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Petrichor is a cyberpunk-survival shooter set in Neo-Kowloon City. You follow the journey of members of the Saito Initiative, trying to figure out the cause of the Tech Infection.
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Petrichor MOD APK, this cyberpunk-survival shooter from Saiba Studios is certain to give you amply of suffocating seconds. In that situation, the Saito society is tasked with destroying all ogres and finding the source of this dreadful virus. As one of Saito’s handy managers, you will begin the fight. The progressively difficult battle has begun.

Petrichor Time Attack Mod Apk

Overview of Petrichor Mod Apk

Name:Petrichor Mod Apk
Publisher:Saiba Studios
MOD Features:Unlimited Ammo 

About Petrichor Mod Apk

Petrichor: Time Attack is about the top-secret group Saito that is always allocated big, unknown, and occasionally very dangerous missions. The passive world rapidly fell because of the dreadful infection of a secretive virus.

The once vivid Neo-Kowloon city was quickly engulfed in dark. Everyone ill with the virus has turned into black, chilling fiends with fiery red eyes, ready to bite and end all survivors.



Petrichor: Time Attack is basically a third-person horror shooter action game. And countless people also reason that it is bold Cyberpunk from visuals, colors to typescripts, mixed with a bit of Resident Evil shooting style.

I see that Petrichor: Time Dose also has its own substance.

First of all, the soldier fonts here are all female. Is Saito the world’s radical warrior society? No one has established this. But just supervisory girls with attractive bodies, with players who love shelling, is previously a very unique experience.

In the course of playing, you will both exploit on the big and unimportant streets of the city that used to be very current before, with a third-person outlook done the character’s shoulder, and have to always oppose and fight a lot of ogres coming with cumulative speed.

Nearly every activity in Petrichor: Time Attack rotates around survival shooting. You will choose a female appeal in the Saito body. The five members of the body include Langlee, Elizabeth, Hector, Maria, Sybil. Each creature has a unique métier and instinct missile (bow, shotgun, pistol, slingshot).

When inflowing, the character’s ammo and health gauges appear on the canopy for you to easily follow. Every time a giant is shot down, the amassed stats look on the assassinated monster’s head and mechanically update your slash. At some point, you will have enough points to upgrade your firearm. You can also visit our suggested Apps SIERRA 7 Mod Apk, Merge Animals 3D Mod Apk and Scribble Rider Mod Apk.

Shooting range

In over-all, the weapons in Petrichor: Time Spell is not too many and not too authoritative to be arbitrary. But the fact that the types can change weaponries as they go bottomless into the fight more or not as much of brings more eagerness to the player.

The shooting range in Petrichor: Time Attack is also much enhanced compared to the time it was first unconfined. It makes marking easier and some progressive weaponries are upgraded later to have striking range, to help you deal with clusters of monsters hiss forward.

Petrichor: Time Attack is also calculated quite precisely when it is expedient to both touch and switch on mobile and suitable when using Gamepad.

Graphics and sound

Images, backgrounds, and types in Petrichor: Time Attack linked to other massive 3D shooters are only in the regular mid-range, Everything is calculated to be humble to the point of simplicity. The zombies in here have no exact shape but are just a gloomy mass with limbs and a pate and two red eyes in the focus.

But it is this plan that has carried significant effects. You can completely focus on aiming and shooting as precisely and finally as possible. The complete space is both low-spirited but still has a bit of up-to-date color and resonances of the past, which also takes a lot of feelings when playing.

That sensitivity is a mixture of doubt, asphyxia, and sometimes a sigh of relief for flouting through an hold.

Along with the above plan style, the bold background music is what kinds people say that Petrichor: Time Bout looks and resonances very Cyberpunk. These up-to-date dialogs just make the state very situational, but the tempo of the game is vivacious, not taking the feeling of loneliness or monotony, bulk, depression-like many other horror games.

MOD APK version of Petrichor: Time Attack

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo

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If you want to knowledge a bizarre third-person shooter game with Cyberpunk music and visuals style, please try Petrichor: Time Attack game. You will with principle fall in love with this amazing game.

What's new


-Falling through map glitch fixed
-Abilities causing teleporting/item activation fixed


-New Stage: High-Rise Office
-2 story based map design with intricate details and tight corridors.


-New Soundtrack for High-Rise Office