive in-app features.

For adjusting the overall lighting and colors in the videos, Android users will also have appetizer to many useful options with PowerDirector. That’s thought, you can make full utilization of the glare, color, fullness settings on each video tracks as you create an overall more innate visual skill.

Add effects and other elements to your videos with ease

Composed with your edited videos, Android users in PowerDirector are also permit to pick up a variety of different pictorial effects and elements for your videos, which would donate to your final edits. That’s said, you can start by adding multiple effects and transitions on your videos using simple gesticulation controls.

Choose your favorite images and syndicate them with certain videos using the Photo Video Editor to quickly food your video tracks. Put on text tracks and make multiple edits with the available text editor.

Or add attractive tracks of audio and songs to make your videos livelier. The options are unlimited, and with the in-depth customizations for each effect. You’ll always find PowerDirector a great app for producing videos.

Huge collections of useful editing materials

And for those of you who’re involved, the app also features huge assortments of many editing materials. From the available templates, effects, changeovers, to the stickers, filters, and so on.

You can simply make changes to your videos using PowerDirector and its remarkable editing materials. Plus, for more exclusive content, it’s also likely for gamers to enjoy the pro version of the app which offers even more interesting options.

Free to use

Despite having all those unbelievable features, PowerDirector still offers its free version for any Android users who wish to involvement its excellent video editing claims. Just look up for the app on the Google Play Store and you can have it ready without consuming to pay anything.

Have the pro version unlocked on our website

Yet, for the pro version of the app, Android users are still compulsory to make their certain procurements to enjoy all of its features. Henceforth, some of you might find it difficult to unlock their PowerDirector practices.

And if that’s the situation, then you might want to take a look at our totally unlocked version of the app on our website. With the PowerDirector Pro APK, you can enjoy the powerful and stable video deletion experiences while partaking access.

o don’t left-over any minute and start having the app install on your mobile devices right absent.


Hardware demanding features don’t work well on low-end phones

Like many other mobile video editing apps, such as KineMaster, FilmoraGo, and the likes, PowerDirector wants users to boast their own capable hardware in directive to enjoy the full features on their mobile devices.

Yet, this isn’t always the case for most Android users. Later, you’ll surely run into problems while deletion complex videos with your old phones. Thus, you can only do light editing and must leave the difficult job for your laptop or PC. It also downfalls the purposes of having a mobile editor.

Final verdicts

However, for editing videos in overall, you wouldn’t find a better mobile application than PowerDirector. As the app offers tons of useful selections, along with its well-optimized features. Thus allowing Android employers to enjoy their video editing features to the completest. And with the pro version of the app being entirely free and unlocked on our website. You can now love the top-tier video editor practices anytime you like.

What's new

Hello PowerDirector users, Have you tried Portrait Mode? Check out this new feature and choose the editing mode that best suits your needs! NEW Feature: Use the PiP Animation tool to add motion to the beginning and end of your video clips! NEW Content: Try 40 new Sound Effects with the brand-new Cartoon category 14 new Animated Stickers to make your videos sparkle and glitter 12 new Social Media Titles to highlight your message