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Pixel Survival MOD APK an action game from Cowbeans, is the story of a pixel hero in a dark world full of enemies. Use your imagination to create amazing Combinations for yourself. Pixel Survival Game 2 is the consequence to the general Pixel Survival game on mobiles and PCs. Part 1 was about a isolated thousand-mile pixel hero’s fight finding a way to survive the long night.

Now everybody in the large town after a while being devoid of ogres is living happily together. But the factors of obliteration are still there. Just like numerous years ago, you will be the one to attitude up and lead people to go through again. This time the concentration of crafting and the number of supplies are even more than double since you also have to defend many people about.

Pixel Survival Mod Apk

Overview of Pixel Survival Mod Apk

Name:Pixel Survival Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Money 

About Pixel Survival Mod Apk

Pixel Survival 2 mod apk gives me a lot of character options. There are Super Boy, Super Girl, Badmun, Cavemun, Skull Knight, Cap One, Ironmun, Ninja Skin, Hook, Raccoony, Spi, Snow Knight. When playing, you can go to the Main Menu to appraisal Tutorial, Inventory, Blend, Interact, Adventure, Boss’s Liar.

  • Kit can be created by boring the inventory item to the agreeing Equipment box.
  • Inventory can be gained from the Bags on the top of the curtain (right corner).
  • The first post of Equipment slots are Hot key slots which are the guns and hot items you can use in battle.
  • On the right of the screen, below is a list of presently available guns along with combat actions such as jumping, kicking. Subject on the state, you will choose to fight right or defend from a distance.
  • To create Blends, click the Combine button in the greater corner (next to the Inventory button). Then drag things into three combo slots to chain them. The course of combining can create many startling species. And if you want to sightsee more methodically you can view and apply the plans available in the Combination Book.

And throughout the game, press the Interact button (also located in the corner of the screen) to link with NPCs or objects in bubble dialog box.


In Pixel Survival Mod APK hack you must the task of amassing all incomes and then taking them back to craft and fight with hungry monsters about to preserve your own life. The most important thing, of sequence, is trying to collect as many resources as possible to build tools, armaments, guard areas, make traps, light fires, and elevation weapons unceasingly.

The lure from many details

No longer limited to a small urban, the map part 2 has feast to many odd worlds: Grasslands, Darklands, Hell, Tut Tut’s lair, Beholder’s Lair, Survival zone, Charmed Forest Arena. In each residence, the assignment is the same, but the scenery, development and series of mini missions will be totally different. They’re also about the movements of exploring, hunting beasts, gathering loot, and then uniting with current resources to create new arms. Upgrade current weapons, set tricks, find, and destroy huge eggs to fight with increasingly violent fiends.

Part 2 also improves the attraction with multiplayer mode up to three players at the same while. Invite friends to play together, share incomes, discuss plan, and kill monsters. What’s healthier than a weekend of gaming with your best friend?

In the Shop unit of the game, you can equip your charm with many new fittings such as weapons, costumes, power-ups, and many enhanced skills. All are purchased with in-game coinage. Money can be received from defeating monsters or doing quests along the way. The more ogres you can fight, the more probabilities you must to get rich.

Craft things to survival

The making stage in the game is also done quite correctly with the reason in real life. For example, if you want to make a torch, you will need to syndicate stone and wood. If you want to create a trap to prevent monsters you will need lumber and iron. I have observed that traps only be in a certain time due to the ending of monsters so you must continually check and revive.


Pixel Survival Game 2 only lets up to 4 players to partake in offline matches with a limit on statistics. As the stories instigate, they will have to go on investigative journeys. Each land that is set foot on will have dissimilar secrets and bloodthirsty ogres to welcome you. Hundreds of challenges and extra items appear, cut down trees and collect items for the unsafe series of days to originate.


The story will be additional enjoyable when you have a few friends in Pixel Survival Game 2. The system will contribution in finding monster eggs. They are concealed in different locations, and you necessity to collect them in a bag. The time to positively hatch the beasts is strong-minded by the type of power they own. Gather and upgrade the chain of doings to become a warrior to support you in clashes.

The entrance of the item group will make this journey more frank than ever. When you create unique mixtures between them, you have more new arms to fight fiends. They will be used in different modes. Precisely, you will experience three modes like the arena, with accurate arenas and strong adversaries. For the survival mode, you will need to go finished life in the deep jungle with the nonstop attack of monsters. Finally, the search mode exploits the residual features when you are free to explore this secretive land.


Lots of dissimilar traps intended in various forms make this fun more hard. Pixel Survival Game 2 is a series of tests for your survival. Organize enormous hunts to earn more coins and plunders for killing them. Players can revive sleeping bosses and fight them. Joining different items will make weapons in many forms, important injury, and new lists with unique formulae. Some other action games you will like are Anger Of Stick 4 Mod Apk and Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk.

Hatch monster eggs!

The best part of Pixel Survival is the “case” of discovery monster eggs, combining, and hatching them into cute animals. After they grow up, they can syndicate with each other to create a new class that is more and more odd and lovely. You can find many stimulating combination formulas from the Combination Book.

Furthermore, the Fusion procedure doesn’t just apply to pets (which originate from monsters) but also to weaponries and crafting materials. In over-all, when you first start playing, keep understanding reference books for some basic knowledge. Books are the basis of philosophy, but later you can create from your own views.

Don’t supervise the gem chests. Silver chest will bring you a lot of respectable and quite rare items. Temporarily, gold chests will bring you even better and rarer substances.

MOD APK version of Pixel Survival Game 2

  • Unlimited Money
  • You can buy stuffs by diamonds for free.


Is the game crashed?

You necessity turn off the internet before opening the game. DO NOT play Multiplayer mode, or you might get banned.

Download Pixel Survival Game 2 MOD APK for Android

This pixel action game has pretty a lot to knowledge, especially the excellent Combination feature. If you hunger to play a slow and gorgeous monster battle game, choosing this game is sensible.

What's new

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